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Beware: 8 Dangerous Places You Won’t Want to Visit Anytime Soon

Do you know at least one of these dangerous places? 

There is no point in hiding the fact that danger can be all over the place. Roads, woods, and even cities are full of unknown threats, and we don’t mean to scare you, but even being in your own house can result in huge danger.

However, there are quite a few dangerous places in the world, not even the citizens recommend visiting. Some of the locations are outside, loaded with poisonous insects that may kill you, while others are more man-made, full of violence and other dangers.

Are you ready for a bumpy ride? Let’s discover together a list of dangerous places that you should stay away from as much as possible!

dangerous place
Photo by Peyker from Shutterstock

1. Dead Lake, Kazakhstan

Judging by its name, “Dead Lake” must be called that for a reason. Located far away in Kazakhstan, a place where you won’t dream about traveling, it’s still receiving a lot of tourists.

It is a little place, tucked away from houses and city sounds in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. It does, however, have a poor reputation. The villagers claim that nearly every year, people perish in the lake. Locals make an effort to avoid this peculiar location, which, oddly enough, draws a lot of visitors.

The fact that the water in this lake is always very cold and devoid of any life makes it another scary aspect of the area. But as in any other dangerous place in the world, there are still some brave people who want to “experiment” to see if it’s true or not.

Some divers who have opted to dive said that in a few minutes, they regain their breath because there isn’t enough oxygen for some unknown reason.

2. Snake Island, Brazil

The second dangerous place on our list is located in Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil. Also known as “Snake Island” since it’s populated with a lot of poisonous snakes, this is an area where entry is forbidden.

Can you believe this is the home of almost 4,000 venomous snakes? The main species that lives here is called the golden lancehead viper, which is the deadliest snake on the entire planet. Compared to rattlesnakes, these snakes are considerably more deadly. A 7% fatality rate and several additional consequences result from their bite. Sheesh! That’s awful!

Because they have practically owned this island completely since the early 20th century, when all the locals escaped as far away as possible from it, if you are a scientist or researcher, you must get a special permit to visit the area.

3. Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

Can you believe this city is the most dangerous place in the entire world? Voted in 2020 by both locals and citizens as the worst place to live, mostly because of the highest rate of crime, Thompson is another city where you’ll never want to go.

One citizen in 2019 claimed that the city made him uneasy as he went on a walk through the area and witnessed children attacking others who were simply walking down the path. He said that many individuals also carry knives and other potentially harmful items with them and that violent assaults occasionally happen in the middle of the day.

Unfortunately, although most citizens want a change in their hometown, a lack of funds has often obstructed attempts to set up initiatives to revive the culture and identity of the place.

4. Svalbard, Norway

Norway has always been among those countries you would like to visit at least once in your life. Despite the unbearable cold during the winter, Norway has a lot of history and culture to offer its tourists.

However, there is a place in Norway called Svalbard where you must watch out for polar bears. Svalbard is an archipelago populated mostly by polar bears but also by seals and other animals.

Described by most of its tourists as a dangerous place with “challenges” everywhere, Svalbard distinguishes itself from other areas of the country by having a severe climate, and the weather can change in the blink of an eye. And if that wasn’t enough of a warning, imagine a snowstorm, and then suddenly a polar bear wants to chase you! Fun, right?

Over the years, there have been a lot of people killed or badly injured because of polar bear attacks. What do you think about this dangerous place? Tell us in the comments!

5. Naples, Italy

We never thought about including Italy on our list of dangerous places, however, for all the tourists who want to visit Naples, we have some bad news.

Although it is considered one of the best destinations outside of Rome because of its traditional cuisine, amazing architecture, and other positive aspects, Naples is still a dangerous destination. But why? You might be tempted to ask. Called by many a “death trap,” in this city rests a volcano called Campi Flergi.

Many experts worry that any little eruption of this volcano might result in the deaths of thousands of people. Because of this, both long-time residents and visitors to the area need to be ready for anything, even a catastrophic event.

6. Bolton Strid, Yorkshire

Through our research, we found out that a lot of places that might look peaceful at first glance can turn out to be the exact opposite. This is the case in Bolton Street, one of the most dangerous places in Yorkshire, England.

Soon after you put your feet in the area, you will see warning signs all over the place. Most of them warned the tourists of the slippery rocks.

It has a 100% mortality rate, even if everything around you appears to be so peaceful that you’ll want to snap a lot of pictures of it. While the slippery rocks appear to be a major danger, the Strid River can quickly swell to a height of five feet and wash people off the coast.

If I were you, I would be very careful in this dangerous place!

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dangerous place
Photo by Jianwei Zhu from Shutterstock

7. Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic

We’re sure that this destination isn’t new to your knowledge. Being one of the most popular places in the entire world, the Bermuda Triangle is a place where a lot of people mysteriously disappear.

While it’s fascinating to look at the pictures from there because it might seem like an amazing place to spend your summer vacation, we wouldn’t recommend going there. Not even in your dreams! Who knows what might happen?

Jokes aside, after so many years, nobody can explain the real reason for the disappearances. Some of them associate it with aliens, others with strange weather phenomena.

What other things do you know about this dangerous place? Tell us in the comments!

8. Every terrain spot in Australia

After talking to a lot of Australian citizens, we concluded that we couldn’t exactly pinpoint one single dangerous place in the country. Because it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without running across a larger animal or creepy crawler that wants to murder you.

Picture yourself living among them if watching kangaroos, crocodiles, and spiders on National Geographic makes you nervous. Sheesh! It is better to stay away from this dangerous place!

Apart from wildfires and animals, another drawback to Australia is that the weather is a significant problem. In the daytime, temperatures may reach 113 degrees Fahrenheit, but at night they can drop to 41 degrees.

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