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Top 7 Craziest Home Remedies That Truly Make Wonders

Want to hear about some of the craziest home remedies? You are in the right place! We want to present you with some of the best remedies that our parents and grandparents used, and they are proven to work.

Obviously, the best thing you can do when you are not feeling well is to go straight to the doctor, but for small things, you can try some of these remedies. After all, if everybody knows that they are good, why not try them?

Sometimes it is better to avoid taking OTC drugs if you have a mild headache that can be cured with something that we all have in our homes. Or anything else that can be cured without using medication.

So, stay tuned and be ready to discover the craziest home remedies that have changed the lives of thousands of people!

craziest home remedies
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1. Hiccups? Try some sugar

We all know how annoying it can be to get hiccups. You are just minding your own business when suddenly you feel that thing in your diaphragm, and BAM, the hiccups are there. And you know what is worse than a hiccup? A hiccup that doesn’t go away!

Hopefully, the older and wiser folks have something for us that will help us. And we all have it in our pantry. The cure is sugar. The vagus nerve may be stimulated with just a spoonful or two of sugar, which helps to reset the nerve and end hiccup-inducing spasms. It is like resting your diaphragm.

The craziest home remedies are also the ones that work the best. If you don’t believe us, try it on your own!

2. Vodka

This is a strong type of alcohol. And do you know what alcohol does best? It disinfects. That means it kills viruses and bacteria. This might sound like one of the craziest home remedies, but trust us when we say that it will change your life.

So, as we said, vodka and alcohol are amazing at eliminating bad odors because bad odors are usually caused by bacteria. And since vodka can destroy bacteria, do the math, and you will get zero bad odors.

Next time you have smelly feet, you can try to soak a cloth in vodka and wipe them with it. You will be surprised by the results. Another thing you can do is fill up a spray bottle with vodka and use it to spritz the interior of your shoes.

3. Nettles

We all desire to have the smooth and shiny hair that we see in shampoo commercials. And we know that there is a long way to go to achieve that look, and one thing that will not help you is losing your hair.

And if you want a good home remedy that will help you stop hair loss, we have something that is known to be effective. Stinging nettle tea! You might think that this is one of the craziest home remedies, but hear us out: the roots and leaves of the nettle plant are full of minerals and vitamins.

Drinking an infusion of nettles is a good way to keep your hair in shape. If you want to make nettle tea at home, you need 4-6 nettle leaves and then pour boiling water on them.

4. Baking soda can help you remove splinters

Whether you are moving some furniture around or doing a DIY project for your home, it can happen that you get some splitters stuck in your hand. And we all know how hard it can be to try to remove the splinters.

There are a lot of methods that people say they are using, and they are said to be effective, but you know the craziest home remedies are always the best, so stay here and get ready to have your mind blown away.

This is so much easier than using that old pair of tweezers again when you try to remove the splitters. Apply some baking soda to the area, and this will make the skin swell. After this, the splinter will be drawn to the surface, and you can easily take it out.

To do this properly, mix some baking soda and some water until you get a paste. Apply it to your skin and put a bandage on it. Then wait for about 24 hours before removing the splinter.

5. Potatoes for bug bites

This is another one of the craziest home remedies, but don’t laugh because this can save you the next time a bug bites you. Nobody likes bug bites. They are itchy, and sometimes they can even hurt.

Hopefully, you have something in your home that can effectively and quickly help you. The potato will be your salvation this time. This vegetable is known to have anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties, and this sounds perfect if you want some relief from bug bites.

To use the potato, you want to first peel it and then put the shreds on a piece of cloth. Remember that you have to use a thin cloth if you want this to be effective. To keep everything in place, secure it with a basic rubber band and put the poultice on the affected area. Leave it there until the potato is dry, and then clean it with warm water.

6. Do you have dandruff? Try some aspirin

Maybe you have been fighting dandruff for a long time, and nothing seems to work. You have a bathroom full of shampoos, but you still have dandruff. Next, we want to show you one of the craziest home remedies that is said to help you eliminate dandruff.

From now on, you can say goodbye to all the shampoos and control your flaking with some regular aspirin. Salicylic acid, one of the active ingredients in many medicated dandruff shampoos, is also present in aspirin.

If you want to make your own dandruff shampoo, follow these instructions. Take a bottle of regular shampoo and add a tablespoon of aspirin to it. When you are washing your hair, leave it for 5–10 minutes, and after that, you can rinse it.

craziest home remedies
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7. White vinegar for cuticle infections

Sometimes your hair is the first thing people notice about you. And besides this, you are using your hands all the time for day-to-day tasks. That means you want them to be in the best shape, right?

One of the most common things that can happen to your hands is a cuticle infection. Whether you have the bad habit of chewing your nails or your manicurist did a bad job, torn-up and infected cuticles are something no one wants.

But there is this simple home remedy that can help you if you want to make your hands look and feel great again. Simply soak your fingertips for 15 minutes in a glass of warm water and distilled white vinegar.

But remember that this is not something that will work if you only do it once. You have to repeat the procedure once per day until the infection is gone. White vinegar has antibacterial properties, and this is what makes it suitable for fighting infections.

These are some of the craziest home remedies that we know about. If you know of other home remedies, please share them in the comments section!

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