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These 5 Shocking Heart Failure Facts Can Change Your Health After 50

Have you ever heard these shocking heart failure facts?

With so many myths and stereotypes about heart failure, it is no wonder that these shocking heart failure facts end up leaving people in awe. And while you may be expecting to see a list of some of the more sad and pessimistic facts about this disease, we will have to disappoint you! Sometimes the most shocking heart failure facts are the ones that deal with the good side of things since most people expect to hear the worst when it comes to heart diseases.

While there are obvious drawbacks when it comes to any kind of disease, especially heart disease, we should not fall prey to all the myths and stereotypes that have occurred over the years. Here at Mind-Bending Facts, we care only for the facts, and it is our job to dispel all the myths and bring you the truth about what it means to have heart failure!

Keep on reading to find out the shocking heart failure facts many have a hard time believing.

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shocking heart failure facts
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Heart failure fact: It’s not always because you had a heart attack.

A lot of people believe that you get heart failure because you have suffered a heart attack. But the reality is different, as even the most common causes of heart failure include way more causes than just a plain old heart attack.

Heart failure can be brought on by a heart attack, alongside issues such as high blood pressure, cardiomyopathy (which is a disease that affects the heart muscle), and problems with the valves of the heart as the most common ones. Other causes that are less known include the likes of congenital heart issues (meaning you were born with them), infections of the heart muscle, and even if you have an arrhythmia (an abnormal heart rhythm).

One of the most shocking facts about heart failure is that you don’t always know how you got it. So do not assume everyone has suffered a heart attack if they are diagnosed with this disease!

Heart failure fact: Treatments are effective.

Back a couple of decades ago, it may have been the case that there were problems in treating heart failure, but medicine has advanced over the years, and there are ways in which you can improve the quality of life if you stick to your treatment. It should not be a heart failure fact that you can easily live a good life despite your condition if you are taking adequate treatment.

There are a few types of medicine that you can take so that you can improve your symptoms and make them more manageable, while also keeping them from advancing and making you feel worse.

The most common ones that are prescribed nowadays include diuretics, which will make sure that you eliminate all excess water from your system, which in turn will reduce the swelling of your members and calm down your shortness of breath, alongside ACE inhibitors, which are going to relax your arteries so that your heart will not have as much of a hard time pumping blood. Your doctor may be changing and adjusting your drug treatment as they see fit and according to your needs.

If your condition is advanced, you may also have to get an ICD implant or a pacemaker in order to help your heart function correctly, in addition to any medicines. In the worst cases, you may have to undergo a heart transplant.

If your condition is caused by another disease, such as congenital heart issues, you can also undergo surgery to treat those. However, this does not mean that you will cure heart failure; it will just ensure that your condition is more manageable and boost your quality of life!

Heart failure fact: You can easily manage it and your symptoms.

Yes, those shocking heart failure facts that talk about living a fulfilled life and being able to manage your symptoms are actually true! While medication and other medical solutions will definitely be handy, there are other steps you can take in order to ensure that you will be able to have as high a quality of life as possible.

Not only can you prevent the advancement of heart failure by making some lifestyle changes, but you can also prevent other diseases and improve your general health by making some changes and truly taking control of your condition. Some of the most common ones you have heard of include quitting smoking and limiting your alcohol intake, along with the amount of salt you use when cooking and eating.

Other easy lifestyle changes include:

  • keeping hydrated;
  • maintaining an active lifestyle;
  • controlling your blood pressure;
  • weighing yourself to make sure you maintain a healthy weight;
  • making sure you eat right.

Since you can easily improve your heart health by keeping to a healthy diet, we recommend you purchase The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook from Amazon, which will teach you how to make delicious and healthy meals adequate for your condition!

shocking heart failure facts
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Heart failure fact: It will not stop you from living as you did before.

This heart failure fact is surprising to some, but since we have talked about lifestyle, we need to hit on this topic as well. Living with heart failure does not mean that you have to give up your hobbies or your workplace, refrain from going on vacation, or even be intimate with your partner. These are all myths, as everyone’s condition is different, and together with your doctor, nurse, medical team, and even rehab team, you can definitely get advice and support when it comes to everyday activities.

This is not to say that you can ignore the fact that you have heart failure, but rather that you need to make some adjustments when you have to do some activities. Let’s take going on vacation for example you may have to refrain from going to a too-hot or cold destination and your accommodation is accessible with less strenuous activities, but otherwise, there is nothing that stops you from enjoying your vacation!

Likewise, if you’re working, you may have to adjust your hours so that you do not exacerbate your symptoms, but you can easily talk to your employer about it and see the options available for you. If your job requires a lot of physical labor, you may have to change it due to your heart condition.

Heart failure fact: It does not mean your heart stopped working.

One of the shocking facts about heart failure is the simple fact that your heart does not actually stop working. A lot of people get scared by the name of this condition and expect the heart to simply stop functioning, but in reality, it means that it is just not working at full capacity.

Your heart may have issues pumping the blood properly through your body, and your kidneys may be retaining water and salt. This is the reason why people who live with this condition suffer from swollen arms and legs and even see it happen around their stomach area, along with excess water weight gain and shortness of breath if the water gathers in the lungs.

Since it is a long-term condition, it does not mean that your heart stopped working, but rather that it needs medication and potentially other extra help in order to function properly. And as long as you manage your condition well, are careful, and take your medicine, you can live a perfectly normal life!

You can easily manage this disease and live a long and fulfilling life, so keep in mind these shocking heart failure facts and do not listen to all the stereotypes around you. Since we’re sure you will want to get to live to 100, get all the mind-bending facts about how you can live longer here!

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