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Big Company Secrets: 6 Shocking Things They Don’t Want You to Know

Mind-Bending Facts presents: big company secrets they don’t want you to know!

Are you ready to discover some big company secrets? If you’ve read any of our articles, you already know that we like to talk about things that might seem hard to believe or that will completely change our perspective regarding a couple of things.

This time, I was curious to dive into some information regarding some of the most popular companies in the world. How many times, for instance, have you asked why there’s so much air in a bag of chips or why Facebook encourages you so much to share your photos online?

What are the reasons behind all of these? Let’s find out together because in today’s article, we’ll talk about some big company secrets, and the information I’ve come across is pretty juicy.

Some of these secrets were hidden in plain sight, but we just didn’t pay attention to them. Until today! Let’s not keep this intro any longer, so with that being said, here are the darkest big company secrets they don’t want you to know!

big company secrets
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1. Facebook and your photos

We start off this list of big company secrets with Facebook. This app is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and while it might seem inoffensive, the truth is somewhat different.

For instance, when you post a photo on this platform, you grant the company the license to use it. Unless you know how to opt out, they can take your photos and use them exactly as they want, whether for advertisements or corporate promotional material.

How many business pages did you like? Well, when you read this, you’re probably going to want to change your online behavior. Facebook can also allow businesses that you “liked” to use your profile photos (which are no longer personal) on ads that they’ll show on your friends’ pages.

The majority of people fail to read the user agreement, so don’t blame yourself for saying that you grant the company non-exclusive permission to use, modify, distribute, and come up with derivative works of your content.

So next time you post something online, pay attention to the terms and conditions because you might discover surprises that won’t make you happy.

Keep reading; we have many other big company secrets to talk about today!

2. Coca-Cola at McDonald’s

Have you ever noticed that Coca-Cola tastes a bit different at McDonald’s? Many people thought that this was only in their hands, but that’s not true and is one of the many big company secrets.

McDonald’s is one of the brands that use soda dispensers, and the first thing it does is get soda syrup delivered in stainless steel tanks instead of plastic bags, and then the water is chilled in another fridge rather than in the soda fountain itself.

The company predicts that you’ll prefer to cool your drink with ice too, so use a custom syrup-to-water ration so it still tastes sweet and good after it’s watered down.

If you want to discover other big company secrets, don’t go anywhere!

big company secrets
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3. Chips and air

I don’t know about you, but I love eating chips, although I know that they’re not healthy or good for my waistline. One thing I hate is how much air there’s in the chip bag, and I’m probably not the only one who thought that they did this so that the bag seemed fuller.

Well, thanks to these big company secrets I discovered during my research, the “air” in the bag doesn’t contain oxygen, but those crunchy chips are filled with nitrogen.

Oxygen would immediately turn the chips rancid, and nobody would be them. But thanks to nitrogen, that tasty flavor and freshness are preserved, and besides that, it also prevents combustion, and the chips have enough cushioning during shipping so they don’t get squished and crash.

NASA said that bags of potato chips that are tanked aboard high-tech and extremely modified jets respond to the immediate change in air pressure soon after takeoff by exploding and making a mess. Did you know about that?

Are you surprised by any of these big company secrets?

4. Pancake mix

We continue with these big company secrets by talking about pancake mix. If you get Aunt Jemima Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix, you hardly add water, but if you buy the Original Pancake & Waffle Mix, you’ll need to work for some fluffy treats and crack open an egg.

The reason why the company decided to keep “The Original” was because many customers wanted to channel their inner Jamie Oliver and feel like they did something, so adding real ingredients was the way to go for them.

Moreover, the taste of real eggs and milk doesn’t compare with their powdered cousins, so Aunt Jemima was happy to allow “The Original” to be more loved than her.

If reading about this made you crave pancakes, I recommend you get “The Original” and flex your inner Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen. Add some fruit, chocolate chips, and maybe some whipped cream if you’re feeling extra fancy, and enjoy!

big company secrets
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5. Costco and its rotisserie chicken

Have you ever tried Costco’s rotisserie chicken? It’s one of the best things ever, so you’d better have a taste the next time you go grocery shopping there. You might be curious why the giant retailer doesn’t raise the price of its chicken, considering that its $4.99 price tag is lower than many of its competitors, while the chickens they offer are bigger and sometimes juicier.

Is Costco okay with losing money to keep its customers full and satisfied? Well, no, but I want to share with you some big company secrets so you can better understand this story.

I previously told you to try their rotisserie chicken the next time you get there, and the retailer knows that people won’t go to them just for a meal. The money they lose due to the small price tag for the poultry is nothing compared to how much they get from lovers who go in for a bite and end up with a full shopping cart. Pretty smart, right?

6. Toothpaste and minty flavor

Let’s continue with these big company secrets! Have you ever wondered why the majority of toothpaste brands have a minty flavor? You can thank Pepsodent for that because they’re one of the first popular toothpaste brands, and they came up with the idea of the minty-fresh feeling you get after you’re done with your dental hygiene.

That formula’s mint extract gave off a little tingling sensation in the mouth, similar to what happens when your toothpaste is functioning and doing its magic. Even better, that “clean” feeling sticks around in the mouth, so people began to love that fresh feeling, thinking that their teeth were as clean as porcelain.

Which one of these big company secrets surprised you the most? Leave a comment down below and let us know! And if you know any other big company secrets that are impressive and you want to share them with us, please do it, because we’d love to know!

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