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These Are the 20 Most Ridiculous Facts You’ll Read Today

Truth be told, you start getting old when you stop learning, or at least that’s what Bill Gates likes to believe. Don’t worry; we won’t be doing a crash course on the history of wars or quantum physics; we’ll just start off with something a bit lighter.

We thought you’d like to read about some of the most ridiculous facts ever just because a little bit of additional knowledge won’t do any harm, right? Moreover, there are consequent studies that show how learning something new every day might improve your brain health and even make you happier.

However, most people would rather skip studying and just stick with entertainment, and yes, reading about ridiculous facts fits both of these boxes, so why not? Here’s our list:

most ridiculous facts
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The Supreme Court owns its own basketball court with a great nickname.

I bet you didn’t know that there’s a basketball court on the top floor of the United States Supreme Court Building. And are you curious to know its nickname? It is the “highest court in the land.”

Walmart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard.

We all know that Harvard is quite hard to get into, with a 4.5 percent admittance rate, right? Well, would you believe that, at Walmart, only 2.6 percent of applicants are accepted? Well, I know that this comparison doesn’t truly show much, but you have to admit it’s still pretty funny.

A football fan once dedicated his obituary to insulting an NFL team.

A lifetime Cleveland Browns fan and season ticket holder asked in his obituary for “six Cleveland Browns pallbearers” at his own funeral. And if you’re wondering why, well, it’s because he wanted to be let down by the Browns one last time. Well, that’s a burn!

There’s a technical name for the “fear of long words.”

So when we first discovered the length of the word that described the fear of long words, we thought it was nothing but a funny joke. Apparently, it’s funny, but it’s not a joke. The word is “hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.”

Did you know that hunting unicorns is legal in Michigan?

Next on the list of the most ridiculous facts we have, here goes my favorite: it seems that Lake Superior State University in Michigan offers a unicorn hunting license. Shockingly or not, the “chief herald of the Unicorn Hunters” once said that the pursuit of the unicorn is nothing but a lonely quest. You can only imagine how amused I am by writing this down, but what else is there to do? Some people feel the need to find those unicorns, right?

Someone actually paid $10,000 for invisible artwork.

Talking about spending money on nothing, next on the list of most ridiculous facts is the fact that an art collector once paid $10,000 for a “non-visible” sculpture made by actor James Franco. The artwork was technically billed as an endless tank of oxygen, which other people, you know, would call air, but whatever. In fact, we are breathing air now as we speak, but hey, what do we know?

most ridiculous facts
Photo by melissamn from Shutterstock

Someone officially decided how many Tootsie Pop licks it takes to get to their center.

Are you looking for the most ridiculous facts out there? Because I’m just about to give you one: It only takes 364 licks to get to the center of any Tootsie Pop. And no, that’s not something I researched myself, but rather some very clever engineering students who performed a scientific endeavor at Purdue University.

They used a proprietary “licking machine,” which makes all the sense in the world, given that no human tongue could get to the bottom of a Tootsie Pop. Are you craving some Tootsie Pops? If so, grab your own!

Cows moo in different regional accents.

In some small herds, you might encounter identifiable dialectical variations, which are mostly affected by the immediate peer group.

There’s a U.S. town with a 3-year-old mayor.

There’s a small town in Minnesota called Dorset where a new mayor is picked every two years. I know what you’re thinking: the mayor must be elected in a democratic fashion, right? Well, you’d be surprised to find out that they draw names out of a hat.

I guess everybody is so nice and ” experienced” (?) there; whoever might come out, it’s the same for them. That’s why, in 2015, a 3-year-old named Robert Tufts was elected mayor. His governing motto was “Being nice and no poopy talk.” Now, looking back, we can all agree that the world would trust Robert’s takeaway on politics more than other politicians.

China censored the word “censorship.”

I guess you can’t be guilty of a crime if no one can describe it!

Barry Manilow didn’t write his hit song “I Write the Songs.”

Before he recorded it, Barry didn’t even consider it a good song at all.

It is believed that vending machines are more threatening to humanity than sharks.

The chances of you getting killed by a vending machine are twice as likely as getting killed by a shark. So next time you feel like going for a swim, go ahead.

The blob of toothpaste that sits on the toothbrush has its own name.

Did you know it is called a “nurdle”? Talk about the most ridiculous facts ever heard, right?

Americans can’t fully understand computer code.

According to a recent 2014 study made by VoucherCloud and published by the Los Angeles Times, it seems that one in nine Americans, which equals exactly 11% of the population, thinks that HTML is a disease.

most ridiculous facts
Photo by nito from Shutterstock

You can actually hire scary clowns to terrify kids.

You can easily hire a clown in Switzerland to stalk your kid and even creepily smash a cake into their face on their birthday. I think that’s already a lot to digest, considering that even “nice” clowns are hard to watch already!

Flowers like Viag*a

On the list of most ridiculous facts, here’s something to remember: if you put a vase in a vase, it will make flowers stand straight up for more than a week. You would expect them to wilt, but no, they will be sturdier than a tree.

Terrorist instructions were once replaced with cupcakes.

To make your day a bit brighter, here’s something fun: at some point, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service hacked an Al-Qaeda website and replaced all the bomb instructions with a cupcake recipe.

Somewhere in America, there’s a town with only one resident.

This is probably one of the most ridiculous facts you’re going to read, but in Monowi, Nebraska, the official population is made up of one person. If you were wondering whether she pays taxes or not, yes, she does, but to herself. The resident is in her 80s, and she’s employed as the village’s mayor, librarian, and bartender.

President Coolidge had a very childish sense of humor.

Whether you believe it or not, the 30th U.S. president thought it would be very funny to push the emergency buzzer on his desk and then hide somewhere when the Secret Service came running to rescue him.

Some passengers would do anything to avoid baggage fees.

And to prove it, I’m going to give you an example: in 2012, a man wore no less than 60 shirts and nine pairs of jeans on an 11-and-a-half-hour flight from China to Africa just because he didn’t want to pay for those extra baggage fees. Even if I find it extremely amusing, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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