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7 Weirdest Things You’ll Learn About the Moon Landing

Were you aware of these surprising moon landing facts before?

A lot of people’s knowledge of moon landing facts stops somewhere after the year when the first moon landing occurred and who was the first man on the moon, along with a sprinkle of conspiracy theories that it never actually happened. And while that is not something to look down upon, many other moon landing facts are interesting to know, some of which are going to be shocking.

The Apollo 11 ship landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, and it was probably one of the biggest events in the world, as it captivated the attention of around 650 million people in the whole world. However, the story of Apollo 11 and all the nitty-gritty facts about the ship, the crew, and the mission itself are less known, despite the fact that they are extremely interesting.

Here at Mind-Bending Facts, we know that the passion for knowledge runs deep, and since the moon landing is such an important and fascinating event, it is impossible not to want to know more about it! This is why we have gathered all the most shocking and interesting moon landing facts so that we can settle your third for information!

How many of these facts did you already know? Let us know in the comments after you have read the article!

moon landing facts
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There was no such thing as “astronaut” insurance!

You would think that life insurance would have covered any sort of accident where it was possible that you would lose your life. However, back in 1969, and we think that it may apply today as well, going into outer space is not something that life insurance is going to cover! This is why the astronauts had to get creative when it came to making sure that their families would be able to live and provide for themselves in the eventuality that they did not make it or did not return!

This little-known moon landing fact still surprises people, but the three men have signed hundreds of postcards and envelopes ahead of their mission, thinking that their signatures would be able to sell for enough to provide at least a little relief for their families!

Would you have bought one of their autographs?

Items were left on the moon!

You would think that only technology would have been left on the moon alongside the American flag! However, the lesser-known moon landing facts also include that the three left several items on the moon to signify that they had actually been there. Between them, there is a plaque and medallion that include the names of the other astronauts who have lost their lives in a fire at a launch pad and other cosmonauts who have lost their lives in accidents!

Other items that have been left on the moon’s surface include some that make many moon landing facts enthusiasts chuckle: a disk that contains a peace message from 73 leaders on Earth and a replica of a police branch, again used as a peace offering. While we can understand why these were included, we cannot help but wonder if any aliens would have understood anything from them!

There would be no survivors without this item!

Did you know that the least known moon landing fact includes the fact that the three almost never made it? And the reason they are back on Earth is all due to a pen! Out of all the items, it seems like this simple one has made all the difference.

When the crew was preparing to leave the moon’s surface, Aldrin saw that one of the circuit breakers that would prevent them from blasting off was lying on the floor: the key circuit broke, and they would not make the set off if they tried without it! That is when he got a pen and inserted it in the opening for the switch, hoping for the best. In the end, the pen managed to hold together the circuit breaker, and the three could leave the moon!

You can read about this astronaut’s story and many other stories about the Apollo 11 mission in his book Magnificent Desolation, which you can get on Amazon for only $17.44!

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Photo by mark reinstein from Shutterstock

Pre-made speeches for disaster!

William Safire was tasked with the very important task of writing the president’s speech in the eventuality that the Apollo 11 mission would have gone missing. President Nixon would have had to announce this to the public, and this speech was written in advance—a little-known moon landing fact!

The speech includes a part that mentions the fact that the men are brave and that there is “no hope for their recovery”, alongside a line that mentions that their sacrifice is what gives hope to humankind and that they also know it. It is not the best comparison in our opinion, but you can easily go and read and make your own impression about the speeches; you can find them on the US National Archives website in their entirety!

Moon suit or lingerie?

Did you know who made the spacesuits that the Apollo 11 crew wore when they went to the moon? You may remember Playtex with the fan-favorite ‘Cross Your Heart’ bra, but the little-known moon landing fact is that this is the actual company that has made the spacesuits!

As surprising as it may sound, it means that the company was trustworthy enough to be tasked with making these important suits, no matter what they were doing on the side! In reality, we imagine that there was a bid for the project, and they won it. But this is a little moon landing fact that is going to surprise everyone during game night!

moon landing facts
Image By Merlin74 From Shutterstock

The flag is no longer flying!

Yes, you read that right! One of the most widely known moon landing facts is that the American flag is proudly displayed on the moon! However, there is a problem with that idea: ever since then, the first flag has been flying in space.

While all other missions that went into space after Apollo 11 have also planted the flag on the surface of the moon, the first ever one is no longer standing proud up there. The reason? Since it was in proximity to the Lunar Module that brought the two to the moon, it was blown over when it blasted off to return to the Command Module!

While the story is sad and we do wonder what happened to that one old flag up there in space, it is something to keep in mind when someone claims the first flag is still standing!

Yes, the moon does have a smell!

I know that back in the day, everyone was wondering what the moon smelled like since it seemed like it would not be anything like we are used to here on Earth! If anything, all children were fascinated with the idea and everything that has to do with astronauts!

And believe it or not, we do have the answer to this question! The two astronauts who have stepped onto the moon Armstrong and Aldrin have since recounted what the moon smelled like to them. Armstrong mentioned that for him the scent was something like a fireplace with wet ashes, while Aldrin said it was like spent gunpowder!

And since we mentioned conspiracy theories in the beginning, what if we told you that a few of them are actually real? To find out which ones are true despite how crazy they sound, keep reading here!

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