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If You’re a Dog Owner, These 7 Interesting Dog Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Pups are our most loyal companions, and because of this, we have a natural drive to know everything about them. And believe us when we tell you that you will never get bored when learning stuff about dogs. There are many interesting dog facts that are waiting to be discovered.

These amazing creatures are capable of even more amazing things, and we are here to help you learn all about them. Our four-pawed friends have many secrets, and some of us feel a sense of joy and wonder every time we hear about a new one.

From the tallest dog on earth to the reason why pups have their cute little noses wet, be ready to have your mind blown by these interesting dog facts.

interesting dog facts
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1. Did you know that there were dogs that survived the Titanic sinking?

Maybe you know about it from a famous movie, or maybe you learned about it in history class. Whatever the case, there aren’t so many people who don’t know about the RMS Titanic and its tragic sinking.

On April 15, 1912, the luxury liner skinned into the Atlantic Ocean, and more than 1500 people perished in the disaster. But did you know that besides the people on board, there were also 12 dogs? Unfortunately, only three of them survived.

The Titanic had an amazing kennel for the dogs, and the staff took care of them. They even exercised daily. Some first-class passengers were able to keep their pets in the staterooms. The crew turned a blind eye to them, and this was fortunate for the three dogs that survived.

Besides being able to sleep in the staterooms, these pups had another thing in common: they were small, so their owners were able to take them in the lifeboats with them.

These three lucky pups were: Lady, a Pomeranian; Sun Yat Sen, a Pekingese; and another Pomeranian owned by the Rothschild family.

2. Why the wet noses?

Many of us have asked ourselves at least once in our lives, “Why are dog noses wet?” From all the interesting dog facts that we have on this list, this one is probably one that a lot of people want to know.

We all know how important smell is for our pups. This is their most powerful sense, and they use it every day. They see the world through scents. Dogs have more than 100 million sensory receptors in their noses. This is incomparable to the 6 million that we humans have. Also, the area in their brain that analyzes the odors is 40 times bigger than the same part of the human brain.

So, to answer the question, the noses of our companions are wet because they have some glands inside their noses that secrete a watery material that helps the pup cool down. But besides this, a wet nose is also helping the dog absorb the chemicals in the smell better.

Read on and find out even more interesting dog facts!

3. 30% of Dalmatians are deaf in one ear

Dalmatians are beautiful dogs that many people like. They were also the unofficial mascot of the firefighters in the United States. Unfortunately, because of genetic reasons, these pups are predisposed to be deaf.

Dalmatians are born with normal hearing; however, some develop deafness after a few weeks. Deafness can affect one ear or both of them. The pups that can still hear with one ear can live a normal and fulfilling life. On the other hand, those that are completely deaf will have a major handicap.

If you want to know if your dog has normal hearing, the only way to find out is through testing. The most efficient test that is used by veterinarians is the BAER test. The only problem is that the number of these tests is limited, and you might have to travel a lot until you find a location that still has them available.

4. How tall is the tallest dog in the world?

His name was Zeus, and he was a Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan. Now, if you are wondering how tall Zeus was, you need to know that according to the Guinness World Records, this pup used to measure 44 inches tall and 7 feet.

Zeus died in September 2014 at the age of 5. During his life, he worked as a therapy dog in many hospitals, and he also regularly visited schools.

Funny enough, the tallest living dog in the world is also named Zeus and is a Great Dane. He is from Texas, measures 41 inches tall, and stands at 7 feet. Zeus likes walking around the neighborhood and going to the farmer’s market, as well as napping by the window.

From all the interesting dog facts, this one might be one that many of us are interested in. Who wasn’t curious about the tallest dog in the world?

5. Did you know that Newfoundlands are fantastic lifeguards?

These giants were used by the fishermen of Newfouldnad as working dogs. Even if their size might make them look intimidating, these pups have a calm temper, adore spending time with children, and love to swim.

They have a thick double coat that protects them from cold and water. Due to their natural ability to swim very well, the Newfoundlands can also be trained to become lifeguards. They used to stay with the fishermen and help them pull boats and fishing nets. That means they are able to help those who are in danger of drowning.

Experts believe that these pups are ideal for water rescue work. They have all the abilities they need – the water-resistant coat, the webs between their toes, and their incredible ability to swim. Even more, Newfoundlands have tremendous endurance, and they can swim for miles and miles. Also, they can pull heavy things while they are in the water.

6. They have three eyelids

How many eyelids do we have? We, as humans, have two eyelids at each eye: an upper eyelid and a lower eyelid. But the canines have three eyelids per eye. You probably don’t know this fact from all of the interesting dog facts because you’ve never seen the eyelids in action.

The third eyelid, or nictitating membrane, has more roles, and it helps the dog in many ways: it keeps the cornea clean, produces additional tears, acts as a lymph node that can produce antibodies that fight against infection, and protects the eye from injury.

If you pay close attention, there are times when you are able to see the third eyelid of a dog. Usually, you can see it when they are falling asleep or when they roll back their heads.

interesting dog facts
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7. Do you know that there is a Beatles song that has a section just for your dog?

Dogs have a better sense of hearing than humans. While we can only hear up to about 20 kHz, our pups can hear sounds that go as high as 45 kHz. Because of this, we have one of the most interesting facts about dogs: The Beatles recorded a special section after the song A Day in the Life that can only be heard by dogs.

The song from the album Sgt. Pepper has a high-frequency tone of 15 kilohertz that seems to have been added by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They had a discussion with their sound engineers, and they found out about these high frequencies, so they decided to put this tone on record as a joke.

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