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8 Amazing Things The Simpsons Warned Us About (and They Were Right)

Raise your hand if you are a fan of the Simpsons! 

We honestly can’t believe there are people out there who don’t like or have never watched at least a couple of episodes of this show. These cartoons are simply too good to ignore! Now, the interesting thing to point out is that somehow the Simpsons cartoons were fortune tellers. How is that possible, you might ask? Well, a lot of the stuff that happened along the way predicted our future as a nation. To make the plot even more interesting, every episode has a guest star.

If you haven’t thought about this fact until now, we bet we just aroused your curiosity! Let’s embark on a journey alongside Homer Simpson to discover which episodes were huge influences for today’s present…and future.

Photo by Derick P. Hudson from Shutterstock

1. Trump Presidency

Do you remember that funny episode from 2000 from season 11 called “Bart to the Future”? The creators must have been informed by the aliens that 16 years later, Trump would be elected president of the U.S. The similarities with the real world were extremely close. In this episode, Bart Simpson was able to see his and his sister’s future.

In his dream, Lisa was the president who kept trying to get the economy back on track after Trump’s disastrous presidency. So were the creators of the show real fortune tellers, or was it just a coincidence? We tend to say both of the variants are correct!

In the same episode, Trump was seen in a mall descending the escalator with Homer a few steps behind him. This happened in real life, but the small change is that Melania Trump was in front of him. They were surrounded on both sides of the escalator by a crowd of supporters.

2. Technology evolution

Another episode from The Simpsons from season 6 was based on various high-tech gadgets that became widely common in today’s world. The episode highlighted a scene in which Hugh talks to his smartwatch about something that we can do now. Who would think that you could give voice commands to your belongings?

I guess this was also an episode that predicted the scary (or not) evolution of technology. However, it’s too bad Hugh’s earlier attempts to propose to Lisa using technology didn’t quite turn out the way he planned.

3. FaceTime app

Woop, woop! Now quickly tell me who is using FaceTime. And don’t try to lie, because it’s a thing that has made people mad since the first day it was released. This is another case where The Simpsons cartoons briefly “warned” us about this app.

In season 6, episode 19, called Lisa’s Wedding, Lisa goes to a fortune-teller who tells her future a couple of years later (the wedding was supposed to happen in 2010). The fortune teller made her happy by telling her she was going to marry her high school sweetheart.

Soon after she found out the great news, she called her mom to share it with her. Her phone call was made through a screen that showed her mother’s face in real-time, exactly like FaceApp nowadays.

Now, the interesting thing is that all these events are going to happen in 2010, exactly when Apple released the app called FaceTime. This app allowed all its users to talk and try new faces while they saw each other in real-time. Cool, right?

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4. Tesco Burgers’s scandal

Continuing the list of the most predictable episodes from the Simpsons, episode 19 from season 5 was another interesting one. The action was set at Springfield Elementary School. In this episode, Lunch Lady Doris shows off her culinary prowess by casually incorporating horse flesh into the meals for the kids. Although the concept was entertaining at the time, it is not as funny today.

Do you recall a 2013 Guardian article about Tesco burgers? Because 29% of the beef in Europe came from horses, a multitude of beef products were withdrawn from the market.
Following this occurrence, there was a legitimate public uproar over how the supply chain could have been so seriously disrupted. Another time when the creators of The Simpsons were fortune-tellers? I guess so!

5. Autocorrect (predictive text)

This Simpsons episode predicted the future in 1994, and the event happened later on in 2007. At a Springfield Elementary School assembly, Kearney requests that Dolph pass a message to Martin to “beat up Martin” on his “Newton.” In contrast, the computer translates the message as “Eat up Martha” instead, hinting at the frequent texting mistakes people attribute to the iPhone’s autocorrect function.

If you heard somebody talking and laughing about “Eat up Martha” and you didn’t know where it came from, now you have the answer. The funny thing is that even the Apple company took it as a joke!

6. Lady Gaga and The Superbowl

2012! What a time to be alive to watch The Simpsons and the funny episode in which Lady Gaga was the guest character. In episode 22 of season 23, which took place at the Superbowl, Lady Gaga paid a visit to Springfield and sang while flying over spectators. At one point in the performance, she also played the piano.

Now let’s remember 2017 and how Gaga played her biggest singles from that era, including “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance,” at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. She performed on the piano after being raised above the audience for the first part of the performance. Mindblowing, right? Or let’s say you got a “poker face” while reading these lines.

The Simpsons
Photo by J.J. Gouin from Shutterstock

7. Pandemic…and the later COVID-19 outburst

Who knew that the 1993 episode of The Simpsons called Marge in Chains would predict the future pandemic Coronavirus? Everybody else from Springfield got the Osaka Flu except Marge, who was in prison because he was charged with shoplifting.

This Osaka flu caused a horrible pandemic similar to what we had back in 2020. The problem is that before spreading to America, the Osaka Flu originated in another nation (perhaps China as well). Naturally, much like what occurred in our case, doctors were unable to locate a solution right away, so the only “treatment” they could suggest was rest for a few days.

8. Matrix 4 Premiere

Are you even a true millennial if you’re not a fan of The Matrix movies? In season 15, episode 14 of The Simpsons predicted one of the best movies ever released: The Matrix franchise. Homer, being a very big fan of the movies, hung a poster of Neo, played by Keanu Reeves. The poster was a tad Christmassy, presenting Neo with a cute red hat on his head.

Speaking of which, we guess this was the prediction for the 2021 movie since the other three were released in 1999 and the other two before the episode launched in 2003. The Matrix Resurrections is the fourth movie in the franchise.

Which episode did you like the most? We’re eager to meet other Simpsons fans. You can use our comment section below to share any interesting insights you have about the show!

I hope you enjoyed our article about The Simpsons cartoons! And if you’re new around here, before you leave, check out this interesting science article.

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