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Top 9 Dark Secrets About Jeffrey Dahmer That Are Less Known

How many things are known about the gruesome Jeffrey Dahmer? 

Of all the infamous and widely known killers, Jeffrey Dahmer is by far one of a kind. And it was like that even before the popular show made by Netflix. In exactly 13 years, Jeffrey Dahmer managed to kill 17 people (only men) in the most brutal ways.

Blessed be that night when Tracy Edwards made her way out of his apartment and called the police; otherwise, who knew when the authorities would have caught him? A lot of people describe Milwaukee as a nice place to be, a place in which nothing bad happens…but in reality, we can’t be sure of what lurks in the dark alleys.

In today’s article, we will discuss some dark secrets about Jeffrey Dahmer that are less known to the public.

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1. He had a brother called David

Few people know that he also had a brother, and he was the one who came up with the name for him. His younger brother is called David, but they lost contact with each other after their parents broke up. David went to live with his mother, while Jeffrey remained home alone at the age of 18.

After a while, his father moved back with his new girlfriend, soon to discover that his son is an alcoholic. At this moment, there is no further disclosed information about Jeffrey’s brother because he changed his name to start a new life away from the public eye.

2. His father taught him how to dissect animals

Since childhood, he has stayed with his father, from whom he has learned things about wild animals. His father worked as a manager at PPG Industries, a business in Ohio City. As a member of the company’s analytical division, Lionel taught his kid many things, including how to remove parts from raccoons and possums. This indicates that Jeffrey grew up learning how to dissect a body. He also acquired knowledge about body preservation. Instead of using his knowledge to convince him to join the same career as him, Jeffrey used it to harm his victims.

3. After graduation he killed his victim

“You will always remember your first one!” These were the words Jeffrey Dahmer spoke when he was in an interview about his first murder. It’s still unbelievable how easily he told the investigators about every gruesome thing he had done. And even the details about how he did it! Terrifying.

Only a couple of weeks after his graduation, Jeffrey Dahmer decided to meet his first victim. Because he was living alone at that time, after his mother left with his younger brother, he could easily bring anybody home with him. He met Steven Hicks on the road when he had been hitchhiking. Politely, he asked him if he wanted to join him for a couple of drinks.

After a while, when Steven wanted to leave because Jeffrey didn’t agree with this, he struck him with a barbell. The victim was dismembered and chopped, then buried in the backyard.

4. He quit university and then joined the Army

He joined Ohio State University to pursue a degree in business, shortly after graduating from high school and killing Steven. This didn’t last long, though as he left due to alcoholism after only three months. His father offered to help him join the Army because he had to support himself. He accomplished it and received training in Fort Sam Houston in Texas to become a medical expert.

However, things weren’t all that great either since two soldiers eventually came forward and accused him of raping them when he was serving in the American Army years after he was discharged for alcohol addiction.

5. He only had male victims who were lured into his apartment under the pretext of photoshoots

It is not taboo that Jeffrey Dahmer was attracted to men. That’s why all his victims were men, both Asian and Afro-American. Now, the disturbing and wicked thing is that whenever he tried to approach them, he lured them with photoshoots in his apartment. Because he used acid to remove the body parts from the bones and then eventually scattered them in different places, nobody suspected anything about this. Neither were his neighbors. It’s true that most of them, when asked, declared that he was a single guy, living alone in his apartment, and he was also very quiet.

However, he used to keep the skulls of the victims as “trophies.” In fact, in another interview, he stated that this was a way of reminding him of their appearances.

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6. He had the intent of creating an altar out of his victims’ skulls

After a while of being arrested and many journalists wanting to interview him, Jeffrey Dahmer declared that he had in mind to create an altar with the remains of the victims. The altar was supposed to be a place where he could meditate.

Because of this and other shocking statements, he was also evaluated by a psychiatrist. Eventually, he was diagnosed with various disorders, including borderline personality disorder and schizotypal personality disorder.

However, it was proven that in the moments when he murdered his victims, he was in total sound mind. And he was completely aware of the actions he had committed.

7. Jeffrey Dahmer was once caught by the police, but somehow he got away

Long before anybody suspected him of anything, Dahmer was almost caught by the police. He attempted to drug a boy, but somehow the victim managed to escape from his apartment. And ended up wandering the streets. A couple of women, probably neighbors, called the police, seeing the boy dazed and confused.

After being asked about the boy, Jeffrey told the police that they had a couple of drinks and nothing more. Moreover, the police even offered to take both of them into the apartment. At first glance, the cops didn’t see anything suspicious. Unfortunately, soon after they left the place, Dahmer killed the boy.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Photo by Sirichai Rattanaphanakul from Shutterstock

8. He enjoyed photographing his victims with the Polaroid camera

Few people know that Jeffrey Dahmer had a huge collection of Polaroid pictures of his victims. He enjoyed seeing them suffer, and while he did experiments on their bodies, he also took pictures. He said he did that to remember the beauty of the victims.

One of the people who were photographed by him was his 15th victim, Jeremiah Weinberger. Dahmer took pictures of the dead body during and after the dismemberment process.

9. The cannibal of Milwaukee

As strange as it may sound, Jeffrey Dahmer also practiced horrific cannibalism. He was known as “the cannibal of Milwaukee” and stated that after killing his victims, he would chop up the bodies and put them in the freezer so that he could consume them later.

This is another serial killer who shocked the entire nation when he was captured. Because of that, many journalists wanted to have the chance to talk to him and interview him. There are plenty of interviews and documentaries with him on the internet, and even after so many years after his death, people are still petrified when they hear his name… What about you? What do you think about this topic? Tell us in the comments.

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