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Meet the 12 People Who Broke Records With Their Unique Bodies

Did you know these people really exist?

From time to time, we are fascinated by other people who can do incredible things with their bodies. Things that wouldn’t even cross our minds.

The human body is still largely unexplored, and these individuals who have entered the record books are living proof. Some are born with peculiar abilities, while others develop them.

We have searched for the 12 most interesting and bizarre records set by human bodies. Keep reading to find out! You will be completely shocked!

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1. Flesh tunnels

I know that piercing is quite an old trend originating from African tribes, but sometimes it is taken to the extreme. This is also the case with body artist Joel Migger.

In 2014, he was listed in the Guinness World Records for having the most skin tunnels (11). These tunnels vary in size, ranging from 3mm to 34mm. I wonder where he has them? I’m starting to get slightly horrified.

The largest skin tunnel is in his cheeks, and it is simply gigantic. Migger said that he started this as an experiment and then took it to the extreme. He got his first piercing at the age of 13, and 10 years later, he made it into the record books.

Joel Migger says that these holes in his cheeks don’t bother him, and his life is just like that of someone with intact cheeks. It’s hard for me to believe that he doesn’t occasionally drop a potato through them.

2. Smallest waist

Another person who has modified their body both to shock and to enter the record books is Cathie Jung. This woman has entered the Guinness World Record for having the smallest waist in the world.

When she was 38 years old, Jung desired to slim down her waist by wearing a Victorian corset every day for 23 hours. She started with a waist size of 26 inches and managed to decrease it to 15 inches.

You might be wondering what she does during that one hour each day—well, she takes a bath. For the rest of the day, whether she eats, sleeps, or works, Cathie Jung wears that extremely tight corset. Another interesting thing is that she doesn’t follow any particular diet. So, is suffocation the secret then?

3. Largest breasts

Because we’ve talked about small things, it’s time to talk about something grand. It’s time to tell you about Annie Hawkins-Turner, who holds the record for the world’s largest breasts.

This woman’s breasts measure 43 inches and have a circumference of 70 inches. That’s enormous! For those who are interested, she wears a bra size 102ZZZ. I didn’t even know such a size existed, but most likely, they are custom-made for her.

In terms of weight, her breasts weigh 65 pounds each, and the even more shocking part is that they continue to grow. Miss Turner says her breasts started growing around the age of 5, and by the time she was 9, she was already wearing a size 36D.

The sad thing is that she has been diagnosed with gigantomastia, which means her breasts continue to grow constantly throughout her life. She has trouble sleeping and can’t sleep on her back for fear of being suffocated by their weight while asleep.

Photo by michaelheim from Shutterstock

4. Stretchiest skin

This record is due to a syndrome called Ehlers-Danlos. Gary Turner, a man from the United Kingdom, became a national phenomenon some years ago because he can stretch the skin of his abdomen up to 6.22 inches.

Currently, he travels around the world and performs in freak shows. He is quite famous, and people continue to be shocked by the things he can do.

As an example, he can stretch his belly so much that it forms a surface capable of holding three beer mugs! I would hire him as a waiter for my special day.

5. Farthest eyeball pop

I had heard of this woman before, but I didn’t know her name. She is Kim Goodman, and she holds the record for the farthest eyeball protrusion.

She has stated that one day she was hit on the head with a hockey mask, and since then she has been able to pop her eyeballs out by 12mm. It’s a very peculiar “talent.” When I first saw her, I could feel my own eyes hurting.

6. Longest eyebrow hair

In 2015, Zheng Shusen discovered that he had one unusually long eyebrow hair when he measured it to be 7.51 inches. It’s very strange to have such a hair hanging over your face.

He stated that it can sometimes be annoying as it gets into his mouth when he eats or sleeps. His solution is to tuck it behind his ear, which I find quite hilarious. It’s like saying, “Oh, some sushi! But first, let me just tuck my eyebrow hair behind my ear!”

7. Widest mouth

A man from Angola named Francisco Joaquim holds the record for the largest mouth. When stretched to its maximum, it measures 6.7 inches.

His unique and peculiar talent was discovered by the Guinness World Records through a YouTube video that later went viral. The Guinness team tried to locate him for 2 years until they finally found him in his hometown in Angola.

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8. Longest ear hair

Another bizarre record is for the longest ear hair. I know it sounds quite gross, but it’s true!

The individual in question is an Indian man named Anthony Victor, and his ear hair measures 7.2 inches. This gentleman is a retired school principal who worked in Madurai, India.

On August 26, 2007, his ear hair was measured, and it had an enormous length that you couldn’t miss if you saw it. Children used to call him the “ear-haired teacher.”

Photo by Prostock-studio from Shutterstock

9. Largest foot rotation

In 2015, a 14-year-old boy set the record for the largest foot rotation, reaching 157 degrees.

His name is Maxwell Day, and he stated that some time ago he saw a picture of Moses Lanham, the previous record holder for this feat. The 14-year-old boy was confident that he could beat it!

So, he contacted the Guinness World Records, and on October 23, 2015, Maxwell entered the record book for the largest foot rotation, surpassing Lanham by 37 degrees.

The interesting part is that even today he can still rotate his feet to such an extent without any pain and can walk with them turned.

10. Largest gape

It seems that there is also a record for the largest bite. This record is held by a German man named Bernd Schmidt and measures 3.5 inches.

Guinness World Records recognized this gentleman on January 17, 2015, for the largest bite. Schmidt was encouraged by his son, who noticed that his father could open his mouth to such an extent.

11. Largest feet (female)

A woman from the United States named Tanya Herbert has the largest foot in the world. It seems that her left foot measures 12.79 inches, while her right foot measures 13.03 inches.

In terms of shoe size, the woman wears a size 18, but if she wants to buy men’s shoes, she would take a size 16-17 depending on the brand.

If you’re also wondering about her height, Tanya is 6 ft 9, which is 3 inches shorter than the tallest woman in the world, a Turkish woman named Rumeysa Gelgi.

12. Longest fingernails

To shock you with the latest bizarre record regarding the human body, I want to mention Diana Armstrong and her record-breaking long nails.

These nails have a length of 42 ft 10.4 inches. Diana Armstrong has been growing them since 1997 and has no intention of ever cutting them. The last time she trimmed them was when she was 16 years old.

She has stated that she considers her nails to be very beautiful and that she doesn’t care about what others think of her. Personally, I wonder how she manages certain things, and I’m not referring to difficult tasks but rather ordinary daily activities.

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