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8 Wonders in America You Should Not Miss Visiting

Have YOU visited all these wonders in America?

With how big our beautiful country is, it would be impossible for there NOT to be wonders in America. However, a lot of people forget about all the impressive landmarks our country has, especially since they imagine the wonders of America to maybe rival the original 7 Wonders of the World or the new 7 Wonders of the World when they are quite different yet just as spectacular.

There are a lot of places that could be categorized as part of the wonders of the world, so expecting to only see places of that magnitude will leave people unable to appreciate the true wonders of America and the world!

Sometimes we have to give credit to the amazing places that we could be visiting but could only see in our own country, as the best way to connect to your roots is to understand and appreciate them. Another reason why you should definitely make sure you visit these amazing wonders in America is that more of us do not get to see even one of them in our lifetimes, and if you get the opportunity, you should definitely take it up. What’s more, most of them make for amazing vacation destinations that you are bound to love and make your whole family remember fondly!

From amazing mountain ranges to historic sites, from caves to ancient forests, we have some of the most amazing wonders in America that you definitely should not miss when it comes to planning your next vacation!

Let us know if you have visited any of the sites on our list or which one has definitely made your travel bucket list in the comments!

wonders in america
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Wonders in America: Redwood National Park, California

We cannot start our Wonders of America list with anything else but one of the most impressive forests in the world. Not only is it one of the most popular landmarks when it comes to being able to see these impressive giant trees, but it is a stunning experience that is going to definitely live in your mind forever. You can find the Redwood National Park in California, but contrary to what people think, this impressive forest is actually a collective made up of two Californian State Parks and the National Park that gives the reserve its name.

Established in 1968, this forest is the perfect location to visit if you are a nature lover, as the parks offer multiple tracks that you can hike through while observing the majestic century-old trees. This is one of the wonders of America that is perfect for people who love to camp. As the parks also offer camping areas, if you love to bike and go sightseeing, this is going to be a great place for you too!

There are tons of things to do in this hidden gem in the US, as not many think about coming here, and even if crowded, the 138,999 acres of the parks are more than enough for everyone!

places in the world where you will be able to see redwood trees include Muir Woods and Sequoia National Park, as both locations are home to an impressive number of redwoods.

Wonders in America: Denali National Park, Alaska

Speaking of national parks that can definitely be called both one of the wonders of America and a hidden gem in the U.S., Alaska’s Denali National Park is one such place that you definitely cannot miss. Located in Alaska at the highest point of the North American continent, this National Park is located around Mount McKinley. McKinley in itself is one of the wonders of America, as it is part of one of the largest mountains in the world. When you measure them from their base to the peak and just see them from the base, it is wonderful!

Denali National Park is comprised of 6 million acres of land, which are the home of thousands of species of wildlife and plants. The terrain here is split between tundra, glaciers, and a spruce forest, and if you decide to visit, you should not be surprised if you find paw marks from grizzly bears and wolves or even encounter these wild animals alongside the more peaceful caribous, Dall sheep, or moose (despite moose being known to be a force to reckon with).

Remember that if you run into any of these animals while hiking through the park, you should definitely keep your distance as much as possible. You will be able to comfortably visit this park only in the summer due to the low temperatures, and some of the other activities you will be able to do here include mountaineering, biking, and backpacking, in addition to hiking!

Wonders in America: Niagara Falls, New York

This is one of the wonders of America that most tourists want to see, so it would be a shame if the ones who live in one of the countries that have access to such a wonder did not go to visit it. Despite many people being aware of the three waterfalls that together make Niagara Falls, these hidden gems in the U.S. are not appreciated as much as they should be. There are also a number of facts of which not everyone is aware, and that is where we come in!

Niagara Falls, as we mentioned before, is actually made up of three waterfalls located in the gorge along the border between Canada and the United States. Despite this, only one of the waterfalls is actually on the border between our countries, as the biggest one, Horseshoe Falls, is right on the international border, and that one is considered the Canadian Falls. The other two make up the rest of the wonders in America, as Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls are on American territory.

The space also includes a number of islands, which separate the three waterfalls: Luna Island separates the American Falls from the Bridal Veil Falls, while Goat Island separates the Bridal Veil Falls from the big Horseshoe Falls! This is important to keep in mind, as you may be able to visit the islands too, as they are on American territory.

There are a lot of things to do in the area besides being able to see the waterfalls, as there are nearby towns and historical landmarks. And if you are a fan of scenic drives, you can also take the bridge over the Niagara River, named the Rainbow Bridge!

wonders in america
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Wonders in America: Black Hills, South Dakota

Another one of the wonders of America that is famous even among international tourists is the Black Hills in South Dakota. While most people are in the know about the Southern Hills (as the locals call it, due to it being the home of Mount Rushmore and the memorial), there are many other hidden gems in the U.S. that can be found here and are definitely worth exploring when it comes to visiting this part of the park.

Despite their name, the collection of wonders in America that make up the Black Hills is actually a mountain range that spans about 5,000 square miles and is made up of numerous forests, caves, national parks, and even research sites. As a whole, the Black Hills were considered a holy site by Native Americans, and due to this distinction, the whole region has not been used since the late 20th century for mining or timber; instead, it has been transformed into a tourism and hospitality center.

