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Survival Kit in Case of a WWIII Outbreak 

What items should be included in a survival kit for WWIII?

The simple thought of “war” scares everybody, but unfortunately, with everything that’s going on in Ukraine at this moment, it’s impossible not to create scary scenarios and ask valid questions like “What will happen if…?” or “Is there a way to survive another world war?”

If by any chance United States becomes significantly involved, then our citizens are put in danger. God protect us all! Although it may be terrifying to consider a world war, it is crucial to be fully prepared in case something goes wrong.

But here are some things I intend to do, and you should too, in case of WWIII:

survival kit, wwiii
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1. Prepare yourself mentally

This may sound like a cliche and be very hard to put into practice because, in the case of a war, nobody can think clearly or stay calm. It’s critical to keep a strong, optimistic outlook when things are tough. Develop the ability to remain composed, attentive, and flexible when faced with challenges. Discuss this subject with your loved ones, and make an effort to assemble a network of people who can offer consolation and inspiration when things get tough.

Even if this isn’t a physical thing you can put into the survival kit, it is very important to understand that things are rough and some changes will come along the way. Easier said than done but having a good state of mind will help you get ready for what comes next.

2. Create a safe shelter

The next step on the list is to have a safe shelter for you and your family. See if there are areas in your neighborhood that are naturally protected, and then defend them from any threats. If you are unable to set up one, you may turn an unremarkable closet, crawl space, or attic into one.

Cans, water, a dependable power supply, a few mobile phones, and ideally a laptop or tablet are all necessities for the space. It should be possible for you to live there without leaving the house for at least a month. That’s relevant in the event of a nuclear war.

3. Have a bag or more

This is an essential item in case of any type of war. A backpack large enough and durable is a must for everybody. Here, you must be able to put some clothes, water, food supplies, and one more pair of shoes besides the one that you’re already wearing. Opt for a bag above 60 liters, but assure yourself it’s still light because the bigger the bag, the harder it will be to carry.

Make sure to also check if it’s waterproof. It may not be important at first, but you never know where you will end up, and you must have dry clothes in your backpack to change yourself.

4. Pack a lot of water

While we can survive for up to three weeks without eating anything, without drinking water, you’re not going to be around for more than three days. That’s why one of the most important items in the survival kit is water. The recommended amount is around 1 gallon of water per person per day.

5. Don’t forget about the non-perishable foods

While you’re packing your bag for an emergency, don’t forget to add some canned foods with long expiration dates on them. Look for cans that also have a bit of juice or water in them. This will save you from using extra water from the supplies.

Additionally, be careful to eat foods that are high in carbohydrates. Foods high in calories will provide you with the energy you require to stay vigilant and awake. Go for beans of all kinds, chickpeas, canned fish, and canned fruits. I’d also add some instant cup noodles since they’re easy to make with just a bit of water.

6. First aid kit

A first-aid kit is more than crucial to have in your backpack. But don’t overspend on something too sophisticated; try to make yours from scratch. A decent first aid kit must include plasters in different shapes and sizes, antiseptic cream, a thermometer, a lot of painkillers, and some distilled water to clean possible wounds.

If you know that you or any other member of the family needs a special medication, make sure you stock up on that as much as possible. In the event of a war outbreak, you won’t be able to find any medicine in pharmacies.

7. Protective gear

In case of a nuclear war, besides having a safe place to hide, it is also important to be physically protected in case you must go out for a bit. Put in the bag proper safety gear, such as radiation detectors, biohazard suits, and gas masks. During a disaster, these things can protect you from potential threats.

Gas masks can be quite expensive on Amazon, but there is a bargain available. For only $39.99, you can purchase a gas mask that comes with a 40-mm activated carbon filter, capable of blocking up to 99% of all airborne chemicals. The mask also has a soft seal that fits all face types comfortably, even when worn for extended periods. While it may not be affordable for everyone, it’s a good idea to have this gas mask in your survival kit in case of WWIII. 

8. Prepare yourself for self-defense

You probably never thought about this when you read the title of the article, but if you want to survive in the case of WWII, it is important to have at least a bit of “knowledge” about what self-defense means. You don’t need to take super expensive martial arts classes; it’s enough to look for self-defense classes that can teach you the basics of defending yourself and your loved ones during wartime.

9. Always have an emergency fund

With this inflation, it can be harder to save money, but in case of an emergency, you must have some money in your survival kit. Re-do your monthly expenses and see what is unnecessary and what you can eliminate so you can create an emergency fund.  I can’t give you an exact amount because this may vary from one family to another.

survival kit, wwiii
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10. Stay informed as much as possible!

Since most likely the internet will either work very poorly or the network is going to be down, a portable radio is the way to go. These radios are usually very affordable, so don’t forget to stock up on one or two to put in your survival kit.

I know hearing bad news can make you even more anxious and upset, but it is important to be updated on the global situation and know what is going to happen next.

Bottom line:

To be ready for World War III, or any other apocalyptic situation, you must be mentally, physically, and practically prepared. Probably this article may have caused you some anxiety, but trust me, this wasn’t my intention! While these scenarios are mostly hypothetical now because we don’t know for sure what the future holds, it is important to have a survival kit somewhere in the house that’s ready to be picked up in case of emergency.

If reading about a possible WWIII gave you chills but you also want to be informed in case something bad happens you may also be interested in checking out some Facts About Nuclear Bombs

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