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The 13 Most Disgusting Facts You’ll Ever Read

Here are some of the most disgusting facts to read today:

Talk about facts; I don’t think you’re ready to read what you’re about to. But boy, oh boy, it will be fun! Today, we’re going to talk about some of the most disgusting facts you’ve ever read in your entire life.

Whether historical, geographical, or actual facts, they will make you re-evaluate everything you ever knew about our world! If you have other suggestions of disturbing and weird facts you’d like to share with us, by all means, feel free to write them down in the comment section below. So, let’s tackle some disgusting facts you’ve never heard of. Trust me, they are TRULY weird!

most disgusting facts
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During WWII, Japan bombed China with fleas infected with the bubonic plague.

The attack was commonly known as the Kaimingjie germ weapon attack, where the infamous Japanese troops, including some of the Unit 731 ones, dropped corn, wheat, and cotton filled with fleas that carried the bubonic plague, cholera, typhoid, and many other diseases in Chinese cities.

Their intention was to start an outbreak. All infested areas were burned down, but it has been estimated that this attack provoked around 300,000 deaths.

Six US nuclear weapons are now unaccounted for.

They are also called “the empty quiver” because the US nuclear weapons are stolen, lost, or even taken. It’s also the worst possible scenario, So maybe we should simply start setting up our bunker while we can.

Polar bears are the only species that actively hunt and kill humans to eat. There’s even a line that says, “If it’s brown, lie down. If it’s black, fight back. If it’s white, say goodnight.”

Brown and grizzly bears might even leave you alone if you play dead. However, climbing up a tall tree might work with adult brown bears, as they can’t climb trees. Also, bears might back off as soon as they realize you are more of a threat than they even thought, but don’t climb a tree to escape.

Black bear cubs and adults are able to climb trees. And if you didn’t know, polar bears are the largest bears that exist, and they are also ambush predators. If one is somehow able to sneak up on you, you’re as good as dead.

By the time you even show symptoms of rabies, it’s already too late. You can have it in your body for a whole year before showing any symptoms.

Next on the list of most disgusting facts, here’s something to consider: it’s super rare to recover from rabies, at least if you don’t get treated as you should. You might not even feel or notice a bite or a scratch, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

If an elephant’s mate dies, the elephant can die from broken heart syndrome.

The phenomenon is also known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy or “broken heart syndrome.” It refers to a stress-induced heart attack, and it can affect both humans and animals. So for elephants, at least, dying of a broken heart is as real as it gets. Did you know any of this?

most disgusting facts
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Cruise liners have an incorporated morgue for all the passengers that inevitably die during the trip.

For all the lines with older customers, there are estimated to be around three deaths per week on the cruises.

You should never trust restaurant ice, as it should be cleaned every couple of months for the ice to be good.

The whole cleaning-the-ice procedure takes a lot of time and might destroy the restaurant’s entire ice supply, especially if there’s only one machine. Restaurants usually avoid doing this because their profit margins are already thin. But if the machines don’t get cleaned, they slowly fill up with mold and something known as “Pink Slime”, a colony of solid bacteria that has grown so big you can pick it up out of the machine’s water tank.

The CPR dummy face template is based on a dead 16-year-old girl’s face.

So, that CPR dummy face template we all know is based on a 16-year-old girl’s face. Her body was pulled from the River Seine back in the 1880s, and her cause of death and identity were never actually discovered. A mortician was extremely impressed by her beautiful expression, so he decided to make a plaster mask of her, which later became the face of CPR dummies and health training equipment.

Slavery is still one of the biggest profit-making trades in the world.

According to the UN, there are no less than 40.3 million slaves worldwide. If you’re curious to know more about some of the most disgusting facts, you’d be surprised to find out how many slaves are contributing to our daily lifestyle. Of course, you’d be tempted to say that’s simply untrue, but hear me out: those clothes you’re wearing, the electronics you use, and the food you eat are all the results of hard work performed by slaves.

It will fall apart if you try to pick up the brain in your hands. Scientists use chemicals to harden it, and then they grab it.

You probably didn’t know it, but brains are incredibly soft and easy to deform. That’s one of the reasons why they float around in cerebral spinal fluid—to keep them from hitting the skull. That’s one of the many reasons why you need to wear a helmet if you’re performing a high-risk sport or riding a bike or even a motorcycle.

most disgusting facts
Photo by sheff from Shutterstock

Different parts of our bodies have different money values.

Our body parts have a different value as commodities. Also, different parts of our body are worth a different amount of money: the corneas are small; they fetch a huge piece ($22,450), and the skeleton costs way less ($7,483).

Early childhood malnutrition causes an irreversible loss of IQ.

Did you know that early childhood malnutrition (between 0 and 5) causes irreversible loss of IQ? In fact, it can go as low as 11 to 20 points, and it also predisposes people to high levels of violence. The prefrontal cortex doesn’t really develop just as well, so if you miss that window, there’s absolutely no intervention that could recover the gap in any way.

One of the best examples is Genie, who was severely abused by her father in the 1960s when she was between 1 and 13 years old. Unfortunately, she never learned how to communicate properly, and she has been a ward of the state of California ever since.

The human stomach can easily dissolve razor blades.

Now back to the most disgusting facts: if you ever swallowed a razor blade, you shouldn’t panic. The human body is way more capable than you think. In fact, our acids are ranked on a scale from 0 to 14, where the lower the pH level, the stronger the acid.

Human stomach acid is usually 1.0 to 2.0, which means it has an incredibly strong pH. In one of the best studies published in the journal Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, scientists discovered that the “thickened back of an edged blade” can be dissolved in two hours by immersion in stomach acid.

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