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Top 7 Strange Places With UFOs: Have You Ever Seen One?

These Strange Places With UFOs Will Give You Goosebumps!

I think it’s a known fact that most people who see a UFO at least once in their lives never report it. For some reason, they keep their experiences and the list of strange places with UFOs all to themselves, probably for fear of being labeled as crazy.

Let’s just say that the National UFO Reporting Center declared that there were 4,881 reported sightings in America (only in 2017), so let’s imagine how many were actually never reported. A long time ago (at least that’s how it feels), UFOs were nothing but a clandestine topic that you used to talk about in your kitchen with your closest friends. Otherwise, you were afraid to say anything. But these days, it has become an international fascination; thousands of tourists visit all the famous sighting areas in the hope of seeing a UFO.

In other words, strange places with UFOs are the new cool thing. Also, governments from all corners of the world organize extensive exploration and…exploitation (traveling, stories, merchandise; why not? People pay for it, and they make a fortune.

Moreover, the U.S. Pentagon declared that it had initiated a *super-secret* program meant to investigate all sightings of unidentified flying objects. Also, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program officially closed six years ago, but guess what?

People don’t buy it; most of them still think it’s running. Our fascination with the unknown and extraterrestrial beings is what makes us want to know everything about the matter, and if you’re anything like me, then you’re going to love what Mind-Bending Facts has found. Let’s see some interesting and strange places with UFOs where alien ships have been spotted at least a dozen times:

strange places with UFOs
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Chile is also known as the country with the highest number of UFOs ever seen. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the country registers very low humidity, high-altitude ridges, and very clear skies. The pollution must have skipped Chile so far, and that’s one of the reasons why it has become an all-time favorite among UFO lovers worldwide.

The country decided to launch the CEFAA, which is short for Committee for Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, a private government body meant to investigate UAPs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenona, under the control of the Chilean Air Force. In other words, Chile must be at the top of the list of interesting but strange places with UFOs!

Paranal Observatory – Northern Chile

The observatory is located in the Atacama Desert of Chile, and it has earned the reputation of being one of the best astronomical observing sites in the whole world. In fact, it has become a flagship location for many European ground-based astronomical studies.

It has a wide range of telescopes, such as the Very Large Telescope, the Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope, and the VLT Survey Telescope. The ESO Hotel and La Residencia, in the proximity of Paranal Observatory, offer accommodation for staff and media members.

Unfortunately, tourists can’t spend the night there. If you want to visit the observatory, you need to make a two-hour drive from Cerro Moreno airport, which only opens on weekends, with a reservation in advance.

ALMA Observatory

The ALMA Observatory is one of the most ambitious radio observatories on Earth. Unlike optical telescopes, radio telescopes are particularly designed to capture radio waves that are directly emitted by sources in space.

This is a specific segment of the electromagnetic spectrum that he’s studying in space. ALMA has no less than 66 antennas: 54 12-meter-diameter antennas and 12 7-meter-diameter antennas. Every Saturday and Sunday, the Observatory is open for visitors, including members of the public who are curious to visit the facilities located in northern Chile.

Visitors can see the ALMA Operations Support Facility (OSF), where ALMA personnel work and where you have access to the control room, laboratories, and even the antenna transporter. However, the area of Chajnantor Plateau (that’s where a large number of antennas are located) isn’t open to the public.

strange places with UFOs
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San Clemente UFO Trail

San Clemente, Chile, is seen by many as the unofficial UFO capital of the world. In fact, researchers believe that hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported here over the years, at least one every week.

In fact, the area is so popular that Chilean tourism decided to establish an official UFO trail in 2008. We’re talking about a 19-mile trail that runs through the Andes mountains, covering all sights where some of the closest encounters have been reported.

Wiltshire, England

Plenty of mysterious patterns and land drawings appeared in the fields of Wiltshire, which is not that far from the equally bizarre Stonehenge. Also, lots of sightings occurred here, and as you can imagine, it implies the classic disc-shaped object hovering above the site.

The prehistoric monument also includes a ring of huge stones that date all the way back to 3100 BC, and it is also listed as a World Heritage Site. Supporters of the well-known theory that ancient aliens were the original “architects” of the landmark consider the zone a targeted place for spaceships or even a location marker for extraterrestrials. You know…the kind of place aliens would come to during their summer vacations.

Area 51, Nevada

Area 51, as you well know, is the Elvis Presley level of famous strange places with UFOs. The United States military installation is located 100 miles north of Las Vegas and is wildly known to UFO conspiracy theorists as one of the top locations our government refuses to acknowledge.

They firmly believe that the area is an established storage facility for all kinds of tests and examinations of a crashed alien spacecraft, along with its alleged occupants (both living and dead) and any other materials recovered at Roswell.

Moreover, some UFOlogists out there say there’s a secret underground facility at the base of the Papoose Mountains in Lincoln County, Nevada, where secretly-recovered alien spacecraft and various extraterrestrial beings are well-hidden. Talking about strange places with UFOs, right? I think this location in the Papoose Mountains might break Area 51’s record of weirdness!

strange places with UFOs
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Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is another location on our list of strange places with UFOs. In fact, it has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, especially since they have organized night tours with visitors who are well-equipped with night vision glasses, binoculars, and even telescopes. Sedona might break all the other records known to humankind since they have numerous reported sightings, which include orbs, portals, aliens, and even Bigfoot! On top of that, there’s the mysterious Bradshaw Ranch, which also draws a lot of attention from curious tourists.

The ranch is located deep within national forests, and it has been allegedly confiscated by the U.S. government. Trust me, if I tell you, you’re going to be in shock. It is believed that the Bradshaw Ranch houses one of the most powerful inter-dimensional portals in the world.

Even if visitors aren’t allowed in the National Forest at night, there are still plenty of tour operators that will take care of you and even accompany you until dusk. As some might say, UFOs appear on a schedule; it is during the last hour of twilight when most of these phenomena occur. Isn’t it fascinating?

I hope you have enough strange places with UFOs to add to your list for a lifetime, and if you’re eager to read about other peculiar things that happen on our little planet, here’s what we recommend: 7 Chilling Unsolved Mysteries America Is Obsessed With

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