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7 Mind-Blowing Secrets Nobody Knew About Disneyland

What do you think about Disneyland?

Many people assume that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth because it reminds them of their favorite characters they used to watch on TV when they were little, or maybe they’ve read books about them and want to feel like kids again.

When my daughter was little, her favorite character from Disney was the Little Mermaid, and she would watch all the movies with her. Each time we were out and she would see an Ariel doll, she would beg me to get it for her.

You can imagine how happy she was the 1st time we took her to a Disneyland park. She was in a good mood, jumping for happiness while clapping her hands. Disneyland makes me think about these moments with her, especially now that she has kids of her own and can experience these emotions when they grow up.

But as much as I love Disneyland, I started to get more and more curious about it and did a bit of research. I was surprised to discover that there are a couple of pretty weird things about these amusement parks that not everyone knows about. If you like creepy things, this is the article for you! Here are some mind-blowing secrets nobody knew about Disneyland!

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1. You can find human remains

You probably know that there are some religions in which it’s believed that the soul of a person who dies will travel to all the places they used to love while they were alive. When it comes to someone who has lost their life and the family decides to incinerate the body, the ashes are typically scattered someplace where that person used to feel good and happy.

As weird or not as it might sound, many people were so impressed by Disneyland parks that they wished their ashes would be scattered somewhere around the amusement park.

So, are there any human ashes? Yes, and the most popular spots for this are the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean rides. It seems that there were so many cases in which people wanted to dispose of the ashes of their loved ones that cast members had to be trained in order to deal with people when they thought a goodbye process was going on.

2. Some dolls never stop their show

As much as I like spending some time in Disneyland Park and seeing all those beautiful dolls doing their magical shows, I have to admit that I would be afraid to be there alone during the night and see them doing their number.

But this is what happened when the pandemic hit and the staff had to close the parks due to the virus. The Mouselets from Disney Tiktok told the viewers that the World animatronics never stopped their show.

The dolls continue their beautiful dance even when there are no lights or music. So imagine that in 2020, when COVID-19 changed all of our plans, those dolls kept on dancing.

3. Scary rides

If you’re a fan of Disneyland rides, you should know that there were some pretty scary ones a few years ago. For instance, sources say that one of the rides made people so scared that the staff had to close the ride for good, and that happened less than 10 years after the great opening.

The Extraterrestrial Alien Encounter was one of the rides opened in Magic Kingdom in 1995 and terrified the little kids and adults that were brave enough to face the danger.

However, there were many warning signs saying that the ride was going to be scary, but people didn’t listen to them, hence the encounter being closed. Some guests complained that it was such a shame the ride was closed because the special effects were so good that it made the entire experience feel real.

While guests were well strapped to their seats, the lights would go off, and you could feel some hot air on your neck, similar to breathing, or experience some water squirts that felt like sweat drops from the alien. Basically, everyone who loved scary and horror movies was a big fan of this ride, so it’s too bad it doesn’t exist anymore.

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4. Legends about Pirate George

Is it true that people who die transform into ghosts and think about hunting the place where they lost their lives? Maybe yes; you probably know, but some Disneyland legends say that they have a ghost in one of their parks.

Rumors say that many, many years ago, George, a man who worked as a welder on the Walt Disney World version of Pirates of the Caribbean, lost his life. Staff members say that his ghost never left the amusement park, and if you don’t say good morning, George, before the show, the ride might shut down all of a sudden.

What do you think about this story? Do you believe in ghosts? I’m pretty curious to know where you stand on this topic, so let me know in the comments!

5. Human bones?

Another myth that’s very popular among people who live and have fun in Disneyland parks is that there might be some real human bones left in the park. Who isn’t drawn to bizarre things like this? I sure am, so let’s discuss more.

In 1967, when the Pirates of the Caribbean ride opened at Disneyland, all the skeletons that gave people sheers down their backs were actually made of 100% human bones.

Whether people got scared about looking at or touching human bones when they had fun during their ride, staff members say that they decided to stop using real bones on their rides and replaced them with fake ones.

However, some people think that those claims were only made to convince guests that there’s nothing creepy in these Disneyland parks, but is it true? There are some people who believe that there are actually 4 real human bones lying somewhere in the park, 2 on an Island, and the other ones in the bed chamber that is mounted on the headboard.

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6. Mickey Mouse was scary

Is there any kid who wouldn’t want to take a photo with the beloved Mickey Mouse and his precious friend, little Minnie? I don’t think so, and I personally love to have photos with them too.

However, when Disneyland amusement parks were still a new thing, these 2 mascots weren’t exactly looking very friendly and lovely. Maybe the characters weren’t exactly in their final stages, but they succeeded in making some shy kids scared.

Do you know that people are scared of clowns because they try to look friendly but end up seeming scary at the same time? Well, that’s what happened with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but we’re happy that these characters are now lovely and charming.

7. Disneyland River Country is abandoned

The most joyful place on Earth has its own perks too, but some things are pretty weird. There was a ride called River Country, and it only lasted from 1976 until 2001, probably because there were 3 people who died there in the ’80s.

The River Country is now abandoned and looking very sad and ugly, but the weird thing is that people say music is still played over the speakers. Is that true?

There were some guests who tried to discover all the secrets Disneyland was keeping from us, but they were caught and couldn’t go home without the proper punishment. Some of them received a lifelong ban from Disneyland amusement parks, so it might be better to satisfy your curiosity by reading about River Country. Who knows? Maybe they’ll turn it into something beautiful, fun, and safer.

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