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5 out of 10 Americans Don’t Know These Interesting Facts About the Statue of Liberty!

How many facts about the Statue of Liberty do you know? 

When you hear the words “Statue of Liberty,” everybody immediately imagines the imposing figure that’s standing tall on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. There is no doubt that it is a landmark and a symbol of democracy and freedom that people from the entire world come to see!

However, there are some people (even American citizens) who don’t know that many facts about the Statue of Liberty. Although the statue’s magnificence is undoubtedly remarkable, the legends that surround it add even more intrigue to this American icon.

Let’s examine it more closely and get some information about Lady Liberty.

facts about the statue of liberty
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1. It was a gift from France given to America in 1886

We don’t know how many people know that the Statue of Liberty is actually of French origin. It was given as a gift by the French in 1885 to commemorate their support of each other throughout the American Revolution.

This is one of the nicest facts about the Statue of Liberty because it marks a friendship between two countries, a friendship that would last up to this day.

2. Her spiky hat is a symbol of…

…of the world’s seven seas and seven continents. This is supposed to reflect the notion of freedom that exists everywhere. So it’s not only about having a nice crown and dressing up!

3. The statue is 151 feet tall

Wow! That’s huge indeed! But the interesting thing about the Statue of Liberty is that its height varies depending on how you measure it. The whole height of it without the pedestal up to the torch is around 151 feet.

However, if you include the foundation and the pedestal, our beautiful Statue of Liberty is going to be 305 feet tall. With this impressive height, it has assured its place among the largest monuments in the entire world. No wonder so many tourists want to visit it! This is one of those facts about the Statue of Liberty that leaves everybody with their mouths open.

If you want to reach the top of it and see a stupendous view of New York City, you have to climb 377 steps.

4. The female figure represents Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom

Libertas was the Roman goddess of liberty and freedom. Her name has its roots in the Latin word libertas, which means freedom. In many representations, she is wearing a cap (similar to what the Statue of Liberty has), which is a symbol of freedom and was previously worn by the slaves of the Roman Empire.

Her portrait often served as a symbol of the struggle against tyranny and injustice. She is also venerated by individuals who want to see political and social transformation. Neat!

5. It was made in Egypt

The original idea for the monument was to build a lighthouse in Egypt to honor French efforts in building the Suez Canal. For those who don’t know, the French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi is the man who built the Statue of Liberty.

6. One it served as a lighthouse

We already mentioned the fact that the Statue of Liberty once served as a lighthouse, guiding ships and sailors on their way back home after a long and tiresome trip on the ocean.

Although it was originally planned to include lights inside Lady Liberty’s crown, safety officials were concerned that these lights might dazzle passing ships because of their excessive brightness. The light, though, came from the torch.

Interesting to point out is that the famous Statue of Liberty was the first lighthouse in the United States to be powered by electricity, using a steam electrical plant, while other lighthouses were still lit by kerosene lights. However, its activity as a lighthouse stopped in 1902.

Curious about other interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty? Check out this amazing book. It’s a total heart-to-heart recommendation from the Mind Bending Facts team for every American citizen who wants to know even more about the history of America. 

7. There are 25 windows in the crown

One of the most interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty is that its crown has 25 windows. They stand in for the 25 gemstones that may be found on Earth.
The seven rays on the statue’s crown also stand for the seven continents and seas in the world. In Roman numerals, the tablet the statue is holding in her left-hand says, “July (IV) 4th, (MDCCLXXVI) 1776.”

8. The statue is made of copper

Did you ever wonder why our famous statue has a tint of green? For those who don’t know, you may want to pay close attention to this interesting fact. The famous Statue of Liberty is “wrapped” in a thin layer of copper, as thin as two melted pennies, that surrounds an interior made of cast iron and stainless steel framework.

But due to bad weather, the copper that was initially reddish brown changed color over time. We can agree that green has its patina of time. Among the interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty is the torch.

In 1986, after a restoration, it was coated in gold. It’s good that it’s pretty high up in the sky; otherwise, it would have been gone by now haha! Anyway, nobody (except those who helped with the restoration) has had access to the torch since 1916.

9. Lady Liberty is standing among a broken shackle

Even though people can’t see the feet, the broken shackles at the statue’s feet represent the nation’s progress away from dictatorship and slavery, perhaps indicating the end of a terrible era. In some way, the right foot is traveling in the direction of a more promising future and a new age of freedom!

10. Gustave Eiffel participated in the construction

Gustave Eiffel, who designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris, helped build the interior foundation tower that supports the Statue of Liberty’s head, arms, and exterior in sections in the French engineering factory of Gaget, Gauthier & Co. Can you believe they spent almost nine years putting every piece together?

11. The underwater portion of the statue is…

…closer to New Jersey than New York! Believe it or not, the statue itself dwells in the waters of New Jersey, even if it’s part of the New York City district. And New Jersey authorities never wanted to claim that particular land, so it suffices to say that the Statue of Liberty completely belongs to New York City!

facts about the statue of liberty
Photo by Misti Love from Shutterstock

12. If you plan on visiting the Statue of Liberty make sure you…

…bring a pair of binoculars with you! There are some tiny and interesting things that you may not be able to see with the naked eye. The torch and tablet both include inscriptions with the date of the American Declaration of Independence.

These are the 12 important facts about the Statue of Liberty for every American citizen or person who’s interested in enriching their general knowledge.

Do you know any other things that are important to mention? Tell us in the comments section below.

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