Besides Mount Rushmore, you can spend a long time exploring the Black Hills and all nature has to offer here, including caves, lakes, monuments, and many more historical sites, as well as fun and interesting research sites such as the world’s largest mammoth research center located in Hot Springs.

At first glance, it may seem like you do not have much to do here aside from hiking and backpacking, but if you look into the area, it is bound to become an amazing vacation stop that will leave you with amazing memories!

If you choose to visit one of these amazing hidden gems in the U.S. and the Black Hills, make sure to get the maps of this place and the trails so that you minimize the chance of getting lost!

Wonders in America: Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns, which are also considered a National Park, is one of the hidden gems of the U.S. that not many people venture to explore, despite the rich history and amazing sites you can find here. Located in the southeast part of New Mexico, the park is located in the Guadalupe Mountains, and the main attraction is indeed the Carlsbad Cavern, and for good reason.

The cave is considered a show-stopping attraction due to having the largest cave chamber in North America, which is called the Big Room. And if this information did not seem impressive to you, consider that the Big Room is big enough to get the 32nd spot in the world’s largest cavern rooms!

Besides the impressive limestone underground chamber, you can also explore the cavern and admire the calcite formations, which are impressive, alongside the Captain’s Reef. Back 250 million years ago, the area was underwater, and part of the reef that formed under there is still present in the cave today.

If you decide to visit, make sure to bring a jacket with you as you cannot know how cold it could be inside the cave, and make a plan: the cave has two entrances, along with an elevator, that make the cave more accessible to enter!

Wonders in America: Death Valley, California

Many would not think of a desert valley as one of the wonders of America, but this should not stop you from coming to visit and experience the Deah Valley in California. Many parts of it are indeed desert, but Death Valley is way more than that, and many people have been visiting the area for years as it has a lot to offer tourists.

Death Valley is one of the hidden gems in the U.S., also due to the fact that it holds both the lowest point in the United States (Badwater Basin, located 282 feet below sea level) and the highest point in the continental United States, which sits at 14,505 feet! Due to its subtropical climate, also known as a hot desert climate, Death Valley also holds the record temperature that has ever been recorded on earth, at 134°F, so if you ever want to visit and you know that you do not do well in really hot weather, we would recommend you not visit in the summer.

Besides the Mojave and Colorado Desert Biosphere Reserve, which Death Valley is a part of, and other mountain ranges in the area, you can also visit some of the numerous ranches in the area, some of the thematically named points of interest (like Hells Gate, Devils Hoole, and Oasis at Death Valley, just to name a few), and even some of the hot springs in the area, just to name some of the attractions in the area that are bound to make your vacation one to remember!

wonders in america
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Wonders in America: Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

We have mentioned earlier the world’s largest mammoth research facility, and given the name of this cave system and national park, you would have thought that the caves would have either been home to some mammoth remains or that there would be something that connects them to the wooly extinct mammal. However, the name comes from how massive the length and width of the passages inside the cave system are; it dates back to when it was first discovered and predates all the new discoveries about just how massive the caves are!

Mammoth Cave is located in Mammoth Cave National Park, which is about 52,830 acres in size. The massive national park holds the name of the cave system due to the fact that this cave system, located in Kentucky, is the longest one in the entire world. And if that does not qualify Mammoth Cave to be one of the wonders of America, we do not know what would!

The formal name of the cave system is the Mammoth-Flint Ridge Cave System, which dates back to 1972 when the connection was discovered. Because of its huge length, more than 426 miles of caves have been explored by scientists!

Part of this amazing cave system can be visited as the National Park Service offers several types of tours, and you can take anyone you would like depending on how adventurous you and your party are: there are artificially lit ones, some more exciting ones that have as their only source of light paraffin lamps that can be held by visitors, and there are also some “wild tours” that can take you away from the developed parts of the caves into dusty tunnels and muddy crawl paths around the caves.

There is definitely a lot to do in this Natural Park and at Mammoth Cave, so keep in mind that depending on what tour you want to take, it can take you anywhere from one hour up to six!

Wonders in America: Mt. Desert Island, Maine

The last of the wonders in America we are going to explore in this article that you should definitely set aside some time to visit has got to be Mount Desert Island, which is located off the coast of Maine. While the name of this location can be quite confusing if you do not know about it beforehand, this is indeed an island, and it can be a great vacation spot, not only part of the wonders of America.

It is indeed one of the wonders of America due to the fact that it is one of the largest islands in the contiguous United States, and the second-largest island is located on the Eastern Seaboard, only being beaten in size by Long Island. Mt. Desert Island is an amazing destination that was once only known for its summer colonies, but everyone can come and spend some time in one of the four towns on the island or in one of the villages on the island.

Besides the funny name, the island gets its name from a French explorer who was impressed by the barren vegetation on the island and called it the Island of Barren Mountains, which in the original French is “L’Isle des Monts-déserts”, so people have just adapted the name as time has gone on. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with sweet treats, but your time spent on this hidden gem in the U.S. is going to definitely be delectable!

The island has a national park with impressive natural sights and an impressive ecology and geology. If you are looking for a place where you can recharge your batteries without having to deal with a lot of tourists, this is definitely one of them!

While these wonders of America are definitely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime, you should be wary of other destinations! Read all about these dangerous places you should never visit here!

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