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The OJ Simpson Case: 9 Important Things Everybody Got WRONG About It

How much do you REALLY know about the OJ Simpson case?

When discussing legal history, the OJ Simpson case is a perplexing chapter, shrouded in misconceptions and controversy. Unraveling the complexities of this notorious trial reveals a narrative often misunderstood.

The OJ Simpson case, a riveting sensation that captivated the nation in the 1990s, has etched its indelible mark on the chronicles of criminal justice.

But as we look a bit deeper, it becomes clear that prevailing beliefs about the case may not align with the intricate web of evidence and legal plots that unfolded.

Join Mindbending Facts as we navigate the twists and turns, exposing the truths concealed beneath layers of misconception.

The OJ Simpson case beckons us to reconsider preconceived notions and confront the realities that have dodged public understanding. Let the journey begin as we unveil the 9 untold facets of the OJ Simpson case.

OJ Simpson Case
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Did he act alone? Decoding the murder mystery with a dash of conspiracy!

All but the most committed conspiracy theorists believe that OJ was somehow involved in the murder of his ex-wife…He just might not have acted alone. And the prosecution believed the same thing.

They even made a sloppy attempt at shadowing Cowlings and Simpson’s son, Jason. But they thought they already had a slam dunk. So why get greedy? Hmm, could this have contributed to them losing the OJ Simpson case?

Dollars, defense, and OJ Simpson: The costly legal battle that had taxpayers enraged!

Ask anyone’s mother, and they’ll tell you that they believe OJ got off easily because he had enough money to buy the most expensive prototypes at the lawyer shop. But that’s only because the government does, as well.

OJ Simpson spent between 3 and 6 million dollars on his defense, but the prosecution and investigation of the OJ Simpson case cost just as much, possibly more, at roughly $4 million.

Taxpayers were pretty angry about that. So, the LA County’s chief accountant gave reporters a monthly total.

Forensic overconfidence? The prosecution’s missed some clues!

The reality is that the prosecution was so overconfident in their forensics that they decided not to present a whole lot of evidence to dive into.

This includes things found in the Bronco, such as a disguise kit and passport, that suggested OJ planned to flee, his dubious statements to the police, and witnesses who respectively noted seeing the Bronco at the scene of the crime and selling OJ Simpson a knife that matched the victims’ wounds, for explanations as arbitrary as the National Enquirer getting to them first.

Although, we should mention that Marcia Clark was understandably angry at them.

The Bronco ballet: It wasn’t a chase so much as a slow-motion drama

Everyone remembers our time’s most-watched low-speed chase, right? But why was it so slow? The famous white Bronco driver, Al Cowlings, had communicated to the police that OJ had a gun and was threatening to commit suicide.

So police officers agreed not to pull them over by force and just track them to Simpson’s house instead… Can we take a minute to recognize that very few people are afforded such privileges?

OJ Simpson Case
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What’s with all the glove drama? Apparently, it really did shrink!

Probably the single most well-known moment of the OJ Simpson case ensued when Simpson tried on the glove allegedly uncovered at his house and revealed to the jury that it was too small for him.

This upholds the defense’s claim that the glove was planted and causing the prosecution to sputter that it must have shrunk after being frozen and bloodied.

We all know how liquids are, after all! In a frenzy, they tracked down the company’s former vice president, who made the gloves and confirmed that they had shrunk.

Marcia Clark unleashed: The unjust scrutiny of a prosecutor’s technique

Prosecutor Marcia Clark was famously “femmed up” on the OJ Simpson case after she was blasted for being too “abrasive” because lawyers should be warm and cuddly if they also insist on being women, right? But then, she started getting shamed for being too enticing.

The situation went as far as the National Enquirer publishing private topless photos of her, and even a potential juror criticized her for wearing a skirt they considered “too short,” telling her that “When you sit behind there and you bend over, you can see it.”

To make matters worse, Judge Ito agreed! Hmm, imagine minding your own business at work and everyone openly discussing your underwear.

The jury wasn’t biased…maybe…probably!

After OJ was acquitted, the public agreement was that the primarily African-American jury was biased in his favor. But the fact of the matter is that legal experts argue that bias like this is very rare.

The prosecution failed to ascertain their case regardless of how much the jury liked the sport Simpson played.

Even after 20 years, one juror on the OJ Simpson case pressed that their decision “wasn’t based on whether or not I thought he did it or not… The only thing that trial did was to raise reasonable doubt in my mind.”

Friendzoned: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman weren’t even lovers!

Echoed in the famous comedy bit by Chris Rock that aged like a piece of Tupperware of mac and cheese about Ron Goldman’s “wife in a house he’s still paying the mortgage on,” many people thought Goldman was slaughtered because of his romantic relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson.

But, by all accounts, they were just friends. Ron was unfortunately just in the wrong place at the wrong time, having seen Brown Simpson’s murder after returning her mom’s glasses from the restaurant where he worked.

OJ Simpson Case
Photo by Kathy Hutchins at Shutterstock

OJ Simpson’s book saga unveiled! He didn’t write if I did it…did he?

It seems ridiculous that an exonerated killer would specifically write a confession through a book, as announced by the 2006 announcement of the upcoming release of a book called “OJ Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened,” which is assumably why OJ claims he didn’t write it.

His oldest daughter attested that the whole thing was her idea, his one-time manager pressed that he had no involvement whatsoever in the ghostwriting process, and the man himself stated that he only went along with it because he was down on his luck, money-wise.

It didn’t matter anyway. Ron Goldman’s family was soon awarded the rights to the book. They changed the name of it to “If I Did It: Confessions of a Killer,” made the “if” part teeny tiny on the cover, and promoted “exclusive commentary” on the cover of it separately titled “He Did It.”

Find the book here on Amazon: If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer Paperback

The truth is, no matter what you think about the whole OJ Simpson case, they’ve probably earned this.

So, there you have it folks! What did you think about the whole OJ Simpson case? Do you think he did it? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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