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10 Amazing Unknown Beer Facts Americans Haven’t Heard Before!

Check out these unknown beer facts! 

Mmm…beer! On a scorching summer day, after a long walk, it’s always nice to cool off with a glass of cold beer. Let’s be honest: beer is more than just a beverage. You will probably be surprised to know that the history of beer dates centuries ago, and it was one of the staples of our civilization. Strangely enough, before the development of adequate sanitation, beer was also a good replacement for water!

However, what’s so special about beer that makes it a timeless drink for the entire planet? Let’s find out by starting with one of the most unknown beer facts of all time!

unknown beer facts
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1. Women were brewmasters

One of the first unknown beer facts is that since the beginning of beer history, women have mostly had brewing skills. When their husbands were in charge of hunting and finding food for the family, women took care of the beverages. And because they were so good at this, it remained a tradition throughout human history.

2. During Sumerian times, beer was a symbol of friendship

And we guess nothing has changed since then! Most social gatherings are celebrated with a glass (or multiple) of beer. Beer stands out for being a nice and simple beverage that is best-consumed ice cold, especially during the summer. This is what the Sumerian people thought, too!

One of the most interesting unknown facts about beer is that all beer drinkers use straws to drink the beverage. By doing this, you were able to let others drink from your glass (or pint) more hygienically. Additionally, by drinking from the same vessel, you would know if someone tried to poison you or not.

This was a nice way to bond with people and create a nice friendship! Even in today’s world, when drinking alcohol with family and close friends, the clinking sound of glasses reminds us of ancient times, when it was a sign of a prosperous life. Cheers!

3. Straws were invented for drinking beer

As we previously mentioned, in ancient times, people used to share their beers with family members or close friends. This was a sign of mutual respect and friendship. However, they were drinking the beer with straws. The ancient straws were made of natural rye grass, which left a bit of a “grassy” aftertaste. Later on, they got an upgrade, and in 1888, they were made of paper.

Even if they got drunk a bit faster than usual, the straws were used to prevent grain consumption. Using a straw will allow you to taste the beer as it is, without any particular scraps.

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4. Beer was Egyptians’ favorite beverage

One of the most unknown beer facts is that from all the ancient civilizations, Egyptians were the biggest beer fans. Here, even the kids were allowed to sip from their parents’ glasses. During the pyramids’ construction, they were paid mostly for beer because it was the most common type of beverage out there. Can you believe it was more common than water? I guess people were always ready to…party!

The interesting fact is that the Egyptians made at least seventeen kinds of beer. Wow, that’s something! The craft beer empire of all times. While Egyptians were drinking beer like a normal person drinks water, Greeks, and Romans were exactly the opposite preferring wine instead. Additionally, they thought beer was made for “barbarians” only!

5. Barley beer was invented by the Sumerians over 5,000 years ago

If you’re a beer fan then you’re probably aware of how many hops are available and which one makes the best beer for your taste. But did you know how old are these hops? Let me tell you a short story about some of the most unknown beer facts!

A couple of years ago, Mesopotamian archaeologists discovered ceramic cups with sticky beer stains on them that date to 3,400 BCE. An homage to the Sumerian beer goddess Ninkasi, the “Hymn to Ninkasi” was written circa 1800 BCE.

Based on components found in a 2,700-year-old drinking cup recovered in the tomb of King Midas, Dogfish Head has made a comparable beer called “Midas Touch.”

6. Craft beer is a non-mechanized method of making beer

Who drank craft beer rise your hand so we can see you! And if you did, then you probably noticed that it has a different taste than mass-produced beer. A microbrewery will produce smaller amounts of beer, mostly focusing on the special ingredients, emphasizing flavor and top-notch quality.

In most cases, craft beers are usually less common and harder to find in regular stores, and they also have different prices compared to commercial beers. But I can say it’s worth it!

7. California has over 1,100 breweries

Out of all the countries in the world, the United States is home to the most popular beer brands. But California is the big boss when it comes to producing beers. In this state, there are more than 1,100 breweries. Wow!

In this sum are included both widely-known breweries and microbreweries that are more craft beer-oriented and have a smaller production scale than others. In America, 3 major brewing companies are huge in this industry: Pabst Brewing from Los Angeles, MillerCoors from Chicago, and Anheuser-Busch from St. Louis.

unknown beer facts
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8. Stouts can cure cancer

Another unknown but mind-bending beer fact is that stouts can actively help you fight cancer! That’s amazing news, for sure. But for those who don’t know what a stout is, think about Guinness. I am sure you know it! And if you like its roasted flavor and dark brown color, then you will be happy to know it can also help you maintain a healthy body.

According to various studies, this particular type of beer stands out for its benefits when fighting cancer. Stouts will naturally assist you in fighting free radicals, which develop as the body begins to process the food if you drink one glass of them daily with meals.

Curious about unknown beer facts? Keep reading because the article isn’t over yet!

9. Beer pong was invented somewhere around the ’50s

Who played beer pong at least once in their youth? You were probably the bravest champion. But did you know that the invention of the game is probably one of the most unknown beer facts? Very few people know that the game started in the 1950s, even if its roots are still debated. Some believe it was invented by students; others say it was invented in antiquity. What do you think?

For those who have never played it before, beer pong is a drinking game. Be aware that you might get drunk easier than expected! The rules of the game are pretty simple. It can be played by two or more players, and it’s indeed a lot of fun! All you need is a ping-pong ball and a lot of beer.

10. Former president Barack Obama brewed his beer at the White House

An interesting fact about beer is connected to former President Barack Obama. Known for his different ways to rule a country, Barack Obama was also a fan of natural, homemade dishes. That’s why he was also interested in brewing his beer while at the White House.

He declared that after seeing a huge transformation in the beer culture over the years, he wanted to experiment with creating his beer, in fact, he also encouraged everybody to try this practice at least once in their lives because it was worth it!

How do you feel about brewing your beer? Do you think it will taste better if you know what ingredients are in it? Tell us your opinions in the comments section. Until next time!

That’s it! These were the most unknown beer facts. And if you liked reading this article, we suggest checking out Leonardo da Vinci’s Secret Life: 7 Astonishing Discoveries REVEALED.

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