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These 6 Incredible Macro Photos Will Make You Question EVERYTHING

Have you ever heard about a macro photo?

There’s no other photo that makes me feel so full of emotions and questions like a macro photo does. This photography technique is fantastic because it has as subjects tiny animals, insects, or objects, and the photo is taken in such an incredible way that the subjects seem larger than they are in real life.

I think they’re some of the best things ever, and to be honest, I always smile or stop for a moment – holding my breath – when I stumble across a micro photo. Whether we talk about insect or animal photos that seem larger-than-life-sized or product pictures that are as detailed as they can get, these photos will surely make you stop for a moment and contemplate.

Regardless of how easy it seems to take a photo like this, photographers actually have a hard time turning their vision into reality because, besides the proper equipment, they also need to know the subject very well and, of course, have tons and tons of patience. Could you do something like this? I, for one, know that this business is not for me, and I’m happier as a viewer, to be honest.

But enough with this much talking, because I want to showcase to you some amazing macro photos that made me question everything. Will they do the same to you? Let’s find out!

1. Flowers and art

What’s prettier than a flower? A flower that has tiny and beautiful raindrops on it and there’s a talented photographer who surely knew how to capture a plant in his gorgeous and artistic macro photo. He knew that light is one of the essentials when it comes to a successful photoshoot, so he used it in his favor.

The end result? An intriguing macro photo in which we can see how the rain played with it. I’m not sure about you, but I think this piece of art looks like it’s part of a fairytale. I’m pretty amazed by this. What do you think?

macro photo
Photo by Natali.Gats from

2. Symmetry

If you’ve ever taken photography classes, you already know that one of the rules that makes every composition look top-notch and polished is symmetry. When you have it, everything looks classy and marvelous.

The next macro photo we’ll talk about is one taken by a very talented photographer. I love everything about this image, which is actually a piece of art: the composition is amazing, the lighting is where it’s supposed to be, and the technique he used to make that spiral plant is genius.

If you think about it, he had a hard time during this project because photographing nature is surely not a piece of cake. You have to know the weather and nature’s moods pretty well because the result will be different based on the moment of the day when you take your camera out and want to make some magic.

My guess is that the photographer went out on a rainy day because those tiny bits of frost looked like they were placed there for the photo only. What can I say? That’s the perfect combination of talent and skills.

3. Froggy likes to relax

What’s even better than seeing a cute animal during your walk? Taking a macro photo of it so that the whole world can see that too. A talented photographer has taken an incredible photo of a cute little frog that was lounging on a leaf and all I can say is that I’m very impressed.

The frog was surely comfy, given the fact that it had its eyes almost closed, looking like it was dreaming of something wonderful. We can’t deny the artist’s talent, because you need a keen eye to capture such a natural and warm moment like this.

Of course, the artist also needed proper equipment because you can’t capture an animal’s expression as they did with a simple smartphone. This macro photo is surely some of my favorites.

macro photo
Photo by ch123 from

4. The most beautiful snowflake

We all know that every single snowflake is different from the others, but have you ever wondered how many details a tiny snowflake has? Photographers wanted to see for themselves, so they took a snap of a snowflake, and it turned out to be the most gorgeous macro photo ever.

If you ask me, I think that these pictures are the most fantastic ones you could possibly witness, especially thanks to the fact that you won’t see 2 of the same kind.

These beautiful objects created by nature are difficult to capture because they melt almost immediately after they get in contact with a warm surface. Besides that, they’re so delicate and fragile that it’s an actual challenge to document one through your camera lens, but this photographer did a marvelous job.

If you think about snapping a macro photo like this, a professional camera is not enough to obtain the result that you want. You need a device that will give you the chance to get closer to the snowflake, such as an extension tube that is attached between your camera and lens.

If you want to try this amazing artsy technique, I don’t have anything else to say other than good luck, and let us know how you did!

5. What does a jumping spider look like?

I didn’t think that I would ever like to look at a macro photo in which the subject is a jumping spider, but there’s something so interesting about it that makes me want to stare at it. I’m pretty sure that’s going to be your case too, because the details are exceptional.

I’m not a spider person, although not that many people are, I think, but even if you’re like me and they’re not exactly your favs, you have to accept that this isn’t a boring shot because the photographer actually did an impressive job in capturing this small creature on camera.

You can easily recognize a jumping spider by its weird eye arrangement, but according to experts, these tiny animals are among the most impressive arachnids on the Internet.

Here’s one thing that you probably haven’t heard about: although jumping spiders are tiny (they can have a maximum length of 25 mm), they’re very athletic, if we can say so, and can jump up to 50 times their body weight.

They don’t have adapted legs like the other spiders that exist, but when they want to leap, a lot of blood flows to their legs, helping them extend and proudly leap into the air. That’s fantastic, isn’t it?

6. A carpenter bee might scare you

Are you ready to discuss another macro photo? A photographer snapped an impressive picture of a carpenter bee from Vietnam called Ceratina. The macro photo is incredible, and the level of detail is out of this world.

This tiny creature has a similar look to a bumblebee, and the reason it’s called this way is that in order to make its nest, the carpenter bee burrows into wooden frames or trees to find the perfect spot for a home.

They’re not as friendly as bumblebees, don’t have that much hair, and the colors are not the same. Males and females of this species are different too, because only females can sting, but they will only do so if someone does them something they don’t like.

What do you think about macro photos? Did you like them? If you’re interested in finding out more or even giving this technique a try, these lenses might help you achieve results that are just as impressive as the ones above.

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