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Pandemic Life: 6 Ridiculous Things That Were NORMAL During COVID-19

What do you think about the pandemic life?

What we thought that would’ve been a fantastic year, proved to be the most dramatic one we’ve ever experienced. 2020 was not the greatest one for any of us, with many months staying in lockdown, not being able to meet with our friends and hug them, and coming up with different things to do at home.

Besides that, I’m pretty sure that none of us miss the times when we had to wear face masks each time we had to go food shopping or out for a walk. However, while it was a bit hard at first, it became a normality in our pandemic life, just like you’d put your keys, wallet, and smartphone in your bag after a while.

The pandemic life taught us many things and it changed the way we looked at things. With that being said, in today’s article, we will talk about all those pretty weird things that were considered normal during our pandemic life. Do you want to go down the COVID-19 memory lane? Then keep reading!

pandemic life
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1. Special face masks

One of the mandatory accessories throughout this new pandemic life was a face mask. Nobody could leave their home without having a face mask in their pocket or bag. If you were in a public place, a face mask was a must-have, but if you couldn’t have a proper one, some people got creative and decided to make their own.

I saw citizens wearing plastic bags over their heads with tiny holes for their eyes, or I saw girls wearing plastic visors because they didn’t want to ruin their makeup. Another face mask alternative was wearing a big scarf over your mouth and nose, but that’s not that crazy since we sometimes do that in the winter, right?

2. Pubs and restaurants

I remember that my new pandemic life had a major impact on my entertainment activities too. I can’t say that I used to be the kind of person who was always at restaurants or pubs anyway, but when they were closed and nobody was allowed in, I started to miss those rare experiences.

But when they were opened again, we weren’t able to have as much fun as we used to. I remember that when I first went out with my partner, we had to leave a pub at midnight because that was their new schedule. Nobody wanted to go home, and the pub was extremely busy, and the bodyguard almost had to beg the people to go home because everybody was trying to convince them to keep it open for an extra half an hour.

So yes, during those years of our new pandemic life, we had to get used to getting home early from pubs and restaurants because having fun in the city was no longer an option.

What was your experience with this one? In my case, my son was the most affected because he couldn’t go out with his classmates. So you can guess that in your family, the pandemic life we had to adjust to wasn’t exactly the nicest one.

The pandemic life—was it a hit or a miss for you?

pandemic life
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3. TV shows and social distancing

We weren’t the only ones who had to adjust to our new pandemic lives. TV hosts had to go through the same situation too, and there were many shows on TV in which we saw a host in the studio while the other host was at home, transmitting via Zoom.

Besides that, there were some TV shows that typically had a huge audience, which made things more real and funnier, but during the pandemic, there was no one in the crowd. And interviews weren’t face-to-face anymore, but only on Zoom. It was a bit weird at first, but after a couple of weeks, it seemed that it was always like that.

4. Our sleeping patterns

Oh well, this was definitely one of the things that gave us a couple of problems. At first, those days felt like a holiday because employers who asked their staff to come to the office every day didn’t exactly know how to transition. Students had the impression that it was a holiday because teachers and professors were also surprised by the lockdown and had no idea how to react, and everyone was panicked while enjoying a bit of time off.

However, what seemed like a vacation at first immediately became a period of uncertainty that didn’t put us in a good mood but made us feel hopeless and scared for the safety of the people we loved. So everyone found their own way to cope with the virus and with the idea of adapting to their new pandemic life.

The days and nights weren’t as easy to spot as they used to be because we were all home. We watched all the shows possible, not thinking that we had to wake up early and tackle our to-do lists. We also didn’t immediately jump to bed to have a good night’s sleep because there was no need to rush in the morning. So yes, our sleeping patterns weren’t the same, and the pandemic had a major impact on that.

Do you remember any other things you had to adjust to when it comes to the pandemic life? Leave a comment down below and let us know what were your favorite and your least favorite things about the pandemic life because I’m sure you have many things to say!

pandemic life
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5. Working from home

I know, I know, working from home wasn’t exactly a thing that started when the pandemic hit, but let’s face it: more and more companies started to allow their employees to work remotely when they saw that the virus wasn’t ready to go anywhere anytime soon.

While it was interesting to adapt to this new pandemic life and work from the comfort of your own bed, not having to iron your shirt for work every day or change out of your comfy PJs, it was challenging to find a balance between your work life and your personal one. At least for me, it was, because I was used to coming to work every single day.

Did you have to go through this experience? And which do you think is more exciting: working from the office or doing your job remotely? If you work from home or have some projects that you want to tackle, here’s a good and comfy chair for you!

6. Zoom calls and meetings

How active were you on Zoom before the marvelous pandemic life we all had to adjust to? When the pandemic hit, my son was in his last year of college, and he couldn’t go to classes anymore. He was glad at first, but after a while, he kept complaining that the Zoom platform wasn’t exactly his cup of tea, and he was sick of it.

For me, honestly, it took a while to get used to my new pandemic life, and talking to all my colleagues on Zoom every week wasn’t as fun as it was when we were in the same office. Those who invented Zoom surely profited from all this chaos because they received millions of dollars from all those people who used the platform during their pandemic lives.

Was there a domain in which a Zoom meeting wasn’t mandatory? I think the majority of people used it for school, work, leisure, meetings, online parties, and so many other things.

I used to have coffee with my friends while sitting in front of a camera, chit-chatting, and spending some time together because those Sunday morning brunches weren’t a part of our pandemic lives. What about you? Were you a loyal Zoom user?

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