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Top 10 Craziest Things People Did for Money

Let me tell you a story about the craziest things people did for money!

“Money makes the world go round, / The world go round, / The world go round”, at least this is what a song by Liza Minnelli says. It is well known that money doesn’t bring you happiness, but you still need it to live happily because nothing is free. You have to pay rent, bills, clothes, food, drinks, entertainment, education, medication—basically everything.

But there were some crazy things people did for money. Some of them used different schemes and tricked people so they could earn more, while others performed weird rituals when trying to make an extra buck. Whether it’s selling weird things or engaging in bizarre but funny activities, this article is a must-read!

PS: Okay, before we begin, I have to warn you that these are indeed pretty crazy things, so get ready to be surprised! Now that you know what you’re about to read, let’s get this party started!

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10. Playing dress up

Who said that playing dress-up isn’t a great option to make some cash? This is what a college student did, and he didn’t disappoint! The movie “Soul Plane” was out, and a paid job opportunity appeared as a way to promote the film.

It was a dress-up opportunity, in which a student accepted to dress up in a gold and purple space suit mini dress to promote the film. It didn’t matter if someone judged him because he made some cash, and he was very happy about it. But hey, who said that some of the craziest things people did for money couldn’t be fun too?

9. Sold a cactus

This is 100% one of the weirdest things people have done for money because it doesn’t make any sense. Someone said that one time, a person knocked on their door. The person who shared the story didn’t say what the stranger wanted, but they did say that they managed to sell different parts of their cactus to the visitor.

Just imagine that someone randomly knocks on your door and asks you to sell them your cactus, or maybe you’re the one offering to sell it. Yes, it was definitely one of the craziest things people did for money!

If you want to make some cash but aren’t exactly drawn to the other things people did for money, I recommend you check out this book because it has real and easy-to-implement tips!

things people did for money
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8. Watching ads

Watching ads for a company isn’t probably one of the craziest things people do for money, but when you do it with electrodes attached to your head, the story changes.

At least this is what an American man did when he was in desperate need of money. He collaborated with a company that was interested in market research, and he had to watch ads while having electrodes attached to his head. The job was well-paid, so no judgment, right?

7. Resell products

One of the craziest things people do for money is purchase things and then resell them. Someone said that a man and his cousin saw 18-wheelers that stopped at a country store near them, and their relative would climb the trailers and get a couple of veggies, like cucumbers, a few cantaloupes, garlic, tomatoes, and whatever veggies were in season at the moment, and then sell them to other people to make a profit.

6. Watching a court case

A court case and an hour later, and you might have $100 in your bank account or in your pocket. A woman mentioned that she somehow signed up for a case study on Craiglist, and it gave her the opportunity to make some extra cash without too much effort.

All she had to do was watch a court case for an hour and then answer a very short survey. When she was done with that, she received $100. That might not be one of the weirdest things people did for money, but it still seems unbelievable how much money she made in less than 2 hours. Sign me up for something like this, because I’m interested!

5. Selling blood plasma

What do you think are the other craziest things people did for money? Well, selling blood plasma while in college is surely on the list. When you donate plasma, you have to be aware of the potential side effects, as you could experience bleeding, fatigue, dehydration, and bruising.

However, the person who shared this info didn’t say anything about things they’ve experienced, but this was a necessity in college while trying to make some extra pocket money. Do you consider plasma donation as part of the craziest things people did for money? Because I do!

4. Edited online dating profiles

Before we move on with this funny list of crazy things people did for money, you have to tell us in the comments what the most bizarre thing you did in order to make some dollars was. I bet it’s a funny one, so let’s chat about it!

Another thing someone did in order to make some cash was to edit people’s online dating profiles. This story also has a happy ending because a couple who met off a profile they made actually fell in love and got married. Isn’t that cute? Some of the craziest things people do for money can turn out to be romantic!

3. A girl sold garden snakes

Some people are smart enough to turn a bad situation into a favor and actually manage to make a profit out of it. When she was in third grade, an American girl stated that she sold garden snakes to her classmates, who probably wanted a pet.

She used to set traps in her parents’ garden, capture the animals, and then bring them to school in her pockets. She made $5 for a snake, and she also had discounts. If someone wanted a smaller snake or a group purchase, she would give them a $2 discount. This surely is one of the craziest things people did for money!

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2. Selling underwear

If you didn’t find anything weird until this moment, I warn you that things are about to change when you read about this one! When you’re in desperate need of something, including money, your mind goes crazy, and you come up with all sorts of ideas on how to get what you want.

One of the craziest things people do for money is to sell their underwear online. Yes, that’s true; there are some people out there who have a weird passion for intimate things, and apparently, selling your personal items is a thing.

I don’t say that you should do this, but if you’re passionate about the weirdest things people did for money, that’s definitely one of the first things that comes to mind, don’t you think?

1. A woman wanted to sell her kid

You won’t believe some of the craziest things people did for money, like selling their own children to make some cash. At least this is what a woman from India did in 2017. She had a newborn son, and she was on the verge of getting married but didn’t have enough money for the wedding.

She thought about selling her newborn for only Rs. 2,000, which is actually $30, and using the cash to pay for her own wedding. Needless to say, the officials found out about her plans, and she was arrested.

Do you know any other crazy things people did for money? Leave them in the comments! If you’re looking for other mind-bending facts to read, this article is for you: Top 10 Crazy Predictions That Came True!

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