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8 Mind-Blowing Facts about Egyptians You Never Thought They Were Real

These facts about Egyptians seem out of this world, yet they are 100% true! 

The era of the Egyptians is by far the best in the world’s history. Full of interesting things, but somehow it seems like there is always more to discover about this civilization. Being one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, Egypt can be an amazing travel destination for both historians and tourists who are seeking a historical lesson in person.

In this article, we, the crew from Mind-Bending Facts, are planning to reveal some of the most bizarre facts about Egyptians that might be new to some of you. Buckle up, and let’s head on a virtual journey through pyramids, pharaohs, and cats!

Just a tiny “advice”—some of them are interesting, some could be repulsive, but they all serve as a reminder that this period of history was genuinely unique.

facts about Egyptians
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1. Besides being used for salads, lettuce was also an aphrodisiac

One of the first and by far the most unusual facts about Egyptians is about a vegetable that we usually use in our salads. Well, you’ve guessed it, it’s lettuce! In ancient Egypt, lettuce was more than just a salad ingredient. They used to believe that lettuce helped fertilization, and it was associated with Min, the god of fertility.

That’s why you’re going to see many hieroglyphics with Min surrounded by lettuce. A legend from 2700 BCE says that women used to make food that contained lettuce and give it to men as an aphrodisiac to make them more virile in bed. Interesting, right?

2. Egyptians loved games

While you may think you know everything about Egyptians, there is always something more that pops up in your way. Another interesting fact about Egyptians is that they love playing games. They had some board games that were played by everybody, no matter if the person was wealthy or not.

And one of the most popular board games among ancient Egyptians was called Senet and Mehen. The first one was a game based on throwing sticks, and even though it seemed odd, it was very appreciated back then; even when a person died, they buried them with the game. This was a way of keeping the dead occupied in the afterlife.

On the other hand, Mehen was a bit more complicated, but the rules of it were lost, and we didn’t know for sure how to play it. However, we only know that the board was shaped roundly like a coiled snake and that there were only two players. To move on with the game, players were using small dice.

3.  Birth control pills are overrated! Egyptians used crocodile feces and rotten milk as major contraception methods

Among the weirdest facts about Egyptians, the one about birth control stands out pretty high on the list. And with a good reason. Indeed, medicine wasn’t as modern as it is nowadays, and people were trying to find various cures for their diseases. But this contraceptive method seems a bit unhinged, we say!

So the thing worked magically only when crocodile feces were combined into a paste with sour milk and later used for women’s vaginas. Gross! This mixture was believed to block male reproductive cells with acid and prevent them from entering the uterus.

Despite how disgusting that sounds, it was effective. Diaphragms remain in use today to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. They are not constructed of crocodile excrement but rather of medical-grade silicone.

Curious about other unusual facts about Egyptians? Don’t worry, because we’re not done yet! The following ones will be even stranger! 

4. Egyptian women also had rights and they were as free as men

It’s true that back in the day, women didn’t have the same rights as men, and they were seen as inferior to men. However, compared to other civilizations, Egyptian women had the right to buy and sell properties, have legal contracts, make wills, and even serve on juries.

They also had jobs, and while most of them used to work indoors, they had a salary exactly like men. Furthermore, they also had the right to renounce their marital lives and remarry with another man. Contrary to Greek women, who were essentially controlled by their husbands, prenuptial agreements were common in Egypt. These contracts also included a list of all the assets and fortune the lady brought to the marriage, as well as provisions for remuneration in the event of a divorce.

5. Demons were lured out of the bodies with manure

There is an entire discussion about possession and the existence of demons throughout history, but this time we will stop for what happened in ancient Egypt. They had specialized priests and scorpion charmers who served the people with magical rites and practices since magic was quite frequent for them. They possessed ivory wands that were made and passed around in spell books to keep future generations informed about this.

But the Egyptians had an interesting method—a bit unusual, let’s say—to lure demons out of the possessed people’s bodies: with manure. They thought that demons hated bad smells, and feces was one of them. And while this method was pretty efficient, on the other hand, they also used honey to lure the demons out of the body.

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facts about Egyptians
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6. Cats were used as shields

One of the most interesting facts about Egyptians is, of course, about cats. We all know that ancient Egypt is known for many interesting things, especially for its way of winning battles. But throughout the years, their enemies started watching their tactics closely to understand how to beat them. And the Persians defeated them with their own weapons. Because everybody knew that for Egyptians, animals were sacred, Persians used cats as shields in battle. Good strategy, huh?

Therefore, Cambyses, the king of Persia, positioned his front line in front of them. Because they have a deep reverence for animals, the Egyptians promptly ceased their activities. Cambyses made it easier for himself to enter Egypt by capturing Pelusium.

7. Egyptian pharaohs were often corpulent

Did you think you knew a lot of things about Egypt until you read this? Well, let us tell you another fact, probably among the most uncommon facts about Egyptians regarding the pharaohs. In most of their art, the Egyptians illustrated the pharaohs as tall, fit, and imposing. However, these illustrations were not that accurate because, in reality, the Egyptian diet of bread, honey, wine, and a lot of beer was far from healthy. And that affected their physique as well!

Numerous Egyptian kings were found to be sickly, overweight, and even diabetic during mummy examinations. And the most notable example is the fabled Queen Hatshepsut, who reigned in the 15th century B.C. Historians contend that she was heavy and balding, even though her sarcophagus portrays her as thin and tall.

8. Akhenaten, Nefertiti’s husband was a hermaphrodite

Last but not least, a fact about Egyptians is about Nefertiti’s husband, who, according to various studies, was both male and female. That’s why, in many antique depictions, he was illustrated as tall with a body similar to a woman’s. He still had male reproductive organs because legends say that he had many children, and one of them was Tutankhamon.

Unfortunately, after his death, the Egyptians removed him from the culture because of his actions toward religion. There are still unknown things about him since he was kept a “secret” until the 19th century.

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