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14 Bizarre US Laws You Won’t Believe Are Real

Have you ever heard of these bizarre US laws?

Mindbending Facts invites you to take a wild ride through the legal landscape of America, where reality sometimes takes a detour into the bizarre.

We’ve decided to delve into the perplexing and peculiar, shedding light on the bizarre US laws that will leave you questioning whether you’ve stepped into a parallel universe…legally, that is.

Buckle up as we navigate through a labyrinth of statutes that defy logic and common sense. Our journey promises to be as amusing as it is illuminating.

So, if you’re ready to unravel the legal tapestry that weaves its way across this diverse nation, join us as we uncover 14 peculiarities and curiosities hidden within the American legal system.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughs and a newfound appreciation for the term “Bizarre US Laws.” Let the adventure begin!

Bizarre US Law
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North Dakota won’t let folks get intimate with birds!… Who would want to?!?

It’s illegal in North Dakota to perform an “intimate act” with the intent to be gratified. Violating this law comes with a pretty hefty penalty, too: up to a year in prison, a fine of $2,000, or sometimes, both.

Luckily (for some), North Dakota defines “intimate act” narrowly to mean “intimate contact with a bird, animal, or deceased person.”

Indiana doesn’t mess around when it comes to their fish!

If something is effortless, you might say it’s like “shooting fish in a barrel.” But then, you clearly haven’t been fishing in Indiana, where shooting fish is illegal. And so is catching them with your bare hands, apparently.

Kissing on Sundays? Not in Connecticut!

If you live in Hartford, Connecticut, you may want to avoid Sunday night dates with your significant other. There’s a bizarre US law that says it’s illegal for a man to kiss his wife on Sundays.

The source of this regulation is unknown. But it still exists to this day, though not really enforced.

Sorry kids! No toy guns for you if you live in Kansas!

Kansas has quite a few bizarre US laws. But our favorite comes from Kansas City itself. Minors aren’t allowed to buy cap pistols. It seems pretty normal compared to some of the other bizarre US laws on our list.

That is, of course, until you learn that in Kansas City, minors ARE permitted to buy shotguns freely.

You’re not allowed to throw missiles at cars in Colorado…SHOCKER!

Within the city limits of Alamosa, in the state of Colorado, it’s illegal to throw missiles at cars. I’m sorry… has anyone tried or something?

While you would hope that your vehicle is protected from missiles no matter where you live, this city has made sure to articulate this rule by implementing this bizarre US law.

Vampires beware!… Stay out of Louisiana!

Suppose you took Interview with a Vampire a little too literally and like human blood. In that case, you’d best satisfy your cravings in a state other than Louisiana.

This state’s legislature, finding it “necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, morals, health, safety, and welfare and the support of state government and its existing public institutions,” has banned consuming animal or human blood or animal or human waste.

Break this bizarre US law, and you might be looking at 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Bizarre US Law
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Florida hates internet cafes!

Back in 2013, the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, signed a new bizarre US law: House Bill 155, which aspired to crack down on illegal gambling in Internet cafes. But the law banned Internet cafes in general and, as a result, immediately shut down 1,000 of them.

The law is still in effect to this day, even though these locations keep popping up everywhere. In most cases, they claim they aren’t engaging in all that gambling the law was intended to prohibit.

Tripping your horse is a big NO-NO in Oklahoma!

In Oklahoma, it’s illegal to engage in “horse-tripping.” According to “Showing Animals Respect and Kindness,” horse-tripping is a fierce event which involves roping a horse’s feet, and ultimately, forcing them to trip and fall.

So, even though this occasion seems somewhat bizarre all on its own, we applaud you, Oklahoma, for your efforts to make life better for the horse community.

Take those skates OFF if you visit Maine!

In Biddeford, Maine, it’s illegal to ride your bike or roller skate on the sidewalk. And in Augusta, don’t even think about letting your kids set up a lemonade stand without talking to the chief of police first.

You can’t wrestle a bear in Alabama, folks!

Did you know that in Mobile, silly string is illegal… and so is confetti? But no matter what city or town you’re in this state, promoting or otherwise being involved with bear wrestling matches is unlawful.

This includes selling tickets to wrestling matches and training a bear to be a wrestler. It’s funny that Alabama lawmakers thought it essential to get this bizarre US law on the books when I think that if I saw a bear, I’d want to run in the other direction.

Take that hat off if you live in Minnesota!

If you go to a movie theater in Minneapolis, it doesn’t matter how cold you’re feeling; it’s illegal to wear a hat indoors.

To be more specific, the bizarre US law says that “no person, during the performance of the program in an auditorium, theater, or place of amusement, shall wear any headgear” or conduct himself in a manner that interferes unreasonably with the view or enjoyment of another individual of the stage or screen or place of activity.

Are you texting and walking? You’ll get a fine in Hawaii!

Recently, a ban on pedestrians looking at cell phones or texting while crossing the road took effect in Honolulu. Fines begin at $15 and go as far up as $99 for numerous violations. I laughed, too, when I heard.

But the truth is that texting and walking causes over 11,000 injuries each year and could soon be banned in other states, as well.

Had a bit to drink? Stay out of the Wyoming mines!

In the state of Wyoming, it’s illegal to go into a mine while being intoxicated. Failure to respect this bizarre US law is considered a misdemeanor but carries a fine of up to $500 and even possible incarceration in the county jail for up to a year.

Some other things you shouldn’t do while inebriated in Wyoming? Selling metals, rags, rubber, paper, and a few other things because your buyer will violate the law.

Bizarre US Law
Photo by Yasser El Dershaby at Shutterstock

Wanna go Camel hunting? Well, then, you’d better stay away from Arizona!

In Arizona, the hunting of camels is strictly prohibited. While this seems like a nonsensical law since camels aren’t exactly native to Arizona, there’s actually a logical reason behind it.

Pre-Civil War, our country’s Army experimented with camels in the Arizona desert before eventually nixing the project.

The camels that remained were actually set free and are still protected to this day… Okay, maybe I can make an exception and consider this so-called bizarre US law a good one!

To learn more about what went down, we recommend checking out: It Happened in Arizona: Remarkable Events That Shaped History 

Do you know of any other bizarre US laws in our country? Be sure to tell our readers all about it in the comments section below! Meanwhile, learn more about the 20 Astonishing Area 51 Facts Many Don’t Know About

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