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These 8 Crazy Conspiracy Theories Were True All Along!

We’ve all heard our fair share of crazy conspiracy theories, and while some of them are innocent and funny, others are really disturbing and scary!

And to be honest, it’s pretty easy to dismiss these things as simply the ramblings and gossip of bored people who have too much time on their hands. However, over the years, some of these crazy conspiracy theories turned out to be true. It may be shocking for some of you because they say the truth is stranger than fiction itself…

In the following lines, we are about to reveal some of the most unusual and crazy conspiracy theories that have changed the way we see the world around us. Are you ready for an exciting journey? That’s what I wanted to hear! Let’s start:

crazy conspiracy theories
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1. There is alien evidence in the American Southwest

A long time ago, there was a crazy conspiracy theory about aliens and the E.T. that was supposed to be buried in the desert of New Mexico. But the truth has nothing to do with actual…aliens of course! Due to the video game E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial’s abject failure, the manufacturer dumped unsold cartridges at a landfill in the desert.

2. John Lennon was under government surveillance

One of the weirdest and most crazy conspiracy theories is about the former Beatle John Lennon. Everybody thought the FBI was spying on him, and you may be surprised to know that this one was more than just a “conspiracy theory.” It turned out that Lennon was considered a threat by the American state, which is why, in 1971, the FBI put him under surveillance.

2. The government is “beaming” secret messages into our brains

You must know this fabulous grandfather of all conspiracy theories of all time! And what if the government wants to control our thinking? Is it true? Or just another one from the list of crazy conspiracy theories? This is nevertheless the strangest allegation that would get you labeled insane if you mentioned it to your group of friends. But guess what? This is kind of right!

The phenomenon of microwave hearing was described in the 2006 Pentagon paper “Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons,”  along with how the technology and its most basic version may be utilized to communicate with people using Morse code. Given that you can see, you should always wear your tinfoil hat since you never know who could be playing hide and seek with your mind.

3. The Dalai Lama works for the CIA, and his salary is huge

To be honest, I never saw someone who was more like a ray of sunshine than the Dalai Lama! He is always smiling and has an optimistic attitude. I envy him! And now that we’re on a roll with crazy conspiracy theories, we couldn’t leave out the one about him.

Back in the 1960s, everyone assumed he was a CIA agent who was paid by the US government, which turned out to be true! His administration admits that he earned around $180,000, which was $1.7 million per year. The whole thing was to disrupt China’s infrastructure.

What do you think about this particular conspiracy theory? Tell us in the comments section.

4. Our bodies are used for experiments after we pass away

It is no surprise that it can be fun to listen to all these crazy conspiracy theories, but as we previously mentioned in the first lines of the article, some of them are truly disturbing or gruesome for some people. The United States conducted sizable research to determine the effects of nuclear radiation on the human body after the nuclear strikes in Japan. The authorities “stole” deceased bodies, primarily those of youngsters and young adults, to accomplish this. Why? They recruited a Global Network of employees to find recently dead young children, mostly because they required youthful tissue.

The saddest part of the whole “operation” is that most of the time they didn’t even get the consent of the grieving families.

Did the U.S. fake the moon landing or the fact that aliens visited the country? Why was talking about Area 51 a taboo topic to discuss? All these plus a couple of other crazy conspiracy theories are in this amazing book, which we from MindBending Facts totally recommend! Plus, it has an extraordinary price of $20 on Amazon. It would be a pity not to buy it while it’s still…hot! But the article isn’t over yet so keep reading for more fun stuff. 

5. During the Prohibition years, people thought that the government poisoned the alcohol

Those crazy years of Prohibition! Sheesh! What is a man without alcohol, at least in the happiest days of his life? But maybe it was for the best. However, a lot of crazy conspiracy theories started around that time, and a lot of people believe that the government poisoned the alcohol to make people stay away from it. And again, they were true!

After the government found out about the smuggling of alcoholic products, they asked all the manufacturers to use stronger chemicals to make it impossible to turn the alcohol into moonshine. Of course, this didn’t stop the smugglers, which is why by the end of Prohibition, more than 10,000 American citizens had been killed by the spoiled booze.

6. Most tobacco companies knew that their merchandise gave cancer

This might sound shocking, and out of the conspiracy theories we’ve mentioned above, this one is truly scary. Over the years, tobacco firms have lied about the dangers of smoking, including the possibility of cancer.

Research from the start of the 1950s suggested a concerning link between lung cancer and cigarettes, but this was simply an assumption, as Philip Morris, the largest cigarette manufacturer in the country, didn’t readily admit this link until years later.

7. John Wilkes Booth didn’t act alone in his mischievous plan

According to all the sources, there is only one criminal involved in the former president’s assassination. However, years after the incident, it was discovered that Booth conspired with nine other people to commit this gruesome murder. One of them was Mary Sarat, who was the first woman sentenced to death by hanging by the American government.

crazy conspiracy theories
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8. Nazi scientists were hired by the U.S. Government

The whole world changed after the death of Adolf Hitler. And after Germany’s surrender, more than 1600 Nazi scientists were sent to America. Of course, this is one of the crazy conspiracy theories that turned out to be true in the end because, in 1946, “The Scheme,” also known as Operation Paperclip, was exposed to the entire world, especially in various articles published in the New York Times. Interesting to point out is the fact that on Project MK Ultra, several of these researchers were active.

I hope that the name Werner Von Braun rings a bell to you because he was one of the well-known former Nazi scientists who helped build the Jupiter sea rocket and helped with the moon landing. Furthermore, he was also working with Walt Disney on a series of movies that were based on the idea of space travel.

What a nice way to wash away the sins of WWII!

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