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MUST-SEE: 9 Craziest Things People Found in Their Toilets

crazy things found in the toilet
Photo by Roman Samborskyi from Shutterstock

You’ve probably heard urban legends say that alligators and other frightening critters could crawl out of the toilet and attack. Most people don’t believe in them, but the truth is that they haven’t seen anything yet. When it comes to crazy things found in the toilet, the real-life stories we’ve rounded up in this article will have you checking the loo twice before you go.

If you thought that toilet dangers were only limited to the poor aim of the person who used the stall before you and the gross port-a-potty smells, here’s a list of horrifying true stories to populate your nightmares. This is a collection of the crazy things found in the toilet, as well as some flushed things that actually turned out to be pretty fascinating.

From archeologists who accidentally unearthed centuries-old treasures to people who were shocked to find random animals chilling in their toilet bowls, this is some bathroom humor (and terror) that you don’t want to miss.

Here are some crazy things found in the toilet!

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