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Exposed: 7 Chilling Things Google Already Knows About You

things Google knows about you
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How does a simple browser know stuff about the human population? Today at MindBending Facts we will talk about all the things Google knows about you! Prepare to be…shocked.

From those photos of your last trip to the beach to the minute-by-minute days like going to work, or taking the trash out Google’s got us. Not to mention the plans for our next trips that keep popping up in my feed even though I didn’t search for them, or the items we have in mind like the next online order.

But wait, before you freak out think about all the things Google knows about you, remember that we have the possibility of making our accounts safer using the two-factor authentication that’s available both on the web and on smartphones.

Having said that, here are a few of the more humorous (and perhaps even a little shocking) facts about you that you might discover by poking the appropriate areas of Google’s “brain.” Now click on the next page to read the rest of the article:

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11 Responses

  1. Don’t have anything to hide so hopefully it is ok. But then again there are somethings about my health that I thought was private or searches for that matter. So never really thought about it before. Don’t know what to think now. Might be ok and again can be scary.

  2. Well–unfortunately almost anything can get hacked or scammed, etc. I don’t have anything to hide–so no big deal here. It’s like–okay—I watched a YouTube video about caring for certain plants, I Google searched the weather forecast, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items— not really anything interesting if Google tracks me at all.

  3. Of coarse it’s not safe, 1/19/2022 I got hacked, went through my 2FA like it wasn’t there, cleaned out my bank accounts, and stole my Social media accounts, in one week I lost Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, guess who I trusted with storing the logins so I wouldn’t have to dig out the big paßwords every time

  4. Google knows our passwords they can go in our accounts. They put our picture where they want wirhout our permission. I dont trust nothing on the internet or google. You know they are being sued

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