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These 6 Shocking Bermuda Facts Might Explain What’s Going on There

Are you ready to be shocked? These Bermuda facts might surprise you!

The Bermuda Triangle, also popularly known as the Devil’s Triangle, is one of the most mysterious things on the planet. This area is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, and it connects three key points: Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Fort Lauderdale.

It’s believed that more than 50 boats, commercial ships, and aircraft have disappeared under mysterious and creepy circumstances, with vigorous investigations of these incidents ongoing but without any specific or scientific explanations.

In today’s article, there are many Bermuda facts we’ll talk about, and we start off by saying that this scary place is known for having unexpected and violent forces that build up quickly and then dissipate just as quickly.

One of the most popular Bermuda facts is that it is a place of strange happenings, and that rumor started going around in the mid-20th century after plenty of talented writers popularized it through their explicit news publications, articles, and stories.

While many people believe this place is home to supernatural beings, where you could find all sorts of extra-terrestrial activity, there are many Bermuda facts that you might not be aware of, and this is what we’ll talk about today.

If you want to discover some mysterious things and maybe receive some answers, this Bermuda facts article is exactly what you need! Let’s begin!

Bermuda facts
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1. 1950s – paranormal activity

Bermuda started being notorious and mysterious in the 1950s, when Edward Van Winkle Jones published an article in the “Miami Herald” on September 17th, 1950.

Two years later, another brave writer, George Sand, wrote a short article for Fate Magazine titled “Sea Mystery at Our Back Door”, and he gave it a scary paranormal angle.

Captivated by the devastating loss of Flight 19, which had five US Navy Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bombers on their tough training mission, he decided to write something about the incident and give it a paranormal twist.

The article Mr. Sand wrote was the first to designate a triangular area where those tragic incidents seem to have taken place, but that was not all. He also added that there was surely a supernatural element that led to the disappearance of Flight 19.

However, the Navy investigators said that the reason Flight 19 vanished was due to a navigational error that led the aircraft to run out of fuel.

But these Bermuda facts keep getting weirder and weirder. A PBM Mariner with a 13-man crew was one of the search and rescue aircraft that were deployed to look for Flight 19. The aircraft that was meant to rescue the people who disappeared also vanished in the strange waters.

Sources say that a combatant off the coast of Florida mentioned that he noticed an explosion and then saw a widespread oil slick when
unsuccessfully searching for survivors. By the end of this second tragic incident, the weather was stormy and dangerous.

In conformity with different sources, the Mariner had a brief history of explosions, mainly due to the fact that there were multiple vapor leaks when heavily loaded with fuel, as it might’ve been for a possible long search-and-rescue mission.

What do you think about these Bermuda facts?

2. Christopher Colombus mentioned it first

One of the most interesting Bermuda facts is this: Christopher Colombus mentioned it first. In 1492, during his original voyage across the Atlantic, he noticed some weird sightings in the area we know as the Bermuda Triangle. At first, he got scared because his compass started working terribly and he couldn’t rely on it anymore.

After that, Mr. Columbus wrote that the stars looked like they were moving around in the sky. But his story kept getting creepier and creepier. Wait and see. He also stated that a light, similar to a candle flame, moved up and down in the distance. He told his crew members to take a look at the light. They were all shocked when the light disappeared, and then it reappeared several times.

However, the creepiest thing he saw was a scary glowing object, similar to a fireball, but what was crazy was that it was coming out of the water and going toward the sky. Many people thought that it was a UFO, but other people think it was actually the light from another vessel.

Bermuda facts
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3. The name

You’re probably wondering how the name of Bermuda Triangle actually came up, and since this article is all about different Bermuda facts, I’ll tell you in a second. In 1964, talented writer Vincent Gaddis wrote a scary article titled “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle” and published it in Pulp Magazine Argosy.

He was the first to say that all those devastating incidents that kept happening in the area were part of a pattern of bizarre events. Given the fact that his article was a success, he developed his idea into a book titled “The Invisible Horizons”.

Whether you believe these Bermuda facts are only legends or you think that there’s truly something strange going on there, if you feel like reading something before bed, I highly recommend the book I’ve previously mentioned because it won’t make you bored and is well-written. Check it out here; I’m sure you’ll like it!

4. The Powerful Gulf Stream and possible scientific explanations

As we’ve previously stated, some people say that there might be some scientific explanations that make this area weird and scary. Researchers discovered that the Gulf Stream, also known as the Florida Current, is a potent ocean current that originates from the Gulf Of Mexico and powerfully flows through the Straits of Florida into the North Atlantic.

In simpler words, we can say that the Gulf Stream is like a river within the ocean, and when it comes to rivers, well, they can carry objects. The dangerous Florida Current gives rise to forceful currents and unstable weather conditions, which could be the reason why plenty of devastating incidents took place in the Bermuda Triangle.

The Gulf Stream has a fantastic velocity of 2m/s per second, which makes it more likely for a tiny aircraft making a landing on water or a boat devoid of an engine to be simply carried away from its reporter position by this powerful and merciless current.

We have many other Bermuda facts waiting to be discovered! Keep reading!

Bermuda facts
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5. Lost City of Atlantis

Some of these Bermuda facts seem pretty hard to believe, and one of the most interesting aspects of this story is that many people are convinced that the Bermuda Triangle is actually home to the lost city of Atlantis.

As the legends say, the magical city that is long gone but not forgotten relied on the incredible power of some impressive energy crystals. The story then says that these crystals are in a transformed state and emit rays that cause explorers’ compasses to malfunction, causing severe issues in navigation.

Another weird thing that was linked to the Atlantic legend is the submerged rock formation, meaning the Bimini Road, found off Bimini Island in the Bahamas, and it comes inside the popular Triangle, as some legends say.

Some people are convinced that this rock formation is indeed a secret road to the city, a wall, or maybe even a strong supernatural structure. However, scientists wanted to shed some light, and according to their research, the rock formation is of natural origin.

But the conspiracy theories keep going. Another person says that there’s a parallel universe within the Bermuda Triangle that is so strong that it causes a space and time warp that sucks different objects into it, making them vanish from our world.

There are also cases saying that the Bermuda Triangle is a region known for several incidences of UFO sightings. Scared people attributed these strange phenomena to alien kidnaps, while others believe that there’s a powerful portal to other planets in the Solar System and maybe even other worlds.

So, what do you think about these Bermuda facts? Aren’t they mind-bending?

6. Home to important training ranges and military bases

We love the strange Bermuda facts behind us now that we’re almost at the end of the article because it’s time to talk about something impressive. This strange place, which serves as inspiration for many conspiracy theories or sci-fi books (or maybe they’re true, who knows?), is home to many military camps and bases for training brave officials of the armed forces.

Experts say that this could be a reason for increased accident reports. An aircraft practicing low-level flying or using jamming techniques, for instance, could be a strong reason for causing panic or confusion on board; therefore, strange accidents happen.

The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center of the United States Government, shortly known as AUCTEC, lies in the Bermuda Triangle, on Andros Island, Bahamas.

This is the place where the Navy tests its new sonars, submarines, and other powerful weapons. But since these Bermuda facts made you familiar with different legends, here’s one more: some people say that AUCTEC isn’t only a mere test center but a secret facility. What do you think is the truth?

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