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7 Most Shocking and Extreme Body Modifications You’ll Ever See

Have you ever seen any extreme body modifications?

People from Hollywood or those who hope that one day they will become Hollywood stars are known for shocking their fans with different things, whether it’s things they do to advance in their careers, the people they choose to date, the outfits they wear on the red carpet, or some extreme body modifications they do.

Yes, you’ve read that right. When we say extreme body modifications, we don’t mean significant weight loss or weight gain that actors typically need to give life to a character; we mean plastic surgeries that are shocking.

Of course, everybody has the power to choose what they want to do to their bodies, but sometimes, to be famous and for everybody to know their name, some people decide to leave reality behind and go for their wildest and craziest dreams.

Some of the individuals we’re going to talk about in today’s article wanted to look like their favorite characters, such as Superman or Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend, or wanted to break some records, such as being the girl with the biggest b**ty on the planet.

They succeeded, so let’s discover their stories together! Are you ready? Mind-Bending Facts Presents You: 7 Most Extreme Body Modifications You’ll Ever See!

extreme body modifications
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1. Rodrigo Alves

Does the name Rodrigo Alves ring a bell to you? Probably yes, because the TV personality went to more than 50 television shows in over 30 countries to share his story about how he wanted to become a human Ken doll.

In order to achieve his dream, he went under the knife and had no fewer than 50 plastic surgeries. Those surely are some extreme body modifications, but hey, he received what he wanted, right?

However, Mrs. Rodrigo got bored of his masculine look, and he tried to change his appearance again. This time, he became a woman with just as extravagant a fashion sense as he was popular for.

But now, the name Rodrigo is long gone, and the Brazilian-British television personality goes by the name Jessica. During a couple of interviews, the public figure said that she had a hard time discovering herself, and although she tried her best to be a man, she couldn’t, and she had to suffer some extreme body modifications to figure that out.

What can we say? We hope that now she’s happy and knows who she is!

2. Natasha Crown

Natasha Crown is another popular figure who suffered some extreme body modifications in order to be known throughout the entire world for her appearance. She wanted to become the girl with the biggest b**y on the planet, so she went to a couple of doctors to achieve the look she was aiming for.

The result? Around 6 Brazilian b**t lifts to achieve some glute muscles that are around 85 inches. She had her first plastic surgery when she was only 20 years old, and she liked the result, so she wanted more.

Nowadays, her posterior isn’t the only one that went under the knife, because she also had some work done on her lips, on her br**st, and on her nose. What do you think about her appearance?

3. Bryan Ray

Would you like to look exactly like Britney Spears? There are a few people who would love to look like the beautiful pop star, but the majority of them go for different makeup looks and outfits to achieve their desire.

However, Bryan Ray decided to take it a step further and go under the knife for his beauty goal. He suffered many extreme body modifications to be the next Britney Spears of his generation, and he had more than 90 plastic surgeries for that.

During an interview for the glossy magazine Cosmopolitan, Bryan Ray stated that his extreme body modification cost him around $80,000, which included a nose job, laser hair removal, getting veneers, regular Botox injections, lip fillers, and also fat injections in his pretty cheeks.

But that was not all, because the most extreme body modification he went through was changing his gender so he could really be just like his favorite celeb. What do you think about this story?

extreme body modifications
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4. Herbert Chavez

Some people love celebrities, and some people love superheroes. Do you know that when kids are little, sometimes their parents tell them to be like superheroes—strong but capable of anything, even if they’re sensitive and things go wrong? Well, some people take that literally, and this was exactly the case with a man named Herbert Chavez.

He loved Superman so much that he didn’t stop trying to have superhero behavior, but he actually went under the knife and suffered different extreme body modifications to achieve the same look.

He said during an interview that he wanted to be known by people as the “Man of Plastic,” and he surely is, because Mrs. Chavez has undergone over 20 plastic surgeries, including a special procedure to sculpt the perfect toned abs. What can we say? Extreme passions mean extreme body modifications.

His passion for Superman is bigger than that, and he also entered the Guinness Book of Records for owning the biggest collection of Superman memorabilia on the globe with—brace yourself—more than 1200 verified items. Can you believe that?

5. Vinny Ohh

You already know that gender is a topic that’s very popular nowadays, and many people talk about how gender should be inclusive because everyone’s a human being and society shouldn’t be gendered.

A man named Vinny Ohh took this a step further and decided to turn himself into a genderless alien. His first plastic surgery was a nose job, and the total of his extreme body modifications was 110 procedures and 3 surgeries.

Mr. Ohh said that he worked in the esthetics department for roughly 12 years, so we can say that he has some experience when it comes to the surgery world. Moreover, he also worked as a makeup artist, so those pretty impressive looks prove that he has some experience.

6. Pixee Fox

Would you go through extreme body modifications just so you could achieve the perfect physical look? Because a woman named Pixee Fox did that. It seems like her fitness journey didn’t work out as she wanted by just being active and eating healthy, so she went under the knife to achieve her desired look.

Pixee Fox was inspired by the popular character from the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”: Jessica Rabbit, and she removed six of her ribs to have a teeny-tiny waist. But those weren’t the only plastic surgeries she had; she also had four nose jobs, a couple of br**st augmentations, liposuction, a jaw reconstruction, and a special surgery to make her ears look more elvish.

7. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein is another woman who wanted to have a perfect body and appearance, so she suffered multiple extreme modifications to achieve her desired look. When journalists asked her what the reason was for changing her physical appearance so much, she stated that she wanted to look more like a feline.

Believe it or not, the Swiss-born socialite spent a lot of money on plastic surgeries, and it was reported that the money she paid to achieve the look she wanted was around $2 million. Alex Wildenstein, her former husband, said during an interview that Jocelyn had a weird tendency to get work done.

He reported that he told her to stop with those extreme body modifications because her face wasn’t a piece of furniture that she could just change whenever she wanted, but she didn’t listen.

If you’re interested in extreme body modifications, but don’t want to do it with the help of plastic surgeries, I recommend a couple of physical exercises for you to try to achieve the look that you want! Check it out here!

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