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We Bet You Didn’t Know These 9 Cool Facts About Cats!

Are you ready for some cool facts about cats?

About 46 million US households own a cat, but there’s still so much that we don’t know about these furry felines. From how big the largest cat is to the unusual way they walk, we bet you haven’t heard some of these cool facts about cats!

Cats are pets that have captured people’s hearts all over the world for thousands of years. Their adorable looks and mysterious personalities have made them exceptionally popular pets.

With so many cats around us, that would certainly mean that everyone knows everything about them, right? Wrong! In fact, keep reading, and you’ll be surprised to see how many interesting and cool facts about cats you haven’t known until now!

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cool facts about cats
Photo by SunRay BRI Cattery RU from Shutterstock

1. Cats don’t get cavities

No. 1 on our cool facts about cats list is something that humans should definitely feel envious about. Yes, cats don’t get cavities. However, that doesn’t mean that felines don’t get dental disease. In fact, up to 90% of them older than four years old have dental issues.

But the interesting thing is that they don’t get the kinds of cavities we humans do. The main reason for that is the pointed shape of cat teeth, which is different from the flat teeth we have.

As mentioned above, this doesn’t save cats from dental problems. They do get feline resorptive lesions, a condition in which the dentin wears away, causing a painful mouth. They also get stomatitis, periodontal disease, and gingivitis.

Not only is dental disease in cats painful, but it can also shorten your four-legged companion’s life. Make sure you keep up with regular tooth brushing at home using a cat-friendly toothpaste and schedule dental cleanings according to your vet’s recommendations.

2. Cats spend about 70% of their lives sleeping

OK, we won’t turn this cool facts about cats list into an article about why you should be jealous of your cat, but sometimes you probably wish to be a feline. If you have a cat, you know how much these animals love to sleep.

In fact, if you think yours is sleeping more than doing other things (well, there aren’t many things that cats love doing besides sleeping), you’re right. According to experts, cats actually spend about 70% of their lives sleeping. That would be around 13–16 hours a day! Quite surprising, isn’t it? Well, you’re about to find out more cool facts about cats!

3. Cats whiskers are as sensitive as your fingertips

Cats whiskers are coarser and thicker than regular fur. Moreover, they have roots that are three times deeper. We bet you didn’t know that, but if you did, bear with us because we have plenty more cool facts about cats!

So, going back to cats whiskers, they are strategically located on the feline’s face to provide sensory equipment. Basically, a cat’s whiskers help them guide through the day, navigate, and aid vision, much like the antennae on insects.

While the number of whiskers varies by breed, most cats have 12 whiskers, which are arranged in four rows on each cheek. Your cat’s whiskers are very sensitive, and his or her muzzle also has small glands that smell like hers or his. This is one of the reasons why many cats love to have their faces rubbed!

4. The record for the longest living cat is 3 feet, 11.2 inches

We could not include this record on our cool facts about cats list! Therefore, here is it: The longest domestic living cat in the world is 3 feet, 11.2 inches (120 cm) and is from Vigevano, Pavia (Italy).

The cat’s name is Barivel, a six-year-old Maine coon that’s longer than a baseball bat! He’s a very quiet and shy cat, and he even has his own Instagram profile. His favorite dishes include chicken and fish (especially tuna).

The record was verified on May 22, 2018. In the local Italian dialect, Barivel means joker or clown.

Photo by Max_Z from Shutterstock

5. Cats walk like giraffes and camels

Have you ever noticed that cats walk like giraffes and camels? Well, if you don’t, our cool facts about cats are here to tell you more about this interesting trait of domestic felines. These animals run or walk by moving both right feet first, then both left feet, so they move half of their graceful body forward at once.

The giraffe and the camel are the only other animals that walk or run this way. If you haven’t taken a closer look at a cat’s walk, you may want to do it after reading this to convince yourself!

The rest of the four-legged animals move the left front leg simultaneously with the right hind leg, then the right front leg at the same time as the left hind leg.

Keep reading to discover other cool facts about cats!

6. House cats share 95% of their genetic makeup with tigers

Here’s one of those cool facts about cats that will blow your mind! According to a recent study, your little feline has a lot in common with ferocious tigers; specifically, the two animals share about 95% of their genetic makeup. So it’s safe to say that your cat is 95% tiger!

While the evolutionary paths of the tiger and the common house cat split off approximately 11 million years ago, the DNA that links the two animals together is still phenomenally strong. That means that your little four-legged friend is not only your best cuddle partner but also an ancient little beast designed to climb high trees for safety and hunt their prey.

7. Only 20% of orange cats are female

Going on with our cool facts about cats list, we have an interesting one you probably didn’t know. Male cats have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (XY), while a female cat has two X chromosomes (XX). Color in cats is mostly linked to their sex, as the gene causing color is on the X chromosome.

Since a male cat has only one X chromosome, if that X gene has the orange color, he’ll be orange. That means if an orange cat gives birth to kittens, all the males will have orange fur, regardless of their dad’s color.

However, a female cat will only inherit an orange coat if both of those X chromosomes carry the orange color gene, meaning both parents must have orange fur to create an orange female kitten.

While experts don’t actually know the exact percentage of orange cats, they estimate that somewhere between 2 and 5% of all cats carry this color gene. In other words, if your female kitty is orange, she belongs to an elite club!

Photo by from Shutterstock

8. Cats experience fewer taste buds than dogs or people

Next on our cool facts about cats list has to do with their taste buds. These lovely little felines have approximately 470 taste buds, which is significantly fewer than humans (we have 9,000) or dogs (who have about 1,700).

Your cat can taste salty, sour, bitter, or savory flavors, but they don’t test sweets. So, if you give your kitty a piece of chocolate, she or he won’t be able to enjoy its taste as we humans or dogs do.

But don’t be sad that your cat can’t taste chocolate or ice cream—as obligate carnivores, they are happy to stick to eating meat.

9. Cats that scratch furniture are frequently marking their territory

Finally, on our cool facts about cats list, we have something that you most likely didn’t know. Cats have small scent glands on their feet, and when they scratch the couch or other furniture items, they leave a little bit of their scent on them. This basically tells other cats, “This couch is in my territory, and these people are my friends—keep away!”

Moreover, shredded corners on a chair or sofa are a visual sign of your kitty’s space. Obviously, no cat owner wants their furry friend destroying their furniture, but the scratching is actually a signal that they truly love you and their space.

One way to teach your feline not to ruin your furniture is to buy them a scratching post or large, sturdy cat tree they are allowed to mark. Even better, place it somewhere near their favorite forbidden piece of furniture, so they have something they’re allowed to claim as their own.

By the way, this cat encyclopedia is absolutely interesting!

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