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10 Shocking Facts About Hitler That You Had No Idea About

facts about Hitler
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Facts about Hitler – how well do you think you know the Nazi dictator?

When it comes to the many atrocities that Adolf Hitler committed throughout his life, everyone knows these facts about Hitler. He was the one responsible for killing no less than 6 million Jewish people during the Holocaust and even more civilians during World War II.

Even though the Nazi dictator is one of the most documented politicians in history, there are a couple of details not many people know about. But you will if you read this article.

I was always passionate about history and about knowing more about people who made their mark on the world (in a good way or a bad way; it doesn’t matter; it’s still history), and the Nazi dictator was one of the personalities that surprised me the most. And I’m pretty sure he will do the same to you.

Without further ado, here are some facts about Hitler you’ve never heard of:

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  1. I read Mein Kampf ? because I wanted to know the thinkings of his neurotic mind. Didn’t agree with his politics or occultism. Just need to find out things by myself , not listen to others opinions. He also admired Christianity because of the way it was spread by the sword. (Constantine)

    1. I read Mein Kamph too. I was wondering why anyone would want to rule the world. Thought possibly it would give me a clue.

    2. I have no doubt his motives in life were primarily greed. He wanted everything of value to himself. What better way than to be ruler of all? He took all the wealth and art he could get his hands on. He hid it all away and much of it is still missing even now. Possibly killed himself not only to avoid being tortured himself, but to keep the secrets of where these treasures were being hidden. Nothing would surprise me about how sick this man was. Makes me sick knowing he still has followers today. So much hate… So senseless!

  2. He was sick and evil man and unfortunately we have a lot of people like that Follow the same thoughts and aspirations of this evil man

  3. I knew most of these I love history, and I’ve always been interested in Hitler since I toured Dachau. I would love to see a second part of that.

      1. Taz , You really must come out from momma’s basement. IF you dared to read , you would choose a real leader , who actually did something for a change, you know WORK, unlike Kamala who could ONLY get a job by having sex with Willy Brown. LOOK and her record in San Francisco. Laughable. Biden? STOLE his friends wife, divorced his , and married old Jill. Hunter? Drug addict , and couldn’t get a real job without daddy, who NEVER had a job outside of the Government. Yeah , you really can pick them can’t you. You may go back to sleep.

  4. TO much of it sounds like a description of someone today here in USA.
    Hope his wife and kids are aware of how Hitler ended and take precautions

    1. There is someone extremely like him in Palestine the Israel prime minster in one month he killed over 35,000 people most of them kids and babies.

    2. Yeah you are correct. That would be all the democrats in power right now. Socialism is their game just like was hitlers. Hopefully Donald Trump will save our country from them.

  5. Hitler was extremely paranoid due mainly to his addiction to methamphetamine and cocaine. His trusty doctor, Theodor Morell, kept Hitler jacked up on speed for the entire duration of the war. Hitler also had it given to the troops so they would continue fighting with no sleep.

  6. Actually these facts are a little disappointing. I was expecting to get into his childhood and why such a hatred for Jews. He thought they were inferior and other people too, like gypsies. But where did all the hatred come from. Did he hate himself?

  7. I have a BA and MA Fine Arts Studio, and have studied Hitler’s ouevre/works. He was rejected bcz he couldn’t paint the human form particularly well, and showed no skill in portraiture. Overall, his forms appear stunted (disproportionately smaller than normal) and were uniformly sullen. In retrospect, these characteristics clearly reflected his personality/personality defects. The Viennese Academy was correct in rejecting him and his obviously limited talent/artistic insight. I wonder how many of them wound-up in concentration camps …

  8. well then , this whole Hitler thing can be the fault of the Art school people who turned him away. History would have been changed if they only would have let him into Art School.

    1. Hitler reminds me of Ted Bundy (serial killer) in a way. Hitler was rightfully not admitted into the art academy. Ted Bundy was kicked out of Sunday school for his behavior. What would have happened to the world if Hitler had been allowed into the academy? If Ted Bundy would have learned to love his fellow man, that would have been a difference in his life too. That is a lesson for all of us as we see the secularizing of our society and the spoken hatred and division in our society. Look at the crime wave and the bitter rancor, lots of folks never went to Sunday school.

      1. A number of years ago I read a Sci-Fi collection of short alternate history stories. In one of them, Hitler was accepted at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. His style and skill improved to the point where he started doing comic books. His father survived and they moved to the United States where he ended up becoming the creator of Superman. This version of the Ubermensch was a little less nasty than in our timeline.

      2. Hitler had the traits of being racsist,totally narcissistic,wanted to be the dictator of the world.could never accept or admit failure in any way.trusted no one but himself.very flamboyant yet the 2nd biggest liar in history.he could be returning to our time as Donald trump.think about it.every word here is truth.what is wrong with America,bring back Kennedy, Reagan,Roosevelt,Truman.this country is fallen and only getting say I have an answer I’d wind up jailed.god help america

    2. Lol exactly 😂 that’s what I was thinking, people making excuses like his doctor having him on drugs along with the military being doped up.

