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Worst McDonald’s Side Effects: 5 Ways This Fast Food Ruins Your Health

Mind-Bending Facts Presents You: McDonald’s Side Effects!

When I was little, McDonald’s used to be a little treat for me, and my parents took me there only when it was my birthday or when school was over and my grades were good. But nowadays, fast-food restaurants are more popular than ever, and the food tastes good, so it’s hard to resist the temptation. But have you ever wondered what McDonald’s side effects are?

With food items that are deep fried and a combination of spices and dips that make everything taste better, it’s hard to say pass, isn’t it? Not to mention, they have impressive deals all the time, dessert items that feel like a rainbow in your mouth, and budget-friendly options all year long.

But if you’re the type of person who prefers convenience over spending time in the kitchen and cooking for yourself, you should consider checking out these McDonald’s side effects before you order again.

I don’t say that you shouldn’t step foot into dining ever again, but try to limit that food extravaganza to only once a week or even once a month. Without further ado, here are 5 McDonald’s side effects you should know about!

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1. Cardiovascular health damage

It might be tasty to indulge in fast food every once in a while, but your health isn’t going to be okay with that. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, fast food items are actually packed with sugar, and that’s because sugar is going to make them taste better. And let’s not forget about how much oil they contain.

If you start off your beautiful day with a McFlurry or with hotcakes, you’ll have consumed your entire worth of fat and sugar before lunchtime. And don’t even think about getting a soda, because that’s going to ruin your teeth and your brain, and you’ll notice more and more bad things than you can actually handle.

But No. 1 isn’t over yet, because there are many, many McDonald’s side effects that we’ll cover in today’s article. Trans fats are another bad thing you should kick off of your diet, especially if you plan on being healthy, happy, and having a normal-functioning organism.

Those tasty and addictive crispy foods are fried in an oil bath in order to give them that delish texture, and you’d better believe that they contain all the trans fats that could ever exist.

If you consume too much of it, your body will hold on to too much bad cholesterol while lowering the levels of good cholesterol. What can happen in the end, you might ask? You increase your risk of getting heart disease.

2. You’ll be bloated all the time

Now that I’m an adult and I know more about McDonald’s side effects, I must say that I’m not that tempted to eat food from this restaurant chain every week, and I only keep it as a treat once a month.

But regardless of how often or not I eat food from them, I experience severe puffiness and bloating. The reason why the food is so good there is that it contains plenty of sodium, and that’s what makes you feel sluggish and tired afterward.

Even though you might opt for something healthy, such as a salad or some veggies, they still contain more sodium than your body actually needs. Not to mention, those tasty food items could contain up to 75% of the recommended daily sodium. And all of that will be in just one meal, and that’s not good for your body, trust me.

That large quantity of salt will stay in your body for a longer time, and you’ll feel sluggish, uncomfortable, bloated, swollen, and puffy for a long time, so you could say goodbye to productivity after eating a McDonald’s meal.

Another bad thing that could happen because of a high amount of sodium is high blood pressure, which can then lead to heart attack, kidney disease, stroke, and heart failure, so avoid it as much as you can.

McDonald's side effects
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3. You can develop diabetes

Are you ready for another one of McDonald’s side effects? Diabetes. Yes, yes, we all know that burgers, sodas, French fries, and other sandwiches available in fast food diners are full of carbohydrates, but do you know what they can do to your body? I’ll tell you in a second.

But before we talk about these McDonald’s side effects, we have to say that there are two types of carbs: the good ones (the complex carbs), which you can find in cereals, grains, fruits, beans, and veggies, and the bad ones (the simple carbs), which are typically found in processed food, like the one you find at fast food restaurants.

The simple ones are going to spike your blood sugar levels, and your insulin levels will spike too because your body will try to bring the sugar back down. It’s no doubt that your body will know how to deal with something like this, but if you eat fried food every single day, you’re more likely to develop insulin resistance and even type 2 diabetes.

4. You’ll gain weight

This is probably the most common one, and it’s a no-brainer because one of the most popular McDonald’s side effects is weight gain. That’s because those tasty meals are packed with calories, and a single meal could be over 1,000 calories.

That’s a huge number, especially given the fact that the Food and Drug Administration recommends around 2,000 calories for women and 2,500 for men who want to maintain their weight.

And if you eat at McDonald’s every single day, 1,000 calories in addition for a longer period of time is going to cause a trip to the mall to get some new clothes in a bigger size.

It’s not a problem if you splurge on a caloric meal like this every once in a while, because you won’t gain weight from a meal; you’re just more likely to retain some water for a couple of days, and then it’ll get back to normal. But eating fried and sugary food every single day is going to become a huge problem for you, especially for your belly.

According to experts, belly fat is one of the most dangerous types of fat that you can have in your body, and that’s because it can affect the normal functioning of your organs.

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5. You can have depression

Let’s talk about another one of McDonald’s side effects: depression. Yes, you’ve read that right. Food is supposed to nourish your body, give you the energy to tackle all of the tasks on your to-do list and give you the power to run around after your beloved grandkids all day long, but that’s not going to happen if you always eat at McDonald’s.

It sounds cliche, I know, but eating good food is going to help you feel good, while consuming bad food is going to make you feel stressed and depressed.

One of the most severe McDonald’s side effects is depression, and experts discovered that is possible because it makes you feel sluggish and tired, which then causes you to be sedentary and less active. You won’t make any healthy choices, and you won’t have the energy to spend your time with all those fantastic people you love.

So keep McDonald’s side effects to a minimum by only eating there once a month and opting for some delicious and nutritious dinners, such as salmon with veggies and lemon, fruits and oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt for dessert, and nuts for snacks. Keep your diet as simple and clean as possible, and you can say goodbye to all those annoying and dangerous McDonald’s side effects.

If you’re looking for some healthy and simple food options to keep you happy and thriving while kicking those unhealthy cravings out, here‘s what you should consider getting!

Do you know any other McDonald’s side effects that I didn’t include in this list? Leave them in the comments down below, and let’s keep them out of our diets! If you want to discover even more mind-bending facts, here’s a good article for you: 5 Tragic Royal Genetic Disorders You Didn’t Know About!

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