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11 Crazy Dubai Facts You’ll NEVER See in the USA

Have you ever visited Dubai? Here are some Dubai facts that you must know before going there! 

When you say Dubai, you instantly think about skyscrapers, exotic environments, beaches, and amazing sunsets. However, Dubai is more than just a traveling destination, and if you plan on visiting soon, you must know a few Dubai facts before packing your bags.

Standing tall as one of the most elegant cities in the world, it is widely known for its cultural diversity and fantastic hospitality. More than 20,000 millionaires live in Dubai, a constantly growing city. Wow! That’s remarkable.

If a trip to the Middle Eastern Emirate sounds a bit out of the ordinary and you’re worried about it, you must know that there is quite a bit of difference between Dubai and the U.S. But don’t worry, because we’ve sorted out everything for you to ensure your vacation will be dreamy!

Dubai Facts
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1. Modesty is the key

In a city where most of the millionaires enjoy their day-to-day lives, it’s impossible to picture modesty. However, this is probably one of the most interesting Dubai facts that you must know before planning a trip. First of all, you must remember that this city is keen on respecting its traditions and cultural identity. And you can, of course, dress up as much as you want to because the city is pretty modern and fancy.

However, you must keep it modest and don’t go over the top by showing your knees or shoulders that much. Dress accordingly for the place you’re planning to visit. And keep it cool by wearing pale colors since here the temperatures can reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (or more). Therefore, you should cover yourself if you don’t want the UV rays to damage your skin. Use an SPF of at least 50, of course.

2. Exotic pets are legal in Dubai

One of the crazy facts about Dubai is that everybody is legally allowed to have an exotic pet in their home. Locals in Dubai are permitted to adopt cheetahs, tigers, large parrots, and other animals seen on television. If purchasing a large cat is not your cup of tea, be sure to see the exotic animals that have been donated to zoos throughout the UAE while you are in Dubai.

3. Taxis, public transport are available in Dubai

What if you have the necessary amount of money to travel in style while in Dubai? You have the option of hiring a chauffeur, trying a helicopter Uber, or driving yourself in a luxury car. But while this might be a little bit too much for some folks, we still recommend you check out the public transport. Buses run practically everywhere, and there is a metro station nearby for most of the important landmarks.

Dubai Metro even has a gold section that, although pricey, is completely worth it. A global driver’s license is required if you want to hire a car. Vehicles in Dubai drive on the right side of the road even though their wheels are on the left.

Until now, there was nothing unusual about Dubai, right? Well, to satisfy your curiosity, we kindly advise you to keep reading the article because we’re about to reveal some crazy Dubai facts you’ve never heard before!

4. The longest gold chain on the planet

We’ve mentioned earlier that Dubai is widely known for being a place for rich people. That’s why Dubai is also synonymous with the word gold. The Dubai celebration chain, which is around 5 kilometers long and weighs over 529 pounds, is one of the fanciest features of Dubai. It was created to celebrate the Dubai Shopping Festival’s 20th anniversary. This 22-karat gold chain was created by 100 artisans in 45 days.

And if you love gold and feel like you have quite a bit of money to spend, check out the Gold Souk. This is a place where all the old-fashioned jewelry collectors are going to feel like they are in heaven.

It’s interesting to point out that gold-plated cars, electronics, and furniture have become a thing in Dubai. What do you think about this? It’s something you’d like to have, or do you think the citizens of Dubai like to brag mostly?

5. In Dubai you can party like a millionaire

If you feel like the U.S. has all the awesomeness in the world, you might be surprised to know that Dubai is the host of fun. Here, you can rent a five-star yacht and sail around the coast of Dubai. From time to time, if it’s a national celebration or something like that, you can witness a stunning firework show that’s as spectacular as the one from New Year’s or National Day. Pretty awesome, right?

6. It’s probably the hottest place on Earth

If you thought Florida was extremely unbearable during the summer, think about it twice! According to various research studies, Dubai is one of the warmest places in the entire world. And if you’re only a tourist here, it might be unusual for you. Because here (especially during the summer), the temperatures can reach up to 122 Fahrenheit.

And even during the night, it won’t be that pleasant to sleep without an air conditioner since temperatures are up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

If this article made you curious about discovering other Dubai facts on your own, or if you’re simply keen on visiting the area soon, don’t forget to buy a travel guide. And our recommendation is Dubai in Your Pocket! written by Michael J. Nicholson, and it’s only $13.97 on Amazon. 

7. Skydiving is a thing!

If you go to Dubai at least once in your life, you must try out one of the must-do things on this fact list: skydiving! Hurry up and rent a plane. Gather your friends and enjoy the experience of seeing the world from above. The island of Palm Jumeirah is one of the beauties you can see while skydiving. If VIP services aren’t your thing, Skydive Dubai also provides lone tandem jumps and exclusive gyrocopter trips.

8. One of the weirdest Dubai facts: there are more men than women

Because the majority of the population is made up of foreigners who came there to work, they came by themselves, without a family. That’s why the Dubai population in 2023 will have a 7:3 male-to-female ratio, which “translates” to 69% of the city’s population being men.

9. Gold lover? Buy your ingot from an ATM

Another one from the list of crazy Dubai facts is that you can buy gold from ATMs. Oh, wow! That sounds insane, for sure! Well, believe it or not, in Dubai, you can find regular ATMs from which you can buy gold in the form of bracelets, pendants, bars, coins, and other items. This is one of the things that’s been around since 2010, and most tourists are fascinated by it.

10. The city has a very low crime rate

Through our research, while searching for the best Dubai facts, we found out that Dubai is among the cities with the lowest crime rate in the world. Wow! While everywhere else criminal activities increase every year, in Dubai everything is peaceful and the crime rate is zero.

Dubai Facts
Photo by M101Studio from Shutterstock

11. Dubai also has a ski resort

After melting in the sun all day long, a bit of cooling snow is everything you need! The latest of the Dubai facts is about an indoor ski resort that gathers tourists from all over the world who want to spend a bit of time away from the scorching heat. Throughout the whole year, the park is kept between -1 and 2 degrees Celsius. It is a piece of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates Mall of the Emirates, one of the biggest retail centers in the world.

Here you can have fun skiing, playing with adorable penguins, snowboarding, and, if you want, spending the night in the Camp. Sleeping among the penguins? All I ever wanted!

That’s it! These are the crazy Dubai facts all wrapped up! We hope you enjoyed reading them, and if so, you can hit that subscribe button so you can enter the Mind-Bending community. We receive everyone with arms wide open! Plus, it’s free of charge.

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