    1. His escape to South America seems correct to me. One witness on a TV series spoke of seeing him there. The FBI was looking for him there for many years. Last I knew Eva Braun was still alive at 97 years of age and did not want anything about their lives to come out until she died.
      Add this fact to the discussion – If his place was taken by a double, the last person that the Nazis wanted to have around was the doctor that (mis)treated him for many years. Guess what? Dr. Morrell made an entry into his diary as the war was coming to an end. It simply said, “Dismissed”.

  9. I love reading facts about Hitler. He was a crazy evil person, but intrigued to read more about him. Keep up the facts about him.

  10. Makes him appear more human. But he. Gave the orders for mass murder. What makes a paranoid schizophrenic man? I don’t know?? I was married to one. For a while. There is no ryme or reason for there. Actions.

  11. My understanding is that Hitler was a very accomplished landscape artist, but not very good at portrait art. He likely could have been accepted at a number of art academies, but was rejected by the prestigious Vienna Art School.

  12. Very interesting and educational for someone like me who grew up in the 1930’s.
    History is interesting to me.

  13. Saturday, 11 November 2023

    Thank you sharing some interesting details about Adolf Hitler, Anna. I have always wondered about his alliance with Italy and Japan. If he had been more successful in Europe, would he have also confronted Japan for its territories? Would he have confronted China, which was only beginning its Counter Cultural Revolution? Would he have ventured against the United States when it was beginning to get out of a great economic depression?

    Thank you for your attention, Anna,

    Mr. Ruben Dario G.
    Chicago IL

    1. Because Donald Trump fight or those who have been trafficked? Because he protects our country from drug and human traffickers?

    2. You need, like the other Trump-haters, to put down the rock and cast the first stone at your own ivory tower!

    3. Silly twit. Go back to your momma’s basement and sleep some more. Allow adults to run things. Oh, Obama has FOOD TASTERs also. So what think you of THAT , darlin’???

  14. He also had a car built for Eva Bruan that would run on gas or diesel fuel and springs on it that would raise or lower the car and a transmission that had two set of gears in it.

  15. These were interesting facts and answered a lot of questions I had about Hitler’s life. I would definitely like to read a part 2 of these facts about him.

  16. A part II would be interesting , I knew some of these things about Hitler but others are new . Having been a history major during my collage years I became interested in the events leading to WWII and Hitlers rise .
    One of the things I came to believe that yes he was evil , but also clearly a brilliant individual . However like so many brilliant individuals he was very close to being insane and some events in his life , his rejection to art school , his experiences in WWI and Germanys final surrender and world sanctions and humiliation pushed the little Bavarian Corperal over the line to megalomania and insanity .
    In many ways he reminds me of many of our politicians of today .Those who spend a life in politics and lusting for the power and control of others .

  17. quite a controversy as to him dying in that bunker, autopsy revealed the corpse was female and no sign of poisoning. many say n saw the German dictator and other high ranking officers de-boarding a submarine some 6 mos after his reported death in the bunker. there were many credible sightings in the years after the war in Argentina. personally i feel Hitler was too big a chicken shit to kill himself. Years later a bunker style lavish dwelling was found in the Argentine, jungle reporting much Nazi influence.

    a side note there is said to have been tunnels leading from bunker area to the sea.

  18. Obama has food tasters, so , is He “Hitleriske”?
    Obama is a “Socialist” ala Hitler.
    Guess who else is ameglamaniac?

    1. Oh, please. This is about one man. Don’t try to discredit a man you disagree with. by making up absurd connections.

    2. Pure racism- your quote! Anyone can see through it. Trump is Hitler reincarnated! Are you a Trumpadite or just racist?

  19. I studied art in the 60’s. My teacher claimed that he went to the art school where Hitler tried to be admitted. Hitler failed admission because he could not draw human faces. My teacher also recalled that Jews dismissed him and Jewish girls rejected him, disrespecting him for his looks and lack of talent.

  20. The only thing I didn’t know was that his family doctor was Jewish. It’s not surprising that the doctor was a real good human being…not just because he was a doctor. It’s because he was Jewish. Our ethics originated humanity towards each other. Maybe the world will finally see why Hamas is hiding behind their own people whom they care nothing about. Hitler was a beast that nature never created. Unfortunately, there are too many beasts in human form, including in U.S., that thinking people should never follow.
    P.S. Gestapo recruits were given German schepperd puppies to bond with during training. Upon completion they were ordered to kill their dogs to instill fear and hatred. Cruelty was trained into them. A lot of it was born in Hitler’s mind.

  21. Well there’s a maniacal leader in China who has the same ideas and motivations and mentality as Hitler. And of course we buy everything made in China because nothing is made in America anymore. Thank you corporate greedy management.

