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The Body After Death: 7 Strange Things It Can Do

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Did you know that muscles in a dead body can MOVE?

We all know that the most certain thing in life is death, and this subject can not only bring sadness but also fear when we talk about it.

Science has not yet been able to tell us what happens to our soul after death, but it has been able to tell us what our body can do after it has died. There are a few fascinating things that sound like they’re straight out of movies, but they are very much true.

It is possible, however, that movies may have drawn inspiration from reality because after learning this information, we were able to connect it with the themes or even certain scenes in movies.

Today, we will present 7 strange things that a corpse can do, along with their explanations. Keep reading to find out more!

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  1. The explanation about the myth that hair and nails still grow after death. You can almost visualize this appearance of hair and nail growth during decomposition.

  2. I worked for a mortician one summer vacation. I was essentially the muscle that helped move the bodies around. Back then, they didn’t have all the modern hoists and lifts. I worked mostly in the afternoon and nighttime when the viewing times were over. Because of the chemicals, we were never alone, for safety reasons. I witnessed many things that were explained as the body that dies in stages. I heard them moan burp fart and move. movement that was never extreme but like legs that moved and feet and arms as well. Because they were covered, the movements were restricted. The job paid well enough and I thought it could be a good place to learn a trade. Then I had to work on a young lady that I knew from school. While I didn’t know her well we were in several classes together where we talked. She was crushed by a car and needed a lot of work. it bothered me a lot. While I did my job and the best I could, I wasn’t able to work on others. It wasn’t the dead themselves that bothered me. it was very personal to work on a friend even if she wasn’t close. it was an experience of a lifetime. and what I was told was funerals are for the living. —- I, Grampa

  3. I truly missed my calling. I’ve been to 3 autopsies, with my high school at the county morgue. I was the bus driver and was invited in. My husband was a deputy at the county courthouse, who I had originally planned on meeting, plans changed. I was very interested in trying to figure out what happened, almost like a puzzle. In the end you’re giving a family a little peace if that’s possible. I don’t believe the coroner’s & the investigators that work diligently along side them get enough credit. So, I thank them. They sure answered the question for us when my mother died.

  4. As a child growing up in an environment where it wasn’t uncommon to see a dead body. My grandmother was a midwife and used her other gifts to heal people. I remember seeing the hair on head’s that were bald at their expiration time. I also worked in a funeral home where so many bodies had to be laid out. Yes, I have heard and seeing many things and shared with others who that I was so weird or lying. Now, thanks to your article I knew what I saw and heard did happening. Of course, being a child my mother had me put on medications thinking I was mentally unstable. Needless to say I was perfectly normal and still am at 67. Anyway, I am thankful to see this article to read.

  5. 1. The stomach still digesting! You would think everything stops.
    2. Erection. Didn’t realize the blood flow would accumulate.
    3. Fluctuating! I guess air does need to get expelled somehow.
    All this was very interesting!

  6. Fascinating. Because death happens to everyone, we should all be aware of these post death phenomena.

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