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5 Forbidden Locations You’ll Never Get to See

These forbidden locations are so mysterious that no one knows what is happening there!

Today, we all expect every place to be accessible, but there are still some forbidden locations in this world that are simply off-limits to almost everyone.

We know that most people are used to moving freely from one country to another and roaming wherever they want, but these places remain a mystery, and most probably we will never find out what is going on in these unusual places.

From remote islands that are inhabited only by people who have never had contact with the outside world to sacred military bases, get ready to find out more about these incredible, forbidden locations. What makes them even more fascinating is the fact that most of them can be found in places that are easily accessible.

These unknown and secret places make us wonder about what is happening there, and this is how a lot of the theories have been born. Read on and see what the most incredible theories are! What do you think about them?

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1. The Coca-Cola Vault – United States of America

When talking about forbidden locations and carefully guarded secrets, no list would be complete if we didn’t include the place where one of the most controversial and successful recipes is kept away from the eyes of the world.

The Coca-Cola recipe is safely stored in a secret vault that can be found in Atlanta, Georgia. If you want to visit this place, we want you to know that you can totally do that. There are tours of the Coca-Cola museum, and people can freely visit the area that is outside of the vault.

But what’s going on inside the vault is top-secret. What makes this location even more intriguing is that you can see the door of the vault and take pictures of it, but you will never know what is inside. The secret Coca-Cola recipe has been locked inside this vault for more than 125 years and will probably remain there for a long time.

Fun fact: the money you have stored in the bank is probably less safe than this famous recipe! What do you think about this?

2. Disney Club 33 – United States of America

Disney is a cool place to visit. But did you know that there is a place at Disney that is so cool that only a few people will ever see it? We are talking about the exclusive Disney Club 33. This is a mysterious place found at Disney, and it is also the only place where they serve alcohol.

But what is this place, and what is happening there? Well, this was designed as a space of relaxation by Walt Disney himself, where he planned to invite his business associates to probably discuss more business.

Unfortunately, Mr. Disney passed away before the opening of the club, but the club is open now, and the only people who can get it are the ones who are exclusive enough.

Access is made by invitation only, and once you get invited by someone who is already in the club, you will have to pay $100,000. After this, there is an annual fee of $30,000 that you have to pay in order to maintain your membership.

3. Vatican Library Secret Archives – Vatican City

This is another one of the forbidden locations that are so secret that literally, no one knows what is in those archives at all. This secret archive is huge, and when we say this, we really mean it.

There are over 35,000 volumes that are nicely arranged on over 50 miles of shelving. Most of these volumes are approximately 1,200 years old, and they are the only publicly available information about this place.

If anything is added to the archive, it can’t be removed from there for the following 75 years. But what can they hide there? What has happened in the last 75 years, and can we read more about it in these secret archives?

Also, there are some things that will never see the light of day again. Some of the documents that are speculated to be found here are: artifacts from the history of the Catholic Church; letters from Mary Queen of Scots; and the excommunication bulls of Martin Luther.

What makes this place one of the most forbidden locations is its potential to destroy our history. We don’t know what is hidden there, but would it be okay if we did? Think about this.

4. Metro 2 – Russia

Forbidden locations will always be some of the most fascinating mysteries, and here is one that seems to be something out of a novel. So, what is Metro 2?

This is a secret train line that can be found below the streets of Moscow, or at least that is what the rumors say. According to urban legends, this line was built by Stalin during the Cold War, and it connects all of the important buildings in Moscow: the Federal Security Service, the Kremlin, and the airport.

The rumors about Metro 2 started after the publication of a novel in 1992. All of this started because the author claimed that the setting of the book was based on reality. In 2004, a former Soviet official claimed that a train connection existed to link the Kremlin to Stalin’s vacation house outside the city.

The most fun part about forbidden locations is that we will never know what is happening there or even if they really exist.

forbidden locations
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5. Grand Shrine of Ise – Japan

Of all the forbidden locations on this list, this is a temple where the only members who are allowed to enter are those who are part of the Imperial Family. Ise Grand Shrine has been built in honor of the sun goddess Amaterasu, and the interior is redone every 20 years to symbolize rebirth.

This shrine is so valuable and private that only a member of the Imperial Family can guard it, implying that only Imperial Family members have ever seen the inside.

Because no one other than the Imperial Family has ever been inside the temple, not much is known. It is the holiest location in both Japan and the Shinto religion. The rebuilding of the interior every 20 years is associated with rebirth in the Shinto religion.

That means even if you somehow manage to see the interior, after a few years it will be changed, and you will know what it looks like. This shrine is so special compared to other sacred places because everything about it is so secretive. Probably you will have a chance to enter inside only if you marry someone from the Imperial Family, but really, what are the odds?

Do you think any of these forbidden locations will become open to the public in the future? Tell us in the comments!

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