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Take a Look Inside the 5 Most Insane Celebrity Homes of All Time

Let’s take a look inside the most gorgeous celebrity homes that ever existed!

Celebrity homes are something else, and they’ll surely make many of us jealous—at least this is what happened to me when I first saw the places where they live.

We know that famous people have access to many things thanks to their flourishing and impressive careers, such as designer outfits and accessories, the best tables at the best restaurants ever, fantastic stylists, and, of course, great home decor objects.

Speaking of these special things that regular people might not have access to, the celebrity homes we’re going to talk about soon are incredible.

These people don’t live in tiny houses or 1-2-bedroom apartments like many people in the country, but they spend most of their days in mansions (that’s why it was so easy for them to face the pandemic). When you have a house that’s bigger than an entire village, it’s quite understandable that you don’t miss being outside.

However, let’s leave the pandemic behind because it wasn’t a pleasant time for many of us, and let’s talk about these celebrity homes because they’re out of this world, trust me!

celebrity homes
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1. Céline Dion

If fantastic singer Céline Dion were to invite you inside her fabulous former home, you’d probably think that her beach home in Jupiter Island Estate, Florida, was a bit crazy, but not too much.

However, things completely changed when you went to her backyard because you felt like you were on vacation because she had a waterpark in there. We’re talking about celebrity homes here, so they’re supposed to be a little extravagant.

The singer and René Angélil, who unfortunately is no longer with us, finished their impressive home in 2010 but decided to put it on the market in 2014 for a huge price of $72.5 million. Maybe there was no buyer who was interested in spending that much money because the property was eventually sold for half that amount—$38.5 million.

The place was gorgeous and a total dream to live in! Just imagine that you had a beautiful white house on the beach, facing the ocean, and a pool that was big enough to swim with the entire city, a smaller pool, a swim-up bar, two funny and big water slides, a huge water-dumping bucket, and also a lazy river circling a central island, which includes an in-ground trampoline.

I don’t know what you think about this property, but I think we’re off to a good start with these celebrity homes!

2. Drake

The popular “God’s Plan” singer surely put all of his trust and confidence in God when he manifested his dream property. The fantastic star saw a photo of his gorgeous mansion in Hidden Hills, California, and he was so impressed by the property that he kept the image on his desktop before he actually managed to buy it in 2012.

The property is huge, and it has a large pool, a couple of waterfalls, and a circular and comfy bed that surrounds a fire pit. I would surely want to live in one of these celebrity homes, but I can’t afford to pay $7.7 million for it, just as much as Drake paid for his mansion.

The interior of his opulent home isn’t as crazy as the one that is on his Toronto property, but it still has some elements that seem a bit ridiculous to ordinary people. For instance, there are many life-size sculptures of bathing women (something you’ll see just in these celebrity homes), many levels of massive waterfalls, and his torch-lit grottos are pretty uncommon too.

These things might seem weird, but they’re celebrity homes, right? I wouldn’t expect all of them to have completely normal properties, because that makes their lives funnier and more sophisticated.

celebrity homes
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3. John Travolta

Okay, this is another one of these celebrity homes that seem hard to believe are real, but pictures don’t lie. You know that besides being a fantastic actor, John Travolta is also an incredible pilot, and the “Grease” celeb loves his second job so much that his property looks like an airport.

Many stars seem so eccentric that they no longer want cars but prefer airplanes. But is there someone who can say that they park their job in their driveway? Well, John Travolta surely can say that.

His property is wonderful and looks like a small and cute airport, and the entire design is complete with a control tower, which makes the scene seem like it’s straight out of a movie set.

The huge property is located in Jumbolair, near Ocala, Florida, and that localization allowed him to park his beloved 150-foot-long Boeing 707 right outside his front door, which is pretty crazy and exciting at the same time, if we’re honest.

However, the celeb donated his fabulous 707 to an aviation museum in Australia, but his one-of-a-kind celebrity home still has enough parking spots for two big planes, as well as an aviation-themed decor and a large and relaxing pool.

These celebrity homes are pretty cool, don’t you think?

If you want to watch a movie this week, I recommend you watch “Grease” again because it’s one of the most popular movies that were ever made. You can find it here on Amazon for a decent price!

4. Naomi Campbell

OK, these celebrity homes might seem like they’re the real deal, and they truly are, but some of these Hollywood lives are the subject of much fake news. For instance, there was once a rumor about supermodel Naomi Campbell’s house, saying that she wanted to have an ecological home that was in the shape of an eye (the Eye of Horus), but that actually doesn’t exist.

However, the supermodel still has a home that looks fabulous and is something special, and we’re here to tell you all about it. Since there are already celebrity homes that look like spaceships or airports, she went a step further and combined these two designs.

Sources say that the one who came up with this incredible idea was actually her ex-boyfriend, real estate developer Vladislav Doronin, and the property was under construction the entire time they were a couple.

The one who turned the vision into reality was fabulous and genius architect Zaha Hadid, who unfortunately is no longer with us, and it was the only private home that she’s ever designed.

That beautiful house has 28,000 square feet, was built in the woodlands west of Moscow, took 12 years to be completed, and cost no less than $140 million. Well, it seems like Naomi didn’t want to live in a spaceship or airplane after all, because she sold the house for $100 million. Would you like to live in any of these celebrity homes?

5. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is another star who impressed the Internet with this opulent home. Well, I told you that these celebrity homes are something else, and I didn’t lie. The actor is known for starring in some of the most popular cinematographic productions, such as “Valley Girl”, “Vampire’s Kiss”, and “Peggy Sue Got Married”.

Mr. Cage is definitely not known for his subtle lifestyle or career, and that also applies to his taste in decor. The place he lives in is a 12,000-square-foot mansion located in Bel Air, and it impressed people with many of his decor items, such as samurai armor and dragon statues.

In 2010, his incredible mansion went into foreclosure when the star was pretty much in debt and no one was there for him to buy it for the $10.4 million price tag, discounted from the initial price of $35 million.

What do you think about these people and their crazy celebrity homes? Which one of these stories do you think is the most bizarre? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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