  22. I have read a lot of articles about how Hitler didnt commit suicide and escaped to South America. An egomaniac like that could not have kept himself under wraps for years the way the other escaped Nazi officers did.

  23. Hitler was a monster! Some reports on his background states that he was Jewish and because his father a Jew rejected him is the reason why he hates Jews. Seems that someone who accuses someone of crimes and mistreatment is the one who is guilty of committing these actions! These people have no self esteem and want all to give him undisputed power to elevate themselves!

  24. The Roman Catholic Church made over 100,000 passports for Nazi criminals to flee to South America. I met some of them in the 1960s. A concordant was signed by the one who later became Pope Pius XII, (read “The rise of the fourth Reich). The concordant was an agreement between Hitler and the church, that he would not attack Rome)

  25. Dear Pamela………The CR EATOR OF ALL, GOD or other name given to GOD it is too a complexed subject to be understood by all the humans , considering we uses our falible material senses, imperfect as they are to understand the DIVINE. Lets start trying to “understand what INFINITY IS……” IS IT POSSIBLE ???……At the LIBRARY OF OUR CONGRESS IN WASHINGTON DC THERE IS A ROOM DEDICATED TO EINSTEIN, WERE ANY BODY CAN READ HIS LAST ESAYES.

  26. Here aer some facts about Hitler and Nazis that are relatively unknown or perhaps suppressed by Progressives.
    The foremost Palestinian leader of the time, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini was a Palestinian Arab nationalist and Muslim leader in Mandatory Palestine. He was also a fervent Nazi. He admired Hitler especially due to his treatment of the Jewish people. He spent most of the war years in Germany making speeches in Arabic to the Middle East over a very powerful Nazi broadcasting station encouraging the killing of Jews. Also he actually convinced German leaders not to trade German POWs for Jewish children. He argued that Germany had a far greater responsibility to gas the children than save German prisoners of war. The Mufti won the argument! The children went to the Death Camps and were killed. A real Palestinian hero. He was arrested as a war criminal but ‘miraculously’ escaped to Egypt where he plotted the assassinations of moderate Arab leaders who were not opposed to Israel statehood. He died in 1974 so he was able to see Israel defeat the combined Arab armies in both the 1967 and 1973 wars.

  27. Hitler compared to America dropping the nucklier bomb on Japan. Isn’t America considered evil too killing innocent civilians

  28. His father was jew and from the Rothchild family so we can see where the hate came from. His mother’s family! They had the most influence in his life and also we don’t know what they put in his head as a child.

  29. I’m sorry you didn’t mention that he killed and put in concentration camps thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  30. Mostly stuff anyone moderately familiar with WWII history would know. I was disappointed you omitted his mystical side. He listened to an “inner voice” which advised him on political decisions and military strategy.

  31. Facts about Hitler – 50 million people died because of Hitler’s actions. His early military actions could be considered genius and 90 percent of Germans approved. Then, he put so many resources into the death camps and attacked the Soviet Union, weakening his war machine to the point where Germany was doomed. With the Soviet Army at his doorstep and the Americans closing in from the west, he gave Eva Braun cyanide and shot himself in the head with his Walther pistol. He preferred to die that way rather than being hanged in front of a cheering crowd.

  32. Know your enemy. while I haven’t read any od his works I have read about the things he did to gain the favor of the people. because Germany was in near collapse the changes he made resulted in making the lives of many poor better. just the simple matter of getting the trains on time was something that directly effected many lives. Many believe it was his hate for the jew that was the driving force for their destruction. Actually it was because they were the bankers. to control a nation you must control its money. Having control with shady practices and having the people oppose you wont work. when people are poor handing them the solution that makes sense gains their trust. While the Jew wasn’t the whole problem it was part. having a government take the money wouldn’t work because they would ask am I next? Telling the people that he would send them all back to their homeland would work and did. even many Jews believed they were going back to Israel. His solution sounds the same as what our gov. is doing here. They have most of the people dependent upon the illusion that all their problems are the fault of someone else. Gov. must have dependent people to keep them in power. handing out just enough to keep them dependent upon that stipend. Not enough to save any and just large enough to survive. Gov. is running out of people to blame. they cant kill them all off like Hitler did, or can they? It seems they counted upon the covid crisis to kill off enough to reduce our debt. just the seniors that died provided many millions of debt canceled for both social security and Medicare and Medicaid. All providing billions in funding for shots that are still killing each day. I wonder how many politicians put extra money into the drug companies for a hefty stock increase? Their goal for complete power is now easer because the crisis continues to divide us. Again we find that we are the poor who must depend upon government to save us from all the crisis that have become more numerous by the day. Because they seem ever more complicated, only gov. can solve them. Only using what little voice we have will save us. only watching and ensuring that our vote is correct will stop the destruction of our republic. No people we dont have a democracy. We use democratic methods but with our education system and people ignorant of our gov. the use of laws against us is their goal. Time to choose. Choose wisely!—– I, Grampa

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