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You Won’t Believe Artificial Intelligence Can Do These 10 Things

These artificial intelligence facts will change your perception of it entirely!

Is it possible that artificial intelligence will take the place of humans in every industry? Honestly, this is probably one of the main concerns at this moment. And while almost everybody is looking at it like it’s something bad, based on these facts, you will be surprised at how useful it might be!

But before getting deeper into the subject, we at Mind-Bending Facts want to explain what artificial intelligence really means. A discipline of computer science that deals with data and analytics is generally referred to as artificial intelligence. It speaks to the capacity of the technology or software to use human logic and “act” like one.

Although artificial intelligence (AI) is sometimes seen as a new technology, the idea behind it has been present since the 1950s, and before it became a crucial tool for business, it was used to carry out tasks like solving mathematical puzzles or playing chess. Because we (and not only) consider it a fascinating field that’s constantly evolving, here are some artificial intelligence facts that will blow your mind completely:

artificial intelligence facts
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1. Thanks to AI, productivity might increase by up to 40%

Really? But humans have performed that certain task for ages; how can a computer replace it that easily, you may say? Well, believe it or not, this is probably one of the most interesting artificial intelligence facts because, while it won’t help humans get the job done in seconds, it can definitely improve productivity by 40%.

This will not only allow us to spend time more effectively but also speed up the process of work, and if it’s programmed properly, errors can be eliminated.

2. AI can write books

…even like a PRO! Have you ever played with ChatGBT, for example? Besides being super handy, it can also give you the answers you seek in a blink of an eye. But if we told you that robots can also create novels, how puzzled would you be?

The best example is when software programmer Zack Thoutt wanted to create an AI to write the sixth book in the Game of Thrones series because he was bored of waiting for the following volume of “The Chronicles of Ice and Fire” to be published. The spectacular outcomes will blow your mind! While it’s true that an AI can’t fully express its emotions in words, it was nevertheless amazing to see how far technology has come.

3. AI can write reviews

Many businesses in today’s world rely on the feedback left by consumers on online review sites to increase their brand recognition and attract additional clients. But do you know what changed? While this was a duty performed by humans, artificial intelligence has been developed that can write reviews of restaurants, hotels, and other establishments. Hmm, that sounds a bit fishy!

Would you believe these flawlessly composed reviews? This is a very dishonest method used by the owners of these businesses to increase the number of evaluations of the institution on social platforms and draw in more clients. Boo! That’s a big no-no and the wrong usage of artificial intelligence.

4. It can also read your mind!

One of the weirdest artificial intelligence facts occupies the fourth position in our article, and it’s about reading your mind. Besides being a tad scary, it can be life-changing for those who suffer from speech impairment. This AI can understand brain impulses and produce speech.

Now, the frightening part is that a number of the major internet companies, including Facebook, are working on their initiative to take advantage of AI’s potential for mind-reading.

These lines about artificial intelligence facts tickled your curiosity. Say no more! Since we at Mind-Bending Facts have a great book recommendation for you, Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI for Beginners: The Complete Guide is a tremendous guide for all those who want to understand how AI works and what the main perks of using it are for their business plans. It can be found both in Kindle and paperback formats for less than $15 each. 

5. It can make songs

Recently, a ton of videos appeared on YouTube, and as impressive as they sound, they were made entirely by an AI. For example, the artist Taryn Southern has decided to write the whole album “I AM AI” utilizing music-composition software that uses artificial intelligence.

You can begin by creating music using AI if you ever decide that you want to venture into new territory. We wonder how far this will go and what kind of effects it will have on the musicians’ careers.

6. It can be used to diagnose diseases

While we mentioned some artificial intelligence facts that weren’t so friendly, this one is a huge step for humankind. It has been demonstrated that AI can evaluate medical pictures and spot early warning symptoms of illness, thereby enabling earlier diagnosis and better treatment. For example, this might be tremendously beneficial in detecting and treating cancer, the deadliest illness of the 21st century.

7. It can recognize voices

When we started our research about artificial intelligence facts while reading various articles, we were absolutely shocked (in a positive way) about how many things it can do. And recognizing voices is one of them.

Even if voice recognition technology is extremely old, it still needs to advance to function more efficiently. We have now reached a position where this feature can, at least literally, match or even surpass the identification of spoken words we humans create. Speech recognition by AI is already more accurate than speech recognition by humans.

artificial intelligence facts
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8. It can speak with you

It can, indeed! One of them, and arguably the most sophisticated AI now in use, is chatGBT. However, it’s not the only one that has such a capability. For instance, if you already own Alexa, you are aware that it is set up to respond to voice instructions and that it is capable of doing so.

Google Duplex is an additional AI technology that goes beyond Alexa and Google Maps. This program makes use of AI to do chores and book appointments over the phone in a very friendly manner. It speaks quite well and can provide you with correct, courteous responses.

9. It can take a nap

Google has trained its AI platform to take naps to provide your artificial intelligence machine with a learning process that is somewhat more similar to that of humans. In other words, DeepMind, the company’s artificial intelligence project, goes to sleep so you may learn more about your dreams and perhaps even find solutions to issues you were unable to address while awake.

10. The last of the mind-bending artificial intelligence facts: it knows if you are dreaming

Did you know that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a sleep monitoring device that can detect the radio waves you generate while sleeping and determine whether or not you are dreaming? Although the goal is to treat different sleep disorders that might afflict people, it is a bit awkward to realize that an AI is essentially reading your thoughts while you’re asleep. What a time to be alive!

What do you think about all these artificial intelligence facts? Do you still believe it’s bad for humanity, or if it’s used wisely, it can help us evolve and create a better world for us and for generations to come? Tell us in the comments. We’re eager to hear from you!

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