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Future Coastal Flooding Will Be a Nightmare for These 28 Cities

Future Coastal Flooding
Photo by MAX79 at Shutterstock

Have you ever considered how much future coastal flooding could impact our world?

Global warming can be difficult to visualize. If you’re not directly impacted by rising sea levels and future coastal flooding, water shortages, or wildfire ravages, how do you know it’s really happening? It can all seem a little abstract, right?

Well, the truth is that rising ocean waters will completely inundate many coastal land areas by the end of the century, according to data produced by Climate Central, to project annual flood levels better.

With sea levels rising worldwide, several major metropolises are at risk of submerging. But a lot can change between now and then. We could build flood defenses, adapt our cities, and, ideally, our governments could finally take serious action to stop the climate crisis.

But if none of that happens, here are just 28 of the incredible places worldwide that could be underwater in a number of decades if significant steps to prepare for future coastal flooding aren’t taken.

…Hint: Many of the future coastal flooding sites on our list are in the US!

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8 Responses

  1. Amazing that many do not see climate change as what it tells is, nature changing. But that explanation does not allow for taxing and controlling freedoms, which is what the globalists and democrats really want! The positive side to it is that many of today’s youth who are guillible enough to support it will eventually end up working for the collective and realizing reality sucks!

    1. Exactly. Remember our lifespans are short compared to the age of our planet and it has gone through several climate changes.

  2. More than just Louisiana coastal areas, think about Port Arthur, Galveston, and possibly Corpus Christi. The Gulf is coming!

  3. I do Notice a complete disregard of the phenomenon of “Subsidence”, being land settling due to ground water pumping caused by man needing a drink.

    And I also Notice a complete disregard of the phenomenon of “Erosion”, being the washing away of the beaches and coastlines due to Entirely NATURAL action of waves washing away sand and soil.

    But then again this being one of those “Alarmist” articles on Anthroprogenic climate change and only mentioning Subsidence in regard to “Skyscrapers” , I guess it should have been expected.

    But I also Remember from high school a photograph of an Old Buick Car ( new at the time of the photo ) with a guy leaning on the fender, And pointing out the telephone poles in the background and stating that the Tops of the poles (30-40′ above the Car ) were at the original ground level, And The Surface had Settled due to groundwater Pumping for Crop Irrigation of the Napa and San Joaquin valleys, and population Growth in the area is ONLY going to make Subsidence worse.

  4. Manmade Climate change is a fraud.
    Just another way for the global elites to control people for world domination by controling fuel,food,funds and mobility of everyone by the NWO.

  5. I’ve watched the Atlantic Ocean from the beach every day for the last 30 years.
    The tides rise and fall twice a day.
    The tides are very noticeable.
    Every wave, large or small, washes up the sand.
    The waves are very noticeable.
    Whatever few millimeters the ocean level may have risen is dwarfed by the tides and waves is not noticeable.
    Will many coastal land areas be completely inundated by the end of the century?

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