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These 8 Shocking 911 Calls Will Make You Feel LUCKY to Be Alive

These phone calls might haunt you in your dreams. If you were ever wondering what the most shocking 911 calls are, then today you will definitely satisfy your curiosity. We will dive into the scariest and most disturbing emergency calls ever recorded and found on the internet.

If you ever thought that people use the 911 line for NORMAL emergency reasons, well, you’ve never been more wrong! From Checkingson Sinclair killing his wife, Charles Hendricks Foster, to the Missing girl calling the police, here are the weirdest and creepiest 911 calls (here’s a cool podcast if you’re really interested in these things). Naturally, if you know better stories, please don’t keep them to yourself! Mind-bending facts would love to read as many stories as possible, so make sure you write them down in the comment section!

shocking 911 calls
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Chekingson Sinclair killed his wife.

Being a 911 dispatcher is definitely one of the most difficult jobs in the world, and I think this is particularly true when you have to deal with horrible calls like these. One time, a man named Checkingson Sinclair called in and reported that someone had been murdered.

When the dispatcher asked if he knew who committed the killing, Sinclair simply responded that he did. At that moment, the dispatcher managed to remain as calm and professional as she could, but the shudders in her voice gave her away. First things first, the call was, by its nature, extremely creepy, but the way Sinclair described the proceedings made things worse.

Jeremy Schmeltzer can’t breathe.

Jeanette Watson of Prince William County, Virginia, got a call from 22-year-old Jeremy Schmeltzer. The boy was particularly panicked, reporting that he couldn’t breathe, and it was pretty evident from his manner of speech.

It was extremely jerky and breathy, and Schmeltzer could only get a couple of brief words in between hyperventilation episodes. He was completely unable to provide his address. In fact, at one point, he stopped responding completely.

Fortunately, Watson was as calm as a professional can be, asking a coworker to input his cell phone number into a brand new GPS system known as RapidSOS. The system was capable of locating Schmeltzer’s exact location, and they were able to save him from a fatal asthma attack. Later on, he wanted to meet Watson in person to thank her.

The Bigfoot call

After two hard examples of shocking 911 calls, it’s time for something a little lighter. If you’ve seen the movie “Bigfoot County,” then you probably remember that it opens with a creepy 911 call. Well, the caller reports a man-like creature in his yard, measuring 6’9″, and it’s not hard to notice from the inflections of his voice that he is incredibly panicked.

He proceeds to say that the “thing” is looking straight into his eyes before the call abruptly ends. Besides the manufactured ending, would you believe the call was inspired by reality? It was a real and shocking 911 call that took place in Washington State back in the ’90s.

Most people don’t believe in Bigfoot, and for good reasons, but you still have to admit that’s a particularly unsettling audio. We can’t deny the fact that there was something in the man’s yard, and that terrified voice painted a vivid picture.

Charles Hendricks Foster

This particular 911 call began with a troubling edge and got increasingly worse. A man named Charles Hendricks Foster called 911 and instantly started to shout at the operator to shut up so he could speak. Then he hung up, blaming phone problems.

Foster started to call back and expressed his desire to…kill his spouse. He begged for a police officer to come out and stop him. He even called himself “crazy.” Then he persistently kept being rude to the operator, even yelling at her, telling her to shut up, and acting very belligerently.

Foster’s claims and attitude made it a very spine-chilling conversation. At the end of it, Foster did proceed to stab his wife, but she survived. He got ten years for attempted homicide.

shocking 911 calls
Photo by Motortion Films from Shutterstock

Brandon Lawson

On the morning of August 9, 2013, an individual named Brandon Lawson mysteriously disappeared while driving to his father’s home. Lawson called his brother Kyle to report that he ran out of gas and then proceeded to make a 911 call.

He also told the dispatcher that he ran out of gas, but he also made a bunch of much darker claims. Lawson referenced “some guys” being pulled over and then something about a chase through the woods.

As you can imagine, it was very hard to hear what he was saying, especially since Lawson was mumbling and running out of breath. All contact with Lawson was instantly lost very soon, and he hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Apparently, human remains were discovered at the site in 2022, and authorities believe that they might belong to Lawson.

“Ordering pizza”

Next on the list of shocking 911 calls is Tim Tenneck’s call. The Oregon 911 dispatcher, Tim Tenneck, got a very weird call one day. At first, everything was as normal as it could get: the woman on the other end said she wanted to order a pizza, and she instantly gave her address.

Tenneck did not understand at first, and he calmly told the woman that she was making an inappropriate call. However, when the caller claimed that he didn’t get what she was trying to say, Tenneck rapidly understood and played along.

The rest of the conversation between the two of them played out in code, and Tenneck managed to arrange a quiet arrest. As it turned out, it was a severe case of domestic abuse made by a woman who witnessed a physical assault on her mother. The suspect was a man called Simon Lopez, and he got arrested at the scene.

The empty funeral home

If you strongly believe in the paranormal, then the next call is especially spooky. On August 11, 2018, Colorado’s Pueblo Police Department got a 911 call around 3:30 in the morning. However, nobody was on the other end, and the call was instantly traced to a nearby funeral home.

They had a certain procedure to follow, and the dispatcher called back, and an officer was sent to the location to investigate. Ultimately, the call was answered, but no one responded. However, the dispatcher heard a static and faint sound of a male voice, and when the officer arrived at the funeral home, he saw that the location had all its lights turned off and was clearly closed.

Up to this day, I think it’s fair to say that ghosts shouldn’t make shocking 911 calls anymore.

Jake Evans calls on himself.

This shows many similarities with the story of Checkingson Sinclair. Young Jake Evans of Texas called 911 and reported that he killed both his mother and sister. He was shockingly calm throughout the call and explained with plenty of emotional detachment why he killed them.

Probably the most troubling thing was Evans’ admission that he’d planned on killing someone for a very long time and that he was even “evil.” Somehow (I really don’t know how), the dispatcher managed to remain professional throughout the call, even when Evans started to describe very graphic and upsetting details about their deaths. It’s an extremely chilling call. Luckily, he was arrested soon after that and served 45 years in prison.

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