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10 Crazy Hygiene Facts That Will Change the Way You Take a Shower

These crazy hygiene facts seem out of this world! 

After an awful pandemic, for sure, we got a few after-effects. Some of us feel the need to wash our hands more often than before, while others must disinfect each surface they come into contact with.

And while this may seem weird, good hygiene is mandatory, no matter if we’re dealing with a disease or not. Especially during the cold season, if you want to avoid unwanted flues. If you are a person who is easily scared by things like these, we advise you to take each fact with a grain of salt.

We don’t want to frighten you, but after reading this article, you will change the way you shower. Curious about them? Let’s unveil some of the craziest hygiene facts of all time!

crazy hygiene fact
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1. Bacteria are everywhere

The first crazy hygiene fact that not everyone is aware of is that bacteria are everywhere! Yikes indeed. But according to various studies, there are around 10 million bacteria on our elbows and fingers. Now we understand why it is crucial to wash your hands accordingly by scrubbing your fingers.

Who would even guess that elbows can carry so much bacteria? Especially during warm seasons when we don’t have long sleeves to cover them up. Throughout the pandemic years, all doctors strongly encouraged us to wash our hands frequently for about 2 or 3 minutes. Although it was a bit annoying to hear this over and over again, now you probably understand why they were so pushy!

If only people from antiquity would have known about this fact! During that time, washing was almost nonexistent, and they did it only before eating. At least that!

2. Every 30 minutes, you come in contact with 840,000 germs

If the fact that bacteria are everywhere shocked you, then you won’t believe this second crazy hygiene fact! You come into touch with 840,000 germs on average every 30 minutes, according to several studies. What?!

This statement should serve as a reminder of how crucial it is to continually practice proficient general hygiene throughout the day to prevent the spread of contagious bacteria. To lower your chance of developing a dangerous disease, you must wash your hands six to ten times every day.

3. Deodorant was a luxury back in the day

If finding a good deodorant to match your skin’s PH seems like a hassle, imagine how it would be without having deodorants at all! This is another crazy hygiene fact about medieval times and probably even older because science hasn’t evolved that much and people didn’t have an item to help keep themselves clean. Most probably, everyone smelled weird and nobody noticed it since they were all used to the smell. Yikes!

On the other hand, the royal family had a better idea of how to keep themselves clean and sometimes used flowers to help them smell better.

…psst! Next time you go on a trip don’t forget to grab your hygiene kit. You can find a premium, unisex one on Amazon. It includes everything you need for a basic deodorant, dental floss, wet wipes, and a couple of other essential things. 

4. “Five-second rule”

I am sorry to disappoint you, but there is no such thing as the “five-second rule.” This is probably one of the most popular myths about hygiene that has been circulating forever. And everybody believed that if you dropped a chunk of your food on the floor if you grabbed it immediately, it was still good to eat. Is it really

Several doctors and scientists would argue with you by saying that the only thing you must do is throw your food out if you accidentally drop it on the ground. Don’t eat it! Ground bacteria are vicious and may infect your food very quickly. Regardless of how clean the floor is, never eat food on it! The number of microorganisms on it is something you can never be certain about.

We can agree on the fact that this is another crazy hygiene fact that everybody thought wrong about!

5. Be careful about the food you buy!

The truth is that you can never be sure of the food source you buy. And after seeing so many grocery stores handle food improperly, we don’t even know who to trust anymore. Avoid buying cooked meals from restaurants you don’t know about, or from fast food chains that have cheaper foods than others. In most cases, they sell it cheaper just because it’s about to expire…

Believe it or not, food poisoning is a real and common thing nowadays. Try to be mindful of your food source and buy only from trustworthy local producers.

6. Dry your hands after washing

Another crazy hygiene fact no one knows about is that hand drying is important too! You probably aren’t aware of this, but moist hands spread bacteria at least a thousand times more than dry hands do! Because we think that after washing there is no need to dry them. It’s true since we’re already clean, however, damp hands will carry more germs on them, meaning you will “infect” other people around you too.

Be responsible!

7. Be mindful of the toilet germs

No matter whose toilet you use, the number of germs on your hands will be the same. Even though it may seem obvious to you, you must remember to wash your hands properly after using the restroom. It’s a good practice that will keep you and your loved ones safe!

8. Always wash your hands with soap and water

I guess we are talking about common sense, right? Well, even after the pandemic, there are a lot of people who don’t wash their hands properly. Another crazy hygiene fact is that washing your hands for 1 minute with soap and water can eliminate up to 89% of the bacteria. And a minute it’s not even that long! I bet there are a lot of you who spend more time looking in the mirror in the morning. So including this ritual in your daily routine will bring you nothing but positive things.

Make sure you wash your hands before and after eating, as well as before and after using the restroom.

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9. Electronic devices (including your remote) are far more dangerous than you thought

Repeated use of any of your electronic devices starting with your smartphone might result in a huge accumulation of dirt and germs. And they can be easily transferred to your hands. A recent study revealed a crazy hygiene fact: Around 90,000 people die every year from infections contracted through electronic devices or TV remotes. That’s horrible!

Any gadget that’s used by more than just one or two people can actively transmit Staphylococcus aureus. This is probably one of the worst bacteria, but it could be easily avoided if we cleaned our hands and electronic devices accordingly.

10. Antimicrobial wipes are as effective as soap and water

It’s true that if you want to thoroughly clean your hands, nothing can take the place of soap and water. However, what about using antibacterial hand wipes in an emergency? Do they clean our hands in any way?

Recent research conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic indicates that antimicrobial hand wipes may be used just as safely as soap and water. They were put to the test on a variety of people who had been intentionally exposed to E. coli. The wipes were just as effective as soap at eradicating microorganisms. However, they shouldn’t be used too frequently since the alcohol in them might harm the skin.

Curious about other crazy facts around the country? Check out this interesting article: 11 Interesting Facts About Science That Will Creep You Out!

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