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Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? 12 Incredible Facts About Blonde Women

facts about blonde women
Photo by Dean Drobot from Shutterstock

Do you know any facts about blonde women?

Marilyn Monroe may be an iconic blonde, but she wasn’t the first to make both men and women adore this hair color. Back in the (seriously) old days, women used to try to bleach their locks with everything from pigeon dung to horse urine (we don’t recommend you try that at home). And still today, there are many influential blondes that we see all the time in the media, such as Jessica Simpson, Meryl Streep, and Blake Lively.

Nowadays, there are many ways and lots of products you can try to change your hair color. However, having naturally blonde hair is a pretty rare trait. You may see blondes prancing around with their lovely golden locks, but behind those beautiful tresses are trips to the salon and an hour to get them done.

Despite their fame in the entertainment world, there’s more to naturally blondes than their pretty head of hair. Here are some unexpected facts about blonde women